After The Rapture

The title of this year’s teaching is, “After The Rapture,” which explores the splendor that awaits every believer, in heaven, after the Rapture.

Despite today’s hardships a glorious new season is rapidly approaching for the church. Our study will walk through the thrilling events for the church in heaven, after the rapture, during the 7-year Tribulation on earth!  During the 7-year Tribulation, God’s purpose for the church is in heaven, not on earth.

The pre-Tribulation Rapture is not just for the church to be rescued from God’s wrath. That’s important but God has a bigger destiny for the church He wants to fulfill which requires the pre-Tribulation Rapture. This theology is often called, “escapism” when, in fact, the pre-Tribulation Rapture is just sound theology taught all through scripture, believed by the early church and millions of Christians throughout church history.

The pre-Tribulation Rapture is just the beginning of our exciting adventure in heaven. While God’s judgment falls on earth, God leads the church through a series of divine appointments to prepare the church for eternity.

“After the Rapture,” gives a step-by-step explanation of what God has in store for us including the rapture, our glorified bodies, our rewards, the dramatic crescendo of the marriage of the Lamb and our participation in Jesus’s triumphant return to earth. As a believer, you can trust that a dramatic future of inspiring wonder awaits you with Jesus in heaven.