Israel Hits Iran

Israel strikes back at Iran: Explosions rock airbase in city linked to Tehran’s nuke program as Netanyahu launches attack in defiance of Biden

3/19/24 By Tim Buck


Israel has conducted strikes in Iran in retaliation for Tehran’s unprecedented drone-and-missile assault earlier this week, defying Biden’s warning that more attacks could plunge the Middle East further into conflict.

The city of Isfahan in central Iran was struck at 5am local time, with Israeli projectiles reported to have targeted an Air Force base near Isfahan which long has been home to Iran’s fleet of American-made F-14 Tomcats – purchased before the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

US officials confirmed that Israel’s revenge for Iran’s 330 kamikaze drone and ballistic missile blitz had begun early this morning after days of threats.

Sources said an Israeli missile successfully hit the air base.

Iranian state TV launched into damage control claiming three drones were “destroyed” by its air defense batteries and no ground damage was caused.

The precision strike hit just next door to one of Iran’s nuclear sites, sources told the Jerusalem Post.

Blasts were also heard in Iraq and Syria in what appeared to be further hits on Iranian puppet terror groups across the Middle East.

The full scale of the surprise strike – launched just hours after Israeli sources said they would hold off their response – remains unclear.

Iranian media confirmed at least one explosion was heard in Qahjavaristan – just outside Isfahan near an airport and army air force HQ.

The army base is tied to Iran’s aircraft production – possibly where the attack drones it used against Israel are made.

Unconfirmed Twitter footage appeared to show explosions on the ground as air defense batteries fought off strikes in the sky.

A senior Iranian official said its military was not planning an immediate response to the attack, declaring it was “unclear who is behind it”.

Analysts said an Iranian counter-strike would be much more likely if TV reports had expressed outrage and showed pictures of damage.

The attack, which hit shortly after midnight, struck on Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s birthday.

Flights to Iran’s capital Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz were grounded overnight.