Tim’s friend, Dr. Sam Slobodian, will be leaving August 2 for his third trip to Ukraine focusing on war relief efforts with the BIEM Mission Team. Once again Sam will be helping the distressed, delivering supplies and holding prayer meetings. Please remember Sam in your prayers and pray for his safety and that he would be a blessing to those in need.

150 Days!
Bombardments and War on Ukraine 

Ukraine Update

From Dr. Sam Slobodian

Pray for the preaching during
Summer Camps

July 25, 2022 by Tim Buck

Dear friends and family,

1. Praise God, we have shipped another large container from the United States! This is the 7th container our dedicated Ukrainians are distributing to needy places. This one went to the city administration of a region that contains several settlements that were occupied by Russian forces, so these goods will reach some of the neediest recipients in Ukraine.

2. We rejoice that the Keller family has received their documents to travel to the United States. At first, only Alexandra and the girls received travel documents. We were concerned since none arrived for Vitaly, the only family member who is not a Ukrainian citizen. Vitaly has Russian citizenship, so we thought this might be a problem. However, yesterday Vitaly, too, received his travel documents. Praise God!

3. Soon I will be making another trip to Ukraine, leaving August 2. We will be in 3 or 4 cities in the west, then 3 or 4 cities near Kyiv, including areas where the Russian army invaded from Belarus to attack Kyiv before being driven out. Ukrainian forces have now liberated over 1,000 settlements that had been occupied by Russian forces. Besides focusing mainly on war-relief efforts, we will also partake in a baptism and an ordination.

4. Praise the Lord, on our website BIEM has now posted nearly 60 videos featuring our Ukrainian missionaries distributing aid. If you have not seen these videos, please go to our website (BaptistInternational.org) and click on “View Video Updates” beneath the main banner. If you have already viewed these videos, you may have noticed that our men often wear hand-me-down t-shirts of all sorts.

Pray For Souls To Be Saved
At Summer Camps Across Ukraine

5. Since Russia continues to bomb Ukraine indiscriminately, no place in Ukraine is totally safe from bombs and missiles. Nevertheless, our missionaries are conducting summer camps all over Ukraine. Right now, it looks like we will operate between 25 and 30 camps in Ukraine this summer.

This week we ordered custom t-shirts with “BIEM” and American & Ukrainian flags imprinted on them. When we asked what color they wanted, they replied military green, which their president often wears. So that’s what we ordered, and they look great! Our coworkers are really looking forward to receiving these t-shirts, which I plan to deliver personally.

This year, all our Ukrainian day camps are being conducted on church properties, where campers can spend the day and eat their meals but return home every evening. Meanwhile, our missionaries in other areas like Russia, Belarus, and Central Asia are also conducting summer camps.

Please pray for a harvest of souls and for inroads into many unchurched homes.

In Christ,
Sam Slobodian
Baptist International Evangelistic MinistriesBaptistinternational.org

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Recent Video Update

Volunteers unloading a container filled with lifesaving supplies shipped to Ukraine from BIEM headquarters in Indiana.

Vehicle delivering aid and supplies to the churches and families.

Please continue to pray for the missionary families who are split up and find themselves trusting the Lord for every detail in their upside-down life!