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2/13/24 By Tim Buck



The Signs We Saw Decades Ago Pale In Comparison
To What We See Today!

Some of the signs that grabbed my attention four decades ago and seemed so indicative of the nearing Rapture now pale by comparison to all that we see today. The spirit of Antichrist is moving quickly, and the world is unprepared for what’s coming.

So much is happening that it’s difficult to cover it all and hard to stay up with even the main stories. So, for this extended update, I’ve decided to list the main stories of prophetic interest with some commentary.

Top News Headlines

‘Golden Hand’: IDF special forces rescue 2 hostages in ‘daring’ overnight operation in Rafah. Following an airstrike, IDF soldiers entered a building in downtown Rafah where they found Fernando Merman and Luis Har and rescued them during a fierce firefight.
Running the joint operation called, “Golden Hand,” from military headquarters in Tel Aviv were the IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi, head of the Internal Security Agency (Shin Bet) Ronen Bar, and Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai, and Air Force commander Tomer Bar. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant were also present.

The operation, which had been prepared for a long time, was carried out by the Yanam police special forces, an elite IDF unit, and the Shin Bet officers.

Rafah: Last Stand: Having crushed Hamas in the north in Gaza City and again in central Gaza at Khan Younis, Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel, brushing aside a chorus of international condemnation, said Sunday that a ground invasion of the southern Gazan city of Rafah would move forward as soon as Israel completed plans for the more than a million people sheltering there to be allowed to move to safety. The southern entry border of Rafah, between Gaza and Egypt is shut down and closed off with tanks to block Palestinians from entering Egypt. Egypt has deployed 40 tanks to beef up their border with Gaza as Rafah offensive looms. Images show barbed wire, expanded fortifications on Sinai side of border, with Cairo fearing that Gazans could seek shelter from IDF operation by attempting to cross into Egypt.

Biden Against Netanyahu: Rising opposition is growing inside Israel to depose Netanyahu and his religious-right coalition. This was happening before the war and now it’s returning. Obama and Biden despise Israel’s greatest leader. Although not a majority, Orthodox Jews are now in some of the highest positions in the Knesset of Israel. This brings the wrath of the enemy who can see where it leads. Daniel 9:27 indicates the Knesset will push for rebuilding Israel’s Temple as part of the future covenant between Antichrist and Israel. This prophecy requires a strong base of Orthodox voices in the Israeli government that want to rebuild the Temple, which is what we have today in Netanyahu’s coalition, which Obama and Biden hate.

Biden and the US ‘deep state’ are trying to undermine and depose Prime Minister Netanyahu, Israel’s longest serving leader. Like Satan, Biden and his ilk would like to see Netanyahu removed and replaced with a more liberal, pro-Palestinian leader who will more aggressively seek to divide the land under the guise of peace.

Iran Bombing U.S. in Syria & Iraq: Since Oct. 7, 2023, Iran has attacked and bombed US assets in Iraq and Syria some 200 times before Biden finally responded.

US Striking Back in Iraq and Syria: The US launched a retaliatory strike against Iran-supported militias in Iraq and Syria in response to a deadly attack on American troops. Eighty-five targets were hit using 125 precision weapons, killing nearly 40 people. On Monday, however, the militias were back in action, conducting a drone attack at the American base at Al-Omar oil field, which killed six US-allied Kurdish fighters.

The US then took more decisive action against Kataib Hezbollah, the Iran-backed militia responsible for the January 28 attack on an American base that left three US soldiers dead. A missile fired from an American drone destroyed a car traveling in eastern Baghdad. Among the three killed in the vehicle was Abu Baqir Al-Saadi, the commander of Kataib Hezbollah’s operations in Syria and the man directly responsible for the deadly attack that killed the three American troops. Al-Saadi is the most senior person to be killed on Iraqi soil since the targeted eliminations of Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis in January 2020. Also killed in last night’s strike was Arkan Al-Alawi who oversaw the sending of UAVs from Iraq to Israel.

