President Trump on Sunday confirmed that his administration would likely release its long-delayed peace plan after Israel’s elections in September.

“We will probably wait for the release of the Middle East peace plan until after the Israeli elections,” Trump told reporters, adding that the US might “release small parts of it beforehand.” 

The plan was to have been unveiled this summer but was delayed after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to piece together a coalition following the April elections and called for a fresh vote, now scheduled for September 17.

The President has so far kept the political elements of his plan under wraps, while the economic aspects were presented in June by his son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner at the American-led conference in Bahrain.

The proposed economic plan would see a $50 billion investment package for the Palestinians and the wider region. 

The Palestinians skipped the Bahrain conference and have rejected the peace plan outright, pressing on with their boycott of the administration since Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in December 2017 and cut Palestinian aid.

Netanyahu says he is willing to wait and see the contents of the plan but reiterated he will not compromise on Israel’s security.

The political plan has remained top secret. No details have been published so far about how the plan tackles the key issues of a potential Palestinian state, Israeli control over the West Bank, the fate of Jerusalem and the building of Israel’s Temple.

We will continue to wait for the other shoe to drop in terms of Bible prophecy, and it seems that a confluence of events are set to be triggered this fall.

The Temple Institute, which is the Jerusalem-based organization determined to build the Third Temple, has just carried out a test run of a red heifer sacrifice and burnt-offering. 

Rabbi’s believe that once a real red heifer is sacrificed and burned, they can use the ash to ceremonially cleanse the Temple Mount and begin rebuilding the Temple.