I love my country. I’m sure you do also. The question that should concern us should be, “Is it too late for America?

Every week, we get inundated with troubling news. Does that mean its over for our country? And if not, what can I do to help bring about change?”

Are We Desperate Enough?

Revival comes when the church gets desperate. Revival comes when the people of God stop their normal routines and pray and fast and cry out.

God fills the hungry, not the self-satisfied and complacent.

This means that, ultimately, the question for us is not, “Is it too late for America?” but rather, “are we desperate enough for revival?”

That’s a question only you and I can answer.

But it’s a question I believe God Himself is asking us. Is He sending a message to your heart?

14 Prophetically Significant

News Events

1. Pence calls on EU to withdraw from Iran nuclear deal

2. Warsaw ‘Iran’ summit: What lies beneath from a flawed European Perspective?

Iran Should be Worried about the Warsaw Summit

United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo and other leaders pose for a group photo at the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland, Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019. (AP)

Prophetically Significant

News Events 

3. Iran denounces US-led Middle East conference in Warsaw
4. Pompeo says ‘confronting Iran’ key to Mideast peace
5. Kushner tells diplomats he believes in peace plan, despite long odds — report

6. Death to America’ Means ‘Death to Trump,’ Iran’s Supreme Leader Says

7. Trump to Keep U.S. Troops in Iraq to ‘Watch’ Iran

8. Report: US secret program sabotaging Iran’s missiles

9. Iran Claims to Have Formula for Nuclear Bomb

10. Trump promises to ‘protect Israel’ from Syria

11. Netanyahu Confirms Syria Strike: Israel Operating Constantly Against Iran in Syria

12. Tehran’s planned two-border offensive prompts Israeli attack on Al Qods & Hizballah at Quneitra

13. Israeli Intel Estimate: New Iranian threat from Iraq. Gaza escalates. Moscow jumps on Palestinian issue

14. All Islamic State territory in Syria and Iraq will be cleared by next week, Trump says