Israel Bombed Syrian and Iranian Targets this Weekend in Effort to Prevent Iranian Entrenchment in Syria

Airstrikes in Syria

Second Day in a Row!

On Sunday night, the Israeli air force carried out an airstrike against Syria’s T-4 airbase in central Syria.

The base has a history of housing secret Iranian military assets. Syrian media reported five combatants were killed, three of them Syrian soldiers.


The IAF has hit the airbase in the past which houses both Syrian regime forces, and Iranian Revolutionary Guards forces.

Media reported that an Iranian cargo Boeing 747 flew to the Syrian base three times over the past ten days, allegedly delivering weapons shipments from Iran.

In another incident on Saturday, the Israeli military carried out airstrikes in retaliation to rockets fired at Mt. Hermon in Israel’s Golan Heights from Syria.

Media reported 10 were killed, seven of which were Iranian and Hezbollah militants.

The strike targeted military positions in southern Syria, including two artillery batteries, several observation posts, and an SA2 air defense unit.

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