The story of Gideon reminds us to walk by faith and remember that when God calls us to a task He also equips us with the gifts and spiritual capacity to accomplish the work. 





Judges 6:12a, 15

Then the angel of Adonai (the Lord) appeared to him (Gideon) and said to him, “Adonai is with you, O mighty man of valor…” Then he (Gideon) said to Him, “Me, my Lord? With what would I deliver Israel? Look, my family is the poorest in Manasseh and I am the least in my father’s house.”

It’s interesting to note the contrast between Gideon’s view of himself and God’s view of Gideon. Gideon sees himself as he is in his present circumstance, an insignificant and unaccomplished nobody with a limited future.

But God sees Gideon as a man of valor, able to win wars against overwhelming odds and becoming a champion by rescuing Israel in their hour of need (Hebrews 11:32) .

To achieve something great for God we must be willing and ready to act in faith and say “yes” when He calls despite feeling inadequate. We usually do not see ourselves beyond our present level of achievement but thankfully, God sees us complete in Christ and blessed beyond our natural ability.

Like Gideon, we must remember that when God calls, He is seeing us with unique talents and gifts He chose to create in us to accomplish whatever He asks us to do.

Here’s the Lesson of Gideon: When God calls…say yes, step out in faith, and believe that you are equipped with all you need to succeed.