Today’s Hamas-Gaza Conflict
Goes back to Ishmael, Isaac!


To understand the Middle East conflict over the land of Palestine, we must recognize that the religious objections of the Muslim nations to the existence of the State of Israel is an ageless spiritual battle between God and Satan!

Today’s war over Palestine goes back to the Garden of Eden, not just to the rebirth of the modern State of Israel in 1948.

It was in the Garden where God cursed the serpent and warned him that a SEED would one day come and crush his head (Genesis 3:15).

The promised SEED and ‘HEAD CRUSHER’ to come was Jesus! And since he would be brought to earth through the descendants of Abraham, Isaac (not Ishmael), Jacob (not Esau), and the 12 tribes of Israel, it began Satan’s assault to eradicate the line of the Jewish people!

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