Palestinian fighters ride in an Israeli military vehicle that was seized after Palestinians infiltrated areas of southern Israel on October 7, 2023 [Ahmed Zakot/Reuters]


Israel At War!!!

At least 22 Israelis killed as Hamas launches surprise,

multi-front attack in a mock attempt to recreate the terror of the Yom Kippur War in 1973!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells nation: ‘Citizens of Israel, we are at war’.

Women and children kidnapped!

Map of Bombing Locations


50th Anniversary
of Yom Kippur War!

10/7/23  By Tim Buck


This morning, during the biblical feast of Shmini Atzeret (Leviticus 23:36), Israel came under a full surprise military attack. People awoke to hearing the sound of sirens wailing all over southern and central parts of the country, including in Jerusalem, warning of thousands of rockets launched from Gaza by Hamas.

We are sounding this siren in the Spirit for intercessory prayer as rockets continue to rain down on Israel.

Hamas has declared this to be a formal war by the name of “Storm for Al-Aqsa (Temple Mount)”. Today is 50 years exactly from the surprise attack known as the Yom Kippur War.

As of now, the war is unprecedented on several levels. Terrorists have infiltrated cities throughout the country. They are entering homes and streets, shooting innocent civilians, kidnapping soldiers and in general, catching Israel’s national intelligence and defense forces almost completely off guard. There have been Israeli fatalities and the situation is dangerous.

With the peace negotiations between Israel and Saudi Arabia going full-steam ahead, it’s not surprising that the enemy wants to disrupt the process.

Please Pray for the innocent Jewish people and for the Peace of Israel and Jerusalem!