Here is a picture rarely seen in any Whitehouse of the past. These leaders of America are humbly seeking God in prayer. In the Trump Whitehouse, prayer is always welcome!

Trump Appoints Pence:

Tasks Godly Leadership To Fight Coronavirus

When the President appointed a coronavirus taskforce, many on the left complained that Vice President Pence was tapped to lead it.

They were verbal about their disdain for the fact that the Vice President, through prayer, sought God for solutions. They made fun of him and belittled Trump’s decision as an outrage!

However, as believers, isn’t this the approach we have been hoping for and want our leaders to take? I’m certain it is and that’s precisely why President Trump asked Mike Pence to head the task force.

Trump knew the left would scream and howl by appointing a man of prayer to head such an important taskforce.

The real reason President Trump asked Mike Pence is because he knows he’s someone who will seek God for supernatural solutions to the rising threat of COVID-19. We’ve never had a Whitehouse like this before, where the leaders of America seek God first! And we may never have one again!

God is bigger than our finite minds. We need to appeal to Him for Godly solutions for our nation. Approaching the throne of God, asking him for
answers, seeking mercy, wisdom, and direction is the kind of Godly leadership we have been praying for!