Please pray for the safety of our good friend Sam Slobodian as he leaves for Ukraine this Monday, April 18

The war is far from over and every day has the potential of unexpected dangers. Please pray that the Lord will give Sam a safe trip and the strength to lift up and be a blessing to all the heavy hearted servants of the Lord in the war-torn country. He will be meeting with pastors, teachers and lay leaders who remain in Ukraine under the mission of BIEM for the purpose of encouragement and to plan and assess theirs and their family’s needs.

Please pray for the women and children of the men who are missionary’s who have had to leave the country and are now scattered over multiple nations. It’s hard to imagine the turmoil, confusion and culture shock on these woman and children by leaving everything behind as refugees and watching their country being destroyed.

Despite the darkness and devastation of the war, Sam reports of souls being saved across Ukraine along with the continuation of prayer meetings wherever possible and even basement Bible studies often by candlelight. 

Tim and Nancy,
Thank you so much for what you and all the wonderful folks at FOTET are doing for Ukraine.  We want you to know how much we cherish your prayers and support. We can be busy working, doing all kinds of things night and day, but if God doesn’t bless our efforts nothing for the kingdom will happen. 
Since God does answer the prayers of His people we want you to know that the folks in Ukraine desperately need your prayers and that God has been answering and using your prayers. 
I have attached a couple of pictures that show that a good number of our churches are right in that corridor from Kyiv straight north to the Belarussian border. 
These areas were hit hard since this is the path that the Russian army took towards Kyiv. The fact that none of our people were hurt and not one of our church buildings was damaged is truly amazing and evidence of God answering prayer. 
That does not mean that there were not some close calls. You will see a picture of Sasha next to an unexploded device embedded in the road right by his church. And you also see him standing in front of a heavily damaged elementary school. The apartment building he lives in with his family is right next door! 
God is definitely answering your prayers.
Praise God for his mercy. 

In Him,
Dr. Sam Slobodian
Baptist International Evangelistic Ministries