Stealing God’s Rainbow
6/15/23 By Tim Buck
“I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.”
Genesis 9:13

June is PRIDE month—or rather, gay depravity celebration. God introduced the rainbow in Genesis 9 as the sign of His promise that He would never judge the world again by a worldwide flood. For thousands of years God has faithfully displayed the rainbow as his unique reminder of the covenant He made with Noah! Until the end times rolled it!
As prophesied, in the last days a confused and twisted movement, similar to those in Sodom has hijacked the rainbow allowing Satan to steal it and turn it against God.
The movement has become such a force in America, that its status requires the entire month of June to be set aside to celebrate the gay lifestyle and to reinforce the LGBTQ agenda. Not just a day like Thanksgiving and Christmas but a whole month! But let’s be honest, its become worse than that as our evil culture demands the near-constant celebration of homosexuality every day and every month of every year turning the American landscape upside down and inside out.
Throw in the now celebrated trans-agenda, and the culture decline is astounding. We are racing backwards to the days of Noah and the days of Lotwith trans nudity even being celebrated on the White House lawn this week further trampling hopes for a turn-around in America.
What Must God Think of “Queer All Year”?
Thus far, June of 2023 has seen dozens of major retailers betraying conservative and Christian customers as they catered to this cultural collapse. “Queer all year” is the new theme of retail America. Target lost billions in sales due to boycotts and others followed in lock step, more committed to an agenda than to corporate profits. We would eventually learn these retail outfits would be subsidized by an even more evil corporate agenda.
 Items Offered to Customers:

  • Homosexual and trans clothing for three-month- olds
  • Cookie rainbow houses for small children
  • Pet gear, pet toys, pet treats in rainbow colors
  • Pet chew toys that are guaranteed to turn a dog or cat gay
  • Rainbow jewelry in 14k gold
  • Pride-themed eyewear
  • Multi-colored pride cake mixes
  • Baby “always-proud” bibs
  • Special pride boxes of Pop-Tarts targeting youth on Instagram

Jesus Had Grace But Spoke Truth

America’s Romans 1 culture celebrates this and as Christians, we must respond with grace, love, and kindness to every person trapped in the deadly blindness of the LGBTQ lifestyle. Sadly, many once-solid churches and denominations are going along to get along and will not speak out about the biblical warnings. Jesus represented grace and truth.

There is no way to be kind and gracious while refusing to tell people the truth that the way of sin is the way of death (Luke 13:5). The disguised path of sexual immorality that our culture insists is so wonderful, is actually a path to destruction.

God’s Throne and a Rainbow!

When raptured into the throne room, John sees a glorious throne of God surrounded by a rainbow (Revelation 4:3). That reminds us that the rainbow belongs to God, not the devil or a sinful sexual culture. God is so committed to the salvation of lost men and women that you can’t even gaze at His throne without seeing a shining symbol of redemption—the rainbow.

God, who created the rainbow and is, at this moment surrounded by one, will bring his people into a perfect and sinless world surrounded with glory, wonder, and his beautiful rainbow. The rainbow is God’s. He is going to take it back. The truth is, He hasn’t really lost it. It is our job to point our confused culture to the Lord who loves sinners and died to pay for their sin. We are to love the sinner and hate the sin.

It’s All About ESG Scores!

Giant outfits like Black Rock have promised corporations an impressive ESG (equity, social, governance) score if they will cooperate in today’s dark agendas. Impressive ESG scores compensate for customers abandoning them!

God Has Said “Enough”

What did you think the last days would look like since we’re in the midst of them? Man’s sinful activity is piling up and begging for judgment which will soon provoke God to send His SON to rescue His Bride from the surrounding depravity. It is sooner than you think!