Prophetic Implications of Peace Between Israel and Saudi Arabia

10/3/23  By Tim Buck


Saudi Arabia is actively pursuing an unprecedented, US-brokered deal that would see bilateral relations formed between Saudi Arabia, the leader of the Muslim world and Israel, the world’s only Jewish State. 

The momentum of these negotiations appears to be unstoppable and at this point, and a treaty seems inevitable. Which means, the hour is later than we think!

The Economist, a well-known periodical, has an article that says, “An Israeli-Saudi pact could upend the Middle East.”

Four key historic events occurred within the last two weeks, pointing favorably toward this Israel-Saudi peace and carrying significant prophetic implications:


September 20th — Bret Baier Interviews Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

In a Fox News interview with Bret Baier, Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman made some astounding statements.

“Mohammed bin Salman does little to hide his relish at the prospect of a strategic pact between America, Israel, and Saudi Arabia,” The Economist article stated. “In a rare television interview on September 20th, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince and the country’s de facto ruler acknowledged with a smile that an agreement is in the cards.”

“Every day we get closer. It seems it’s for the first time real [and] serious,” Mohammed bin Salman said, adding that a pact “would be the biggest historical deal since the Cold War.”

It was a fascinating interview. The United States is brokering this peace agreement, building upon the momentum of the Abraham Accords in 2020. What we see happening now is an extension of those Accords but much bigger and with much broader prophetic implication to include Saudi Arabia, the most important nation today in the Middle East.

The agreement could also have nuclear implications.

Part of the agreement could be to allow Saudi Arabia to begin nuclear enrichment under the condition that it be done strictly for civil purposes—nuclear reactors, etc. But of course, we know how that often expands into military use.

If that takes place, it would have major ramifications for the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Iran has already warned Saudi Arabia against entering into this normalization of relations with Israel. Their relationship, which has not been good in the past, is now even more at odds.

In the interview between Bret Baier and Mohammed bin Salman on Fox News, the two also discussed the prospect of the Iranians obtaining their own nuclear weapon. The Crown Prince said, “We are concerned of any country getting a nuclear weapon,” adding that, should the Iranians successfully develop such a weapon, “we will have to get one.”

Iran is a Shiite Muslim nation, and Saudi Arabia is the leader of the Sunni Muslim world. What he is saying here, in essence, is if there’s a Shiite bomb, then there’s going to be a Sunni bomb as well. As part of the negotiations, the US may allow Saudi Arabia to have their own nuclear enrichment facility, run by the Americans—which could ultimately set up a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.


September 22nd — Netanyahu Addresses UN General Assembly On The ‘Cusp’ Historic Treaty  

On September 22nd, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, delivering a fascinating speech laced with Old Testament biblical references.

He says, “There’s no question the Abraham Accords heralded the dawn of a new age of peace. But I believe that we are at the cusp of an even more dramatic breakthrough, an historic peace between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Peace between Israel and Saudi Arabia will truly create a new Middle East.”

“As the circle of peace expands, I believe that a real path towards a genuine peace with our Palestinian neighbors can finally be achieved,” Netanyahu continued.

“Such a peace will go a long way in ending Arab-Israeli conflict and will encourage other Arab States to normalize their relations with Israel,” he explained.

Netanyahu further suggested that an agreement with Saudi Arabia could improve the prospect of peace with the Palestinians and “encourage a broader reconciliation between Judaism and Islam, between Jerusalem and Mecca, between the descendants of Isaac and the descendants of Ishmael,” taking this all the way back to the beginning (Genesis 12:1-315-1821:1-21).

A normalization of relations will “bring forth the blessings of a New Middle East that will transform lands once filled with conflict and chaos, into fields of prosperity and peace,” he concluded.


September 26th — Israeli Foreign Diplomat Makes Historic Visit As Saudi Arabian Envoy Travels To The Palestinians

On September 26th we saw
two more significant events took place.

First, Israel’s tourism Minister, Haim Katz, traveled to Saudi Arabia to attend a United Nations World Tourism event in Riyadh—marking the first time an Israeli minister has taken a diplomatic visit to Saudi Arabia. This is a historic breakthrough.

The very same day, while Israel’s delegation led by Haim Katz visited the country, Saudi Arabia’s newly appointed envoy to the Palestinians made his first visit to the West Bank, presenting his credentials to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

This is key because the main sticking point between Israel and Saudi Arabia is the Palestinian issue. They’ve got to work out some solution to that problem before they’re able to broker this final piece.


Four Events, One Week

A deal this crucial to Bible prophecy and the end times, that’s come storming upon the world and seems unstoppable, tells me the Lord is allowing this to go through. And if the Lord is allowing this it’s another major sign we are now in the full run-up to the coming 7-Year Tribulation Period.

The elusive phantom of a comprehensive Mideast peace deal, which has been sought since Israel was re-established in 1948, now seems to be within reach.

The prophetic significance of this is monumental. This is a major step because the Bible predicts a broad Middle East peace deal during the end times that creates greater security for Israel. Daniel 9:27 says that Antichrist will confirm a covenant with Israel for seven years.

As Bible prophecy teacher Charles Dyer noted, “What is this covenant the Antichrist will make with Israel? Daniel does not specify its content, but he does indicate it will extend for seven years. During the first half of this time Israel feels at peace and secure. So, the covenant must provide some guarantee for Israel’s national security. Very likely, the covenant will allow Israel to be at peace with her Arab neighbors. One result of the covenant is that Israel be allowed to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.” 

Remember that the coming peace treaty with Antichrist is what begins the seven-year tribulation period, not the rapture. The rapture will end the church age, and then after an indeterminate portion of time, Antichrist will come on the scene and forge this peace deal with Israel. That’s what begins the final seven-year period we know as the Tribulation.

Another point of significance is that this Saudi-Israel treaty is being brokered by an outside party—the United States, who also brokered the Abraham Accords under President Trump. You now have a precedent for these kinds of deals being brokered by a third party. This seems likely to be what will happen when Antichrist comes on the scene. He’s possibly going to be the third party who will bring the two sides together.

Interestingly, Daniel 9:27 says that Antichrist will “confirm” a covenant with the many. The word “confirm” can mean to strengthen. So it could be that there’s a covenant already in place, but he comes in to strengthen or enforce it. “Confirm” can also mean to compel or strongly establish. We see the beginnings of that now.

Also, the normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia will put Saudi Arabia at massive odds with Turkey and Iran. These two nations are both mentioned in Ezekiel 38 as the top two nations in the Muslim coalition attacking Israel. They’re already leveling all kinds of accusations and warnings.

We also see that in Ezekiel 38, Sheba and Dedan, which points to the Arabian Peninsula and modern Saudi Arabia, will be on the opposite side of Turkey and Iran, during the final battle when Gog (Antichrist) of Magog (Turkey) (Ezekiel 38:13) invades Israel during the Battle of Armageddon..


Wrap Up

A Middle East peace is coming. According to God’s word, it will be temporary, a counterfeit peace, but it’s coming.

This comprehensive peace plan prophesied in Scripture is likely going to be finalized after the Rapture. So, if we can already see the initial dialogue, diplomacy, and the broad framework taking form, how close must the Rapture be?

This is another flashing red light on the dashboard of the ages, signaling that the Rapture is near. We need to remember and heed the words of Jesus in Luke 12:35-36,

35 “Let your waist be girded and your lamps burning;
36 and you yourselves be like men who wait for their master, when he will return from the wedding, that when he comes and knocks they may open to him immediately.”