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“Brothers and Sisters, pray for us.” I Thessalonians 5:25

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What People Are Saying

When I was first introduced to Bible prophecy in the 1980’s, I knew it was going to become one of my passions. After a solid start with excellent Bible teaching from a great servant of the Lord, my studies became relegated to a hit-and- miss, here and there kind of methodology. Then a couple of years ago, I became acquainted with Tim and Nancy Buck and their FOTET teaching ministry. To God be the glory for their service to our soon to return King Jesus! Through their classes, DVDs, and personal ministry, I have come to understand the global threat of radical Islam, especially to Israel, God’s chosen people. Believers must realize that our time of evangelism is very short and we must get the saving message of Jesus Christ to the entire world. For too long, our churches right here in the buckle of the Bible belt have languished with little or no teaching on the End Times. FOTET is an excellent resource for any pastor who wishes to edify his congregation with Bible truth.

Mike Mayfield

New Hope Baptist Church

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Tim and Nancy Buck for over 20 years. I am so thankful they founded Focus on the End Times Ministry and also for the many volunteers that help at the events. God has gifted Tim with an exceptional knowledge of Bible prophesy and how it applies to end times prophesy. Prophesy can be difficult and confusing but God has skilled Tim to teach the difficult in an easy to understand manner. I enjoy it when Tim shares current events and Middle East news and discusses how they relate to the fulfillment to scripture. I’ve learned a lot and have grown in my walk with our Lord through this exciting ministry. I encourage anyone who wants to know what God’s word says about these last days, Israel, the rise of Islam, etc. to attend the FOTET teaching events and financially support this important and timely ministry.

Rick Rountree

First Baptist North Spartanburg


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Events Location

Events Location

First Baptist Church of Mauldin
150 S. Main St.
Mauldin, SC 29662