Los Angeles County is asking a state court to hold Grace Community Church in contempt of court for hugging, singing and laughing at health department regulations during a Sunday church service!

No I’m not making this up!

Sounds like a great church to me!

Continue to pray for Pastor John MacArthur and Grace Community Church as they spearhead the fight for the First Amendment for all churches in America.

If America doesn’t wake up the devil will shut down every church in America!

Held in Contempt for

Hugging, Singing and Laughing

At the beginning, Pastor John MacArthur listed out requirements from the (health department) protocol,” county health official Benjamin Mock wrote. “Attendees responded to some of the restrictions Pastor MacArthur identified by laughing.

Oh, the horror.

“During the service, attendees sang two hymns,” Mock wrote in the court document. “I also observed attendees hugging and shaking hands.”

Well, sweet mercy — Christians hugging one another?

Better call in the National Guard.

Instead, the county sent environmental health specialists to the Sunday service. At least one security guard refused to let the government agents into the building.

The court document revealed that at least one security guard was issued an “administrative citation” for interfering with a public health officer.

Fewer than five percent of the people we observed were wearing face coverings,” the government agent reported.

Social distancing was not being observed.”

And perhaps the most egregious activity came at the end of the sermon when the Christians (brace yourself) walked out the doors.

No instructions or guidance was given regarding maintaining social distance while exiting the worship center,” the court document states. “There were no directional markings on the floor. Individuals streamed out of the doors without practicing social distancing.”

Church leaders have been told to show up in court on Friday.

LA Health officials are literally trying to hold the church in contempt not just for being open, but for people hugging each other and shaking hands. And laughing.

Thou shalt not chuckle at the ignorance of the California health department overlords.