As positive as it is to have those two Hezbollah terrorist commanders removed from the playing field, Iran couldn’t have asked for a better US reaction. First, no Iranian was killed or asset damaged on Iranian soil. The loss of Soleimani four years ago was devastating to Iran because he was a Persian who headed the IRGC’s Quds Force. In contrast, Al-Saadi and Al-Alawi were not Iranian but Iraqi. Thus, while their skills may be missed, they are still only expendable Arabs to Iran. Second, the assassinations took place in Iraq, violating Iraqi sovereignty. This gives the Iraqis an excuse to kick the Americans out and the pro-Iranian terrorist militias a reason to seek revenge against US troops and assets. Once again, Iran’s Persian hands remain clean, while their Arab minions spill their blood to further Tehran’s agenda.

Yemen, War in the Red Sea: The Houthis, Iran’s proxy in Yemen, have been targeting commercial ships in the Red Sea, thereby disrupting oil, gas and cargo shipments around the world. The U.S. and UK have begun striking the Houthi infrastructure in Yemen. Recently, 36 targets in 13 sites were hit in retaliation for the near daily missile and drone attacks by the Houthis against shipping in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. The government in Jordan is in hot water (for helping Israel) after it was discovered that it was participating in a “land bridge” to get necessary goods into Israel. Ships docked in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and their contents were loaded onto trucks. Those trucks were then driven across Saudi Arabia, through Jordan, and into Israel, thus bypassing the Houthi blockade of the Red Sea.

Biden Sanctions West Bank Jews: This is a terrible idea! For the first time, a US President has decided to go after innocent Israeli citizens living in the West Bank, with sanctions, referring to them as “settlers” and freezing their bank accounts as if they were criminals.

This is a mistake as Scripture shows these are the Jewish people that will be viciously assaulted by Antichrist in an act of genocide similar to what we’ve seen from Hamas. Antichrist will go after them in anger because they believe the West Bank belongs to Israel. So it appears the president is acting in the spirit of Antichrist instead of the Spirit of Jesus Christ as these West Bank Jews are the very ones the Lord says He will personally rescue from Antichrist’s persecution and protect in Petra during the second half of the Tribulation (Mt. 24:16-21; Rev. 12:6).

Gaza War: Israel continues its war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip along Israel’s southern border, as the terrorist organization still holds some 130 hostages, with some estimates saying 50% may already be killed. The IDF has uncovered 400+ miles of a vast tunnel network dubbed, “Gaza Metro.” Funds have been pouring into Hamas’ coffers for over a decade making billionaires of Hamas leaders, and knowingly giving Hamas all the money they need to construct the tunnel network, thereby propping up this regime from hell. The major supporters include the US, EU and a reported $50 million a month from Qatar.

Israel Winning: Don’t let the media tell you otherwise. On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have destroyed 17 of 24 Hamas battalions. Thousands of buildings used to house terrorists and their war materiel have been demolished, and many kilometers of underground tunnels are being blown apart and flooded out weekly. A massive number of weapons, from explosives to rockets to automatic rifles to handguns, have been found and confiscated.

UNRWA Disgraced: An undeniable mountain of evidence has been presented to the U.S. Congress charging UNRWA, the UN relief agency as complicit in the Hamas genocide on Oct. 7, 2023, with at least 12 staff taking part in the massacre alongside the Hamas terrorists. Israel wants the corrupt agency permanently removed from Gaza. This is especially needed since the IDF discovered the top-secret Hamas data center directly beneath UNRWA’s Gaza headquarters. Oops!

The Hamas terror group hid one of its most significant and valuable assets beneath the Gaza Strip headquarters of the controversial UN agency for “Palestinian refugees,” UNRWA. The subterranean data center — complete with an electrical room, industrial battery power banks and living quarters for Hamas terrorists operating the computer servers — was built precisely under the courtyard of the agency in Gaza City, the location where Israel would not consider looking initially, let alone target in an airstrike, under. The revelation of the server farm confirms UNRWA’s collusion with the Gaza-ruling terror group Hamas. The world should be outraged, but instead they are cheering!

A Telegram channel consisting of 3,000 UNRWA teachers in Gaza filled with posts expressing support for the Hamas massacre that took place on October 7 was exposed by a UN Watch report. Shortly after the infiltration into Israel began, members of the group praised the perpetrators as “heroes,” lauded the education received by the terrorists, shared images of dead or captured Israelis, and called for the execution of hostages. The chat group contains numerous files containing UNRWA staff names, ID numbers, schedules, and curriculum materials. Despite its intended purpose of supporting UNRWA teachers, the group frequently shares videos, photos, and messages that encourage jihadi terrorism and openly celebrate the Hamas massacre and the rape of civilians.
In the report, UNRWA teacher Abdallah Mehjez, urged Gazan civilians not to heed warnings to move out of harm’s way but instead to serve as human shields.

