From Abraham To Hamas

The Bible’s Wild Side

3/9/24 By Tim Buck



What kind of answer would you give to the question, “How did the Middle East get so messed up today?” Good question, right? The answer, Abraham had two wives!

Abraham had one covenant, two wives (Sarah and Hagar), and two sons (Isaac and Ishmael), which set in motion the Hamas WAR IN ISRAEL 4,000 years later over which side of the broken family inherits the promises of God.

Line, Lineage, and Lord

In Genesis 15, we see God appear to Abraham and graciously bless him with what we call the Abrahamic Covenant, which included three things – 1) Land 2) Lineage 3) Lord. Ever since then, there has been a battle for these three things between two people groups because of Abraham and Sarah’s sin of unbelief following the covenant.

As soon as the covenant was uttered, a demonic attack began for those three things that continues to this day. What God builds, Satan breaks. What God creates, Satan counterfeits. Who God loves, Satan hates. Who God blesses, Satan curses.

Abraham (originally named Abram) was married to Sarah (originally named Sarai). The Lord promised Abraham and Sarah they would have a son, but they waited for years and years – until Sarah was 90 and Abraham was 100. They waited so long that they stopped believing God would be faithful to His promise.

