Palestinians Fear Israel’s Red Cows
8/8/23  By Tim Buck 
And the dread of the LORD fell upon all the kingdoms of the lands that surrounded Judah.
2 Chron. 17:10

Scared of a baby cow? Palestinians say what’s behind the red cows is that Israel is planning to build the Third Temple to destroy Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount. The source of their concern is a report on the Israeli government funding a project to raise a red heifer, whose ashes, according to Torah law, can purify Jews so they can start bringing sacrifices again.Arabs are up in arms over a supposed Israeli government plot to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque by rebuilding the Third Temple in its place in Jerusalem, following a recent report on Israel’s Channel 12 that several ministries are funding efforts to raise a red heifer, which is considered a prerequisite for the coming of the Messiah.

How timely! A TV Special running on Israeli television about Israel’s Red Heifers and the coming Third Temple!

Palestinian officials and commentators in Arab media from Al Jazeera to Jordanian news sites and Gazan TV wholly accepted the report, which centered on Israel’s religious coalition turning Israel into a religious state. The report has put fear in Israel’s enemies.

Al Jazeera cited Dr. Saleh Lutfi, “a researcher in Jewish, Zionist, and political affairs,” as saying that in light of the current Palestinian and regional circumstances, the time is ripe for the Netanyahu government to “realize the myth of building the alleged ‘Third Temple.’”

Lutfi also claims that the idea of rebuilding the Temple “has become rooted even among large segments of the Israeli secular and liberal movement, as well as among the circles of the so-called Jewish Zionist left.”

On the Hamas station, Al-Aqsa, Dr. Shihab went so far as to say that “the Israeli government has a plan to cause a religious war in the region” and that bringing red heifers to Jerusalem shows that “the fascist Israeli government encourages the settlers to continue harming Al-Aqsa mosque.”
The time of Israel’s temple is getting closer. Five red heifers were brought to Israel in September 2022 after being raised in Texas. One of them was brought last month to Shiloh, where the Tabernacle stood for over 300 years prior to the first Temple’s construction. Along with two others, the heifer will be at the heart of a planned Heritage Center to attract tourism to the site.

According to Numbers 19, a purely red heifer is the only animal whose ashes can be used to purify Jews so they can serve in the Temple and bring sacrifices. There is a host of requirements that the animal must meet, and none has been found in 2,000 years. It seems the arrival of these qualified red heifers has the enemy shaking in their boots… if they only knew what was really coming!