Naftali Bennett
Sworn In As Head of 36th Israeli Government

Yamina Party leader Naftali Bennett replaces Likud’s Benjamin Netanyahu, the longest-serving prime minister in the country’s history.

Benjamin Netanyahu is out and surely former President Obama is happy to finally see Israel’s greatest leader Netanyahu lose and he must be thrilled as Israel forms first-ever government with Muslim Party, United Arab List.

The new deal is potentially setting the end-time stage for a much weaker Israel who could be more open to dividing the Holy Land for a Palestinian State which God warns will bring about the Tribulation period!

The unique arrangement calls for Bennett and Lapid to share the Prime Minister role over the next four years with right-wing Bennett serving as the Israeli Prime Minister for the first 2 years and left-wing Lapid serving a two-year term following Bennett.

Last month, Israel was officially 73-years old, and now they’ve reached another prophetic milestone in their march to the time of Jacob’s trouble by embracing a Muslim coalition which flies in the face of Scripture and is the very essence of an anti-Jehovah government.

Israel has now formed a new governing coalition that, for the first time ever, includes Allah worshipping Muslims under the leadership of Mansour Abbas and the United Arab List. Why is this so historic? Israel has created a government that is part Jewish and part Muslim taking them farther away from the God of Israel.






Muslim Brotherhood Party

Now In Israel’s Government

The above picture provided by the United Arab List on June 2, 2021, shows United Arab Leader, Mansour Abbas, right, signing a coalition agreement with Israel’s opposition leader Yair Lapid, left, and right-wing nationalist Naftali Bennett in Ramat Gan near the coastal city of Tel Aviv. United Arab List/AFP/Getty Images

A story is worth a thousand words and this is a picture that nobody in Israel could have imagined: the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood political party of the Islamic Movement, Mansour Abbas, sitting alongside Naftali Bennett, the envoy of religious ultra-nationalist Zionism. But there they were with the secular liberal Yair Lapid on June 2, pens in hand, ready to sign documents bringing a devout Muslim and Palestinian citizen of Israel into a coalition government with the two Jewish leaders.

Over the past two years Israelis have gone to the polls four times to elect a government to run the country, and each time Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, leader for 15 of the last 25 years, failed to muster up support to form even a narrow coalition. The people on the left, center and right who wanted to bring him down couldn’t form one either.

But in the latest election, in April, a kingmaker emerged: Abbas, the Islamist politician who made the remarkable declaration that he would be willing to be part of a right-wing coalition, something no Arab-led party has ever considered.





Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid share the role of Prime Minister in the new Israeli Government