A notoriously pro-Palestinian UN agency, UNRWA instills hate for Israel in the hearts and minds of nearly 550,000 students it teaches in 706 schools across Gaza, Judea and Samaria, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. UNRWA textbooks glorify jihad, call for Israel’s destruction and encourage students to die as “martyrs” fighting Israel. After Trump pulled US funding, the U.S. is now one of UNRWA’s largest donors, thanks to Joe Biden. And that means you and I, as taxpayers, are helping to induct young Palestinians into the cause of jihad and hatred. Even worse, Israeli intelligence reports that at least a dozen UNRWA staffers, paid in part by our tax dollars, helped massacre Jews on October 7th.

Two-State Solution: The US administration and the British government have come out with similar statements recently that they are considering
recognizing a Palestinian state. The statements send a message to the Iran-backed Hamas terrorist group and other Palestinians that the Americans and British want to give them a prize for the October 7 attack on Israel, in which 1,200 Israelis were murdered, decapitated, raped, tortured and burned alive.

Those who are promoting the idea of creating a Palestinian terror state next to Israel, again capitulating to terrorists and rewarding terrorism, are paving the way for more October 7-like massacres. They are essentially asking Israel to commit suicide at a time when its soldiers are fighting to eradicate Hamas and ensure that the Gaza Strip will no longer serve Hamas, or its terror master Iran, as a base for murdering Jews, Americans or anyone else in the West.

What Does Hamas Want: Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal
explained on January 18, 2024: “The West says that October 7 has opened up prospects for a political vision, so they have returned to talk about their old commodity, which is the two-state solution. The 1967 borders represent 21% of Palestine, which is practically one fifth of its land, so this cannot be accepted. Our Palestinian project, which has a quasi-Palestinian national consensus, is that our right in Palestine from the [Mediterranean] sea to the [Jordan] river cannot be waived.”

Israel Charged with Genocide: Jesus warned Israel saying, “you will be hated among all nations.” Israel has been brought before the International Criminal Court in the Hague, charged with genocide in Gaza with the trumped-up charges brought by South Africa against the IDF air and ground operation designed to rid the Gaza Strip of Hamas control and to recover their hostages.

Spirit of Hamas: We saw the simultaneous eruption of the antisemitic, pro-Hamas spirit exploding around the world, spewing out hatred for the Jewish people from over 1400 cities worldwide after Oct. 7, 2023. Antisemitism is on the rise, reaching the highest number of incidents ever reported last year!

Terrorism in the West Bank: Fighting continues daily in the West Bank as the IDF seeks to root out Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), and many other terror groups. Many people think the greatest threats are in the south and in the north, but it’s quite possible that an October 7-like massacre could come from the West Bank. First, the will is there. Most Palestinians in whatever part of the region they are in support Hamas. Second, the ability is there. The West Bank has been heavily weaponized through smuggling over the years. If there were an attack, there would be no shortage of guns or ammunition. Finally, the hostile attitude of the U.S. and Europe against Jews living in the West Bank emboldens the Palestinians living there, giving them an excuse to attack. The terrorist groups must be eliminated from the area as well.

‘Ring of Terror’: There’s been an upsurge of Palestinian terrorism in the West Bank armed by Iran and headquartered in the terror stronghold of Jenin, Israel. This completes the “ring of terror” around Israel that Iran has promised and prepared for by using the Iranian terror proxies to completely encircle Israel.

Al Aqsa, Muslim Rallying Point: The common thread we see across terror groups in the Middle East is defending Al Aqsa. This is revealing and shows just how much Satan wants to sit there on Christ’s Throne and makes the Temple Mount (Al Aqsa) the most coveted site on earth. Muslims are fearful that Israel is planning to take over the Temple Mount to build their Temple so they’ve made ‘Al Aqsa’ their red line. Hamas’ latest genocide against Israel on Oct. 7 was called the “Al Aqsa Flood.” Satan wants the Temple Mount to remain under the control of Islam at all costs so we see today that most terror groups flaunt the golden Dome of the Rock on their patch, signaling Al Aqsa is their cause worth dying for.

