Mysteries Of Spiritual Warfare

– Daniel 10 –

3/13/24 By Tim Buck


Daniel 10 reveals the heavens as a great angelic battlefield. Daniel understood the battle and how to wage war. He entered spiritual warfare through prayer and fasting.

In Daniel 10, we see Daniel as a dedicated servant of the Most High God who through prayer and fasting, received the longest prophecy in Scripture (Daniel 10-12) that was then interpreted to him by the angel Gabriel! How do you prepare to receive God’s best?

Daniel prayed and fasted for 3 full weeks, purposely entering into a spiritual battle for his people. His season of fasting was finally interrupted by the appearance of Jesus Christ!

Isn’t it interesting that when you seek God, you will find Him!

Daniel also had a humble heart. His heart of humility prepared him to receive God’s revelation and to stand in the very presence of God.

In this class, find out how prayer and fasting release God’s power in the spiritual realm.

We will also answer these questions that loom large throughout the chapter:

What is the identity of the man with the FACE OF LIGHTENING?

What are the assignments of dispatched angels?

Do angels rule the nations, regions, places, and people?

What is the meaning of the sequence of the appearance of the two princes from Persia and Greece in Gabriel’s discussion?

What is the “chain of command” among angels?

What is the meaning of the mysterious “book of truth” and where is it? Can we see it?

It’s time to have warfare prayer and be an overcomer like Daniel!

Our country needs it, Israel needs it, our family needs it and we need it!

1. When you pray, you invoke the highest name and the highest authority in the universe. The name of Jesus.

2. Remember, “the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man” is the prayer that gets God’s attention!

3. The practice of fasting adds fuel to the power of prayer.

Do you want to live in Christ’s victory?