Happy 4th of July!

Thank God for America!

It’s Time To Stand Up

For Our Country!

Make no mistake, America is under attack. Attack on our biblical values and worldview, our families, and our nation. The rest of 2020 will be a war for the future of America!

Here are some Encouraging Lessons from what Nehemiah did when faced with the same enemy.

The Nehemiah Strategy

What we’re seeing across America today is nothing new!

The godless spirit behind the attack in 2020 is the same as what Nehemiah encountered in biblical days.

Nehemiah was a leader. God put on his heart a burden to restore his country by restoring the walls of Jerusalem, which had been broken down and the gates burned with fire. (Sound familiar?)

What transpired next is exactly the same spiritual attack of hatred being leveled against us today.

Nehemiah and the Jews were mocked, name-called, shamed, and threatened as they came together to rebuild their land. (Neh 2:19, 4:1-3)

The constant harassment worked. People grew weak!

Fear rose up until their strength began to fail (Neh 4:10).

We only have to listen to the news for five minutes to have fear planted in our hearts and feel our strength fail.

Like in Nehemiah’s day, it is a strategy to grind us down.

TEN TIMES the Jews went to Nehemiah to repeat the murderous threats they were hearing (Neh 4:12). They became convinced that “Wherever we turn, they will attack us!”

And because they feared for their lives, the people retreated.

But Nehemiah refused to be moved. He refused to listen to the threats, because he knew THEY had a call to rebuild the walls. He couldn’t do it alone.

This is our call as well! We need to rebuild the broken-down walls of America!

How did our walls get so broken? It didn’t happen overnight! It was an insidious strategy to remove God in our nation, destroy the family unit, promote abortion, and normalize and legalize whatever God calls sin.

Time To Rebuild

Here’s What We Can Do

#1 – Don’t be Afraid

Are you afraid? Afraid of sharing the Gospel? Afraid of challenging what you know to be a lie? Afraid of disease? Afraid of verbal or physical attacks? Afraid for your life? Fear is not from God. It is a strategy to paralyze you into hiding and silence.

Are we willing to stand up, speak out, and resist EVEN if it means we lose our reputations? Our jobs? Or our lives? It’s a sobering thought.

For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it. (Mt 16:25). We cannot allow fear to keep us from engaging in this war.

#2 – Don’t Confine at Home

We are being told that it is time to shut down again because COVID is coming back. Did you know there is a word for us in the Bible on this? Look at Nehemiah 6:10-11:

We learn that Shemaiah, a fellow believer in God, is CONFINED AT HOME!

He then “encouraged” Nehemiah with what looked like a godly word, “Let us meet in the house of God, inside the temple, and let us close the temple doors, because men are coming to kill you.”

Was it godly wisdom or fear? We learn the answer from Nehemiah’s response.

Nehemiah responded, “Should a man like me run away? Or should someone like me go into the temple to save his life? I will not go!”

We must not allow fear to dictate our actions.

#3 – Don’t Listen to the Agenda of Lies

As a result of closing down from the pandemic, America went from functioning at 100% to the worst unemployment rate in decades. Trillions of dollars, our government doesn’t have, were pumped into an economy in free fall.

Yet now we are being told that if we don’t close down again, COVID illnesses will harm the economy! We are told to wear face masks and avoid gathering in church, while we are told that protesters and rioters are safe from COVID.

These policies and positions aren’t for the good of all the people, but promote the enemy’s agenda.

America Wake Up!

Satan wants to shut down our country until after the election and employ every godless tactic to do it like mandating mail-in ballots which opens the door to mass voter fraud.

A progressive win in the White House and Congress in 2020 will mean removal of God completely from America and possibly the point of no return!

So what do we do?

#4 – Take Action!

Nehemiah’s 6 Point Plan

Fast and pray (Neh 1:4)
Repent (Neh 1:6-7)
Remind God of His Word (Neh 1: 9)
Rally people to rebuild (Neh 2:17)
Ignore their threats! (Neh 4:14)
Stand up and take action (Neh 4:14)
Nehemiah stood up to the nobles, the officials and the rest of the people, “Don’t be afraid of them,” he encouraged, “Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your families, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes.”

It’s time to fight for our future. And we all must be engaged.

In Nehemiah’s day, each person/family/tribe took a portion of the wall to rebuild. Some took a small portion, others took large portions.

Each did what they were able.

A Miraculous Turn-Around

The walls were rebuilt in just 52 days.

We need to recognize that if we will begin to rebuild what is on God’s heart, He will step in and do His part. We will see miracles which we desperately need right now. We need God to hear our prayers!

We have approximately 120 days before the November 2020 election.

This election will greatly determine the fate of our nation. This isn’t about choosing the candidates you like best. This is about voting biblical values based on the platform positions that reflect the good government that God desires for us.

Make no mistake, we are under attack. Are you willing to say, “God, whatever you ask me to do, I’m willing, use me?”