No One Wants The
‘Palestinian’ Arabs

12/5/23 – By Tim Buck

Last week, Israeli Professor Amir Hetsroni posted an idea with which many readers agreed – he suggested settling the Palestinian Arabs, beginning with those from Gaza, on an island near the North Pole, where, he said, “they can continue their barbaric policies as they wish without harming anyone.”

Professor Hetsroni minced no words in describing the situation Israel faces since the murderous attack on its citizens on the morning of Israel’s holiday. And it is quite clear that most Israelis are not interested in having neighbors – or citizens, for that matter – who believe the Islamist world view that wants to destroy the Jews.

The problem is that no one else wants them either.

Despite the non-ending criticism of Israel because of its treatment of the so-called “Palestinian refugees” within its borders, their lives are immeasurably better in Israel that in other Arab countries. In Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and their fellow Arab states, the Palestinian Arab “refugees” have no rights whatsoever, even basic ones. They cannot choose the way they make a living, not even who they wish to marry, not to mention the health and educational services that barely exist.

Those countries, of course, have a vested interest in preserving the “Palestinian Arab refugee narrative,” because that way the Palestinian Arabs continue to demand their supposed ancient homes and it is possible to continue trying to destroy Israel. In addition, this way these states keep the problematic violent and crime-ridden “refugee” population away from their own citizens.

During the second week of the war Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi declared that the Egyptian people absolutely refuse to allow any Palestinian Arabs from the Gaza Strip to enter the Sinai Peninsula that borders Egypt and Gaza and is under Egypt’s jurisdiction. He generously suggested moving them to Israel’s southern region, the Negev, as a solution.

Tell me, who would want his country to host people who torture and murder infants and the elderly?

Remember, the Gazan civilian population celebrated the massacre, many crossed the border to take part in the killing and looting, many others spat on the hostages, hit them, and cheered as they were paraded through the streets.

Anti-Israel demonstrations are taking place in Jordan, Iran, Yemen, Algeria, Moroccco, Lebanon, Syria and other Arab states, as well as in Western countries, but strangely, not one of them has offered the Palestinian Arabs a haven within their borders. Not one of the Arab countries has opened its doors to these new migrants, nor has Europe.

On social media this week, former Lebanese citizens describe what happened to their country when it allowed Islamist Palestinian Arabs into its borders. In one of the posts, Bridget Gabriel, an international journalist, writes that when she was a child, Lebanon was a country with a Christian majority proud of its multiculturalism, a country known as “the Paris of the Middle East.” All that ended, she writes, when the country accepted a wave of Palestinian Arab refugees who did not share in its values and had no desire to acculturate, instead using her land as another base from which to try to destroy Israel.

From the moment they arrived, they began persecuting the Christian population, fighting it to the death. For seven years of her life, Bridget was forced to live in a shelter lacking water and electricity. Every attempt to leave the shelter to fill water containers meant being aimed at by Palestinian Arab snipers. She said that their dream was to escape to Israel, where they knew they could be safe and nothing bad would happen to them.

So if no country is willing to accept Palestinian Arab refugees (and rightly so), not even the many who wish to leave Gaza of their own free will, perhaps they can kindly keep still when the State of Israel risks its life and the lives of its sons to do the dirty work for them.