A Nation and World
Out of Control

3/18/23  By Tim Buck

We are living in a crazy, bizarre, immoral and dangerous time in modern history. And it appears to be getting worse by the week.

We see an obsession over transgenders and LGBTQ doctrine aimed at capturing children. More school and workplace shootings than ever! Wicked policies that endorse evil, and leave us and our children living with the ugly consequences.
There’s constant attacks on former President Donald Trump, political corruption and disgusting compromises, a majority leftist media that speaks lies, tramples on the truth, and an American political party that is now deciding whether abortion should be the lead platform plank for the 2024 U.S. presidential campaign to complement their aggressive LGBTQ agenda.
While these domestic distractions are happening, the enemies of the United States—China, Russia, North Korea and Iran—continue their diabolic planning.

Today, conservatives/Christians are shouted down and verbally and physically abused on college campuses and harassed for their biblical views. The activists use terroristic tactics in the United States.

LGBTQ and the transgender policies are demonic, destructive and divisive. Obama was the world’s LBGTQ point man, and Biden has continued attempting to force it into all areas of life. I’m sure Obama is gloating over the massive division he created. Two hundred fifty LBGTQ activists from his administration are in very key positions in education, media and corporate America.

LGBTQ divides everything it comes into contact with—homes, governments, the military, corporate America, sports teams, churches, Bible studies, U.S. international relations and many other places. There has been no greater evil tool of the devil. Moreover, the most despicable part is the pursuit and grooming of children.

These are the days of Noah that remind us the Lord is coming soon!
World events are moving so fast it’s difficult to keep up!

For a biblical perspective of our times, we invite you to pull up a chair and join us tonight!

Tighten your seatbelt. 

This series is needed now more than ever!