Trump Economics for Peace

“Without a strong, vibrant economy, there can be no peace”

 We tell the Palestinian leadership: ‘Stop blaming the State of Israel for all your woes. Stop blaming the U.S. for all your woes.’ 

The $50 billion, Trump economic plan will be rolled out Tuesday and Wednesday, June 25-26 at the, “Peace to Prosperity,” Bahrain Peace Summit.

White House Releases Highlights of the Trump Economic Plan Ahead of Summit

Trump Peace Plan

Unveiled This Week

The historical event marks the first time an American peace proposal will be launched in an Arab State and for the first time, seven Arab nations have agreed to attend a Middle East Peace Summit:
  • Jordan
  • Egypt
  • Morocco
  • UAE
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Qatar
  • Bahrain

Unfortunately, two governments have said no to attending the summit:

  • The Palestinian Authority (PLO)
  • Lebanon (Controlled by Iranian proxy Hezbollah)

After 50 years of failed Israeli/Palestinian peace proposals, President Trump is thinking outside the box!

For starters, a $50 billion global investment fund, designed to lift the Palestinian and neighboring Arab economies will be launched at this week’s Bahrain Peace Summit, President Trump’s adviser Jared Kushner told Reuters on Saturday.

The investment fund covers 179 infrastructure and business projects, including a $5 billion transport corridor linking the West Bank and Gaza. Did you get that? 179 different projects to help the Palestinian people improve their economy and their way of life! In addition, there are plans for creating and building up the Palestinian tourist sector.

More than half of the $50 billion will be directly spent in the Palestinian territories over 10 years with the rest of the money split between Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and the Sinai Peninsula.

True to form, the Palestinians are bad-mouthing and boycotting the Bahrain summit and the Trump peace plan. They never seem to miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity!

Jared Kushner said some Palestinian business executives have confirmed their participation in the conference, but he declined to identify them.

The Trump administration hopes that other countries, principally wealthy Gulf states, and private investors, will foot much of the bill, Kushner told Reuters.


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