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The UN’s New Fact-Checking System Called “IVerify” Will Be Used To Crack Down On “Misinformation” All Over The World

6/22/23 By Tim Buck

But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come.
2 Timothy 3:1

Perilous Times & Perilous Men 

Our world is being transformed with each passing day. Most of us just want to live our lives in peace without excessive government interference, but unfortunately, those days are gone.

Ultimately, the U.N. isn’t going to be happy until they are able to watch, track, monitor, and control virtually everything that we write, say, and do.

This is also one of the big reasons why they are gearing up to introduce “central bank digital currencies” all over the Western world. Such digital currencies will make it much easier for them to control us financially.

iVerify System

The UN has introduced a new invasion to make it easier for them to control what we write on the Internet. The iVerify System Is Here. The UN’s new fact-checking system is going to be a game changer to root our and identify “enemies of the state.” And as usual on these type anti-American developments, the mainstream media is quiet.

The media doesn’t want millions of American’s to object to this sort of tyranny. The UN developed iVerify in conjunction with big tech companies and Soros-funded organizations, and will be used to crack down on “disinformation” and “hate speech” all over the globe.

This is now the United Nations “automated” fact-checking service to counter so-called disinformation and hate speech on the internet in a project partnered with Big-Tech and Soros-funded organizations.

In response to what they brand as “online information pollution”, which they claim is a “global challenge”, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has launched its iVerify platform to counter alleged disinformation and hate speech online.

The global body’s “automated fact-checking tool”, was developed in partnership with the United Nations International Computing Centre (UNICC), Facebook and Google-funded fact checker Meedan, the Meta-owned CrowdTangle, and the Soros-funded International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN).

Needless to say, this tool will not be used to write Sunday School lessons! No, that won’t happen until the Millennium. This one’s going to be used to support
points of view that the Big Tech and George Soros-types agree with. And you can be sure it will also crack down on Christians (not Muslims) and those who choose to be independent thinkers. We are in perilous times and this is another step giving Satan control of the narrative.

Even so come Lord Jesus!