On the 100th day of the war, Hamas military spokesman Abu Obeida made a special televised appearance explaining that one of the primary reasons for Hamas’ attack against Israel was to prevent the Red Heifer Ceremony which Orthodox Jews are gearing up for in a few months. They feared that Israel was getting too close to rebuilding their Temple on the coveted Temple Mount and assumed that their genocidal attack could prevent it. Instead, it appears likely that the Hamas invasion will do the opposite and speed up Israel’s Temple after the war ends.

While “Al Aqsa” has historically only been used for the mosque at the south end of the Temple Mount, in recent years, as we get closer to the Tribulation, there’s been a shift in Islam to now claim the entire 37 acre Temple Mount is “Al Aqsa.”

The tactic, designed to garner broader support for Islamic control of the whole Temple Mount, acting like it was always their “holy ground” and Israel has no right to it whatsoever, has caught on and spread. The term “Al Aqsa” literally means “the further mosque”, referring to a myth created by the Umayyad Caliphate leader Omar in 682 AD, 50 years after Muhammad’s death.

According to the myth, Muhammad was carried to the site of the destroyed Jewish Temple from Mecca in a miraculous overnight journey by al-Buraq, a magical horse with the head of a woman, wings of an eagle, the tail of a peacock, and hoofs reaching to the horizon. He tethered his angelic steed to the Western Wall of the Temple Mount and from there ascended to the seventh heaven to speak with Allah together with the angel Gabriel.

Abu Obeida continued: “We will not tire or falter in calling all the free people of the nation of Islam to rise to support their Aqsa and the path of their prophet, which the criminal Zionists are practically advancing towards destroying and establishing their temple. This is why we have shed our blood in Gaza for 100 days and for which the epic of October 7th was about.”

War with Hezbollah: The possibility of war on Israel’s northern border with Hezbollah is heating up! Rockets and projectiles are daily being fired across the Lebanese border at Israel. In return, Israel is regularly flying sorties into Lebanon, particularly in the southern portion. In the past months, according to spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, the IDF has eliminated 200 Hezbollah terrorists and destroyed 120 observation posts, 40 weapons depots, and 40 command centers. It is essential that the IDF soften Hezbollah’s infrastructure in the south of Lebanon before Israel’s northern border war begins.

Israelis Evacuate: With Hamas shooting rockets in the south and Hezbollah launching rockets in the north, the towns and cities of the Negev and Galilee appear as ghost towns. Most of the population in these two areas has been forced to move to central Israel, as the IDF is now preparing for war with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Israel has had to evacuate their citizens from both the south and the north creating a humanitarian crises inside Israel as some 200,000 Israelis are now living in hotels, community centers or with friends and family across Israel. Many of these people have no homes to return to because their homes were destroyed by Hamas terrorists in the south or Hezbollah’s rockets in the north. With the towns empty, many Israelis have lost their businesses and or their means of employment and have no income waiting to return to. Imagine being completely uprooted for months with still no chance of returning in sight. Because so many Israelis have been displaced, many families find themselves living in a single hotel room with their children and no privacy, day in and day out! This presents a rare window of opportunity for sharing the gospel with these precious Jewish souls. So please pray for laborers to spread God’s word and pray for open hearts to receive the love of Jesus!

Palestinian State: The International community is pressuring Israel to stop the war in Gaza and demanding Israel divide the land to create a Palestinian State. How absurd is this? After being attacked by Hamas who killed 1200 innocent people, the world thinks Israel should surrender and turn over the West Bank to the people who are trying to kill them. Is that the idea! Netanyahu says the Gaza war will end in months after they’ve defeated Hamas and killed their leaders! I pray so!

Palestinian Authority (PA) Seeks Unity with Hamas: While Israel and much of the international community are still horrified by Hamas’ atrocities committed on Oct. 7, the Palestinian Authority which refused to condemn the atrocities, continues to promote its goal of unity with Hamas.

One man appointed by leader Mahmoud Abbas to promote unity with Hamas is Central Committee Secretary Jibril Rajoub who recently wrote on his Facebook page: “We say to our brothers in Hamas: We stand before a great turning point… I call on them, on behalf of the Palestinian leadership, Mahmoud Abbas, and the PLO Executive Committee – we say to them [Hamas]: Come build a political rapprochement regarding the international project, and build rapprochement regarding the struggle… We say to our brothers in Hamas and the Islamic Jihad Movement join with us, the ball is in your court.”

