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The Temple, the Tribulation
And Abomination

April 14, 2022 by Tim Buck

Daniel 8 and 11 describe atrocities against the Jewish people and their temple by Antiochus and Antichrist.

But how can Antichrist desecrate the temple in Jerusalem, when there was no Israel on the world map for more than 1,900 years? The re-establishment of Israel as a nation in 1948 answers that question. Our generation is watching the set-up and fulfillment of Daniel’s prophesy. What a privilege.

There is “temple fever” among the religious in Israel these days which is a harbinger we are getting close to the Tribulation.

We know that the Tribulation is a time of great trouble on the earth for seven years that occupies much of the book of Revelation while the church is in heaven. The temple will be built at the start of the Tribulation in order to give the Jewish people a jumpstart on returning to the Lord. For three and a half years, it’s hands-off Israel for Satan as Moses and Elijah explain that the daily blood sacrifices picture the blood of the LAMB.

The Temple Institute in Jerusalem has everything ready to go for building the temple including all the furniture and the Ark of the Covenant. Five red heifers arrived last fall from Texas, and four remain perfect enough for Temple sacrifice, as outlined in Numbers 19. The team who helped acquire and transport the heifers have located and purchased land on the Mount of Olives that’s required for the red heifer ceremony. They feel this crucial ceremony, outside the Temple Mount, could be held in as little as 1-2 years!

This is the very temple Antichrist will defile when he turns on the Jewish people in the middle of the Tribulation so you can be sure he’s alive right now, maybe teaching in a mosque in the Middle East and studying his Quran. In the near future he will rise and commit the Abomination of Desolation spoken of by Daniel and Jesus.

The Abomination refers to the evil act of defiling Israel temple by Antichrist which is typified by Antiochus IV in Daniel 8. Both instances reveal valuable insight as to just how much Satan hates the blood sacrifices. Six times scripture repeats that the enemy “stops the daily sacrifices.” His fury is cast upon the temple over his anger against the blood. Praise God for the blood of the LAMB!

What about anger in America against the blood? Anger and hatred for the blood of Jesus is showing up more and more in our nation as truth irritates the left, righteousness rubs them the wrong way and Christians are called “white supremacists,” as dangerous as terrorists!

The world is in the epic, end-time spiritual battle and we’re living in unprecedented times, prophetically. The stage is being set like never before as we draw closer and closer to the Rapture. Daniel’s prophecies that seemed farfetched, even impossible, are now easily understood and coming to pass on a daily basis! Keep your eyes fixed on HIM!