The False Prophet is likely the least understood of all the agents of the Apocalypse.

Scripture doesn’t reveal how he is first introduced to the world or what his path to notoriety will be.

He appears out of nowhere in Revelation 13 whereupon he launches his dramatic Image of the Beast and Mark of the Beast campaigns.

As he roles these out, in the middle of the Tribulation, we’re told he “exercises all the authority of the First Beast” (Rev. 13:12 – the revived Ottoman Caliphate).

The False Prophet’s  mysterious Image of the Beast that Speaks” is a topic rarely even mentioned. Expositors avoid the subject like COVID-19. They don’t understand it because, unfortunately, their skewed paradigm prevents them from seeing it.




New Study Guide
Suggested Reading

With mysteries surrounding the False Prophet, we’ve produced a 50 page, spiral-bound Study Guide for this class titled:

“The False Prophet, The Great Deception and the Image of the Beast”

It tells the back story explaining the Image of the Beast and its vital role in the Tribulation. The guide includes a comparison study of Daniel 3 and Revelation 13:13-15.

Daniel 3 was written as a templet to help us understand the Image of the Beast in Revelation 13. So please consider reading Daniel chapter 3 before class.