How blind and foolish is Blinken, the US State Department and the entire Biden administration, in trying to force Israel into a peace deal by surrendering the West Bank to these Israel haters and malicious, Muslim murderers?

The Red Heifers and the Temple: The upcoming red heifer ceremony, which according to Numbers 19 is required to purify and prepare the priests and people for worship in the Temple, is scheduled to be held on the Mt. of Olives during Passover, April 2024!

Now of course the Jewish people don’t need the blood of bulls and goats because Jesus took care of that with the sacrifice of Himself for us. But according to the prophesies of Daniel and Jesus the daily sacrifice at the temple must be reinstated in the Tribulation once again which will then be stopped by Antichrist and his “Abomination of Desolation” in the middle of the seven years (Dan. 9:27; Mt. 24:15). In order for the sacrifices to start a purification needs to take place that only the ashes of a red heifer can suffice. A red heifer has not been sacrificed for over 2,000 years. Our friends in Israel recently visited Shiloh where the red heifers are kept and said that when they actually saw the red heifers in Shiloh, “we all felt a sense of how close the return of Yeshua really is.”

Gold for the Temple: The leaders of Papua New Guinea have announced they’re moving their embassy to Jerusalem and also, they have decided to provide the gold needed to build Israel’s Temple. Recently, the leaders of this Pacific Island nation visited Israel. They presented a hefty amount of gold and gifts to the Temple Institute in Jerusalem, where they declared their commitment to provide all the gold needed for rebuilding Israel’s long-awaited temple. This is another testimony of how close we are and how fast God is moving Israel toward their promised redemption.

Saudi Arabia Normalization: As Saudi Arabia’s massive construction projects continue, they are strongly seeking Biden’s promise of military protection for normalizing relations with Israel. The Saudis recently held a Summit in Riyadh with the foreign ministers from five Arab countries. The goal was to bring more pressure on Israel to end the war in Gaza with the promise that the Arab partners would assist in rebuilding Gaza and support Israel in the region, but with the expectancy that Israel would move forward with a Palestinian State.

Southern Border: In his unrelenting assault to weaken America, Satan is flooding terrorists through the U.S. southern border while Biden sleeps, fueling a major debacle that is further dividing Americans and putting financial strain on the economy. The insane policy allows Islamic terrorists to pour in with plans of disrupting America, the “Great Satan.” The enemy’s plan seems to be to saturate America with enough evil that would erode US protection of Israel, thereby bringing the USA unwittingly and directly into the path of God’s judgment.

Our culture doesn’t need millions of more illegals. We are already pushing a twisted message of victimization, envy, woke nonsense, socialism, class warfare, and hatred for our country and founding principles. Yet, as believers we can’t give up reaching souls and as the church, we must be the salt and light our world desperately needs as it gropes in the darkness.

Election Year: 2024 is another divisive and contentious election year and the enemy will certainly use it to further divide the country! Hang on to your hat and prepare for a season of great deception and lying that will be off the charts in this highly charged election year. Will Trump return to expand the Abraham Accords and oversee the post-Gaza plans to fulfill his dream of the Two-State plan he presented to the world in 2019? Will Michelle Obama replace Biden to influence the post-Gaza plans, rekindle Obama’s war on Netanyahu and force Israel to divide the land?

God’s sovereignty is my sanity and it’s comforting to know that God knows the end from the beginning!

Russia-Ukraine War: Russia has now become equipped with North Korean-made ballistic missiles sparking fear they’ll degrade Ukraine’s defenses and be able to blast through to NATO countries – Germany is worried!

Closing Your Bank Account: Franklin Graham recently broke the news that banks are beginning to de-bank you because of your religious beliefs or your political views. He wrote that Attorney Kristen Wagoner, who serves as CEO of Alliance Defending Freedom, says “the trend of banks discriminating against clients based on their political or religious views is a scandal. The idea that powerful corporations can threaten the basic functioning of a Christian ministry without giving any serious explanation or recourse, should alarm every American. No one should have to worry that a bank will close their account or deny them service simply because of their beliefs but this is the new front facing Christians in America.”