The Lull Before the Storm

Thankfully, even though God’s judgment upon sin is sure, He is also slow to anger and His mercy is great.

It is my opinion that we are currently in a lull that God has graciously granted just before the prophesied end-of-time storm that will devastate an unsuspecting and deserving generation.

Even so, a brisk wind is already snapping the flag of warning that apocalypse approaches.

17 Prophetically Significant

News Events From

This Week

1. God blesses Israel with major discoveries of natural gas and oil. This week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dedicated the foundation for the Leviathon gas platform in the Mediterranean.

2. Schumer’s Plot – Dems introduce Bill to STOP Trump from using military to Build the Wall

3. More states (Va, R.I.) jump on bandwagon to approve late-term abortions and after-birth infanticide. USA sinks to new low. Our godless culture sees the unborn as birth defects instead of human beings.

4. Racist lynch mob giving Virginia’s infanticide Governor his just deserts

5. Dems offer plan to release all child Traffickers at border into US

6. U.S. Senator Kamala Harris publicly called for an end to a free-market economy and the implementation of a socialist government in the United States. Harris also supports open borders and foreigners entering the United States illegally.

7. Reports have surfaced revealing sharia-adherent Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) calling for leniency for those who join the ranks of ISIS.

8. Moscow wants Israel to help speed US exit from Syria, but won’t stop Iranian arms shipments

9. Netanyahu: Trump’s Iran sanctions are crippling Hezbollah

10. Iranian general says Tehran aims to wipe Israel off the global political map

11. Trump warns Europeans not to try to evade Iran sanctions

12. Iranian commander threatens Israel’s destruction if it attacks

13. Iran wants Russian air defense shield extended to Lebanon to cover Hezbollah’s precise missiles

14. Israel strikes in Syria could prompt strike on Tel Aviv -Hezbollah leader warns

15. Turkey grows impatient with US and Kurds in Northern Syria. Note: Turkey wants to slaughter the Kurds and absorb the Kurdish terrotory. This is prophetically significant because their territory in northern Iraq and Syria is identical to ancient Assyria. Both Isaiah and Micah prophecy that Antichrist will rise from Assyria.

16. Israel’s Ex-air Force Chief: Military Capability Won’t Get Iran Out of Syria, Only Russia Can Do It

17. 10,000 Gazans riot on Israel’s western border; Israel says their elections won’t stop a military response