“Wherever the river flows everything will live” – Ezekiel 47:9

One of the most beautiful prophecies about spiritual life is the river of living water flowing from Messiah’s temple in the Millennial Kingdom (Ez. 47:1-12).
The prophet Ezekiel sees a trickle of water flowing out from under the throne, which pictures Christ, and then it passes under the new temple alter showing that spiritual life comes through the shed blood of Jesus and the cross of Calvary.


Spiritual Healing and Life Giving Waters

The paradoxical river is a picture of the rich spiritual life flowing from Christ through His Word and the Holy Spirit.The supernatural spring does a strange thing – it grows wider and deeper in a short distance until it becomes a river that Ezekiel can’t cross. God’s word opens the riches of Christ so wide that we can’t go back.

The little stream from the temple flows out of Jerusalem toward the Dead Sea, twelve miles away. When the River pours into the Dead Sea, the sea is healed and turned into a fisherman’s paradise. God’s word is alive (Heb. 4:12) and brings life to everything it touches.

The powerful, life-giving river of fresh water also brings instant life to the region so that abundant fruit trees grow on either side of the river and produce a never-ending supply of fruit, every month! Isaiah adds that the desert blossoms like a rose (Isa. 35:1-2).

It’s beautiful to see how the Living Waters in Ezekiel 47 describes the outpouring of spiritual life available to every believer.

What a picture.

For believers, the trickle of God’s Spirit and understanding is shallow at first. Instead of running out of energy God’s Spirit gets deeper and wider as it flows from the Word into our hearts! And its ultimate destination is to sanctify the most desolate wastelands of our heart, full of the poisonous water of our carnal old nature like the Dead Sea.

This is the beautiful reality of receiving Christ and drinking the living water from His Word that so richly flows from His throne.
Whatever this water touches, spiritual life springs forth making a difference for all those that come in contact with it. Praise God His living waters produce everlasting life where before there was only death. Hallelujah!