Visit Israel With Us In 2021


If you are interested in touring the Promised Land with Bible teaching on location and with a group that loves Israel, the Lord and His Word then you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

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April 6 – 16, 2021


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Photos from Spring 2019 trip

Mustard plants everywhere

Caesarea Philippi

On our way to the Dead Sea then Jereusalem

Baptism in the Jordan River

View of the Golan Heights

Gates of Abraham, 4000 yrs old


The Gates of Hades - Pagan burial place

Kendle Praising God

Jeroboam’s altar to false gods leading Israel further into idolatry and ultimate destruction by the Assyrians in 722 BC

Synagogue ruins

Peter’s house, hard to tell, but there are walls and rooms. These ruins were discovered underneath another city built on top of it

Looking down from Masada, which King Herod built and where remaining Jews hid when the Romans sacked Jerusalem. When the Romans found out where they were, they built a ramp up to Masada to kill the remaining Jews, but, when they got there all the Jews had killed each other and the last one alive committed suicide.

Jesus Boat and Museum!

Sunday morning in Israel!

Our Guide, Roman has been awesome!

On the Mt. of Olives overlooking the Temple Mount.



What People Are Saying

The FOTET trip to Israel was a glorious worship experience.  Each day you could feel the excitement and expectation of a new revelation from God.  Our exceptional tour guide, Roman, was truly a blessing as God used him to open our eyes to the teaching we had already received, and continue to receive, through Tim and the Holy Spirit.  It was a true fellowship experience with our brothers and sisters in the Lord. 

Dan & Deb Martin

When I got off the plane in Israel, I took pictures of a group of strangers but by the time we got home I was taking pictures of friends, people I have come to love.

Dave Pickering

Many years ago, the Lord placed in me His desire for me to visit the Holy Land. But, I knew that I only wanted to go with a group of “like-spirited” people. What a blessing to have shared this awesome experience with such Christ like believers. The unity of the spirit was so evident within our group. How blessed we were to have Roman as our guide. I admired his brilliant mind, but, also his tender heart for the Lord. He made the Bible come alive in 3-D and its truths much more meaningful.

Thank you Tim and Nancy for your prayers, leadership and love to all of us. This truly was a “trip of a lifetime!”

Kim Carter

A Testimonial of our Israel Pilgrimage

An incredible journey in my Christian growth. Wow! Where to start??

This trip saw 28 individuals merge into a dynamic group under the guidance of our inspirational leader Tim Buck. His Biblical readings and heart-felt prayers were always well thought out and always on-point.

Our Christian Tour guide was very knowledgeable of much more than the Scriptures. His anecdotal stories into the people, places, and politics of the sites we visited was an unmeasurable benefit of our spiritual growth.

Just think- we walked where our Savior, Jesus Christ, walked. We sat where he sat. We were in villages and towns where he was. We saw the actual pit in Caesarea where Paul was incarcerated awaiting trial. We saw the actual theater where King Herod was giving a speech when he fell ill and was eaten by worms. We got baptized in the same River where Jesus was baptized. There is a REAL Gates of Hades. There is a REAL “Eye of the Needle”.  Can you image?

In additional to growing my spiritual faith, seeing these places first hand brings the Bible, the Old Testament and New Testament, to life like nothing else can do.

I have already used my learnings from this pilgrimage in my scripture readings. One of the most important things I learned was that Jesus taught and preached in straight-forward, easy-to-understand language. He spoke in a clear concise manner, not metaphorically, symbolically, or in the abstract. Seeing the farm’s being terraced and stones at Nazareth brings an understanding about the parable of the seeds falling on stony soil to a different level. His instructions were very clear of what is expected of us to follow our Savior and to live in the presence of our Lord.


Nancy and Stuart Sharp


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Events Location

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