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Class In 3 Days!

September 18, 2021
Tim Buck

The Middle East and Israel is the Epicenter of our momentous end-time events.

The enemy nations surrounding Israel are closing in like a circle of fire. Israel is being squeezed on all sides and it doesn’t look like America is in any position to come to their rescue.

Tiny Israel is the apple of God’s Eye and the center of attraction in God’s end-time plans. We are watching the major building blocks and geo-political alliances rapidly forming across the Middle East. The latest developments are like stage-setting props bringing the 10-king nations closer to their apocalyptic destiny.

Most intriguing is that the nations are being subtlety moved into place, under the cover of darkness called COVID restrictions.

While the world is deceived, fearful and sidetracked, and the church sees little relevance, Satan is maneuvering with astounding efficiency, bringing the Islamic Empire back to life and readying it for its successful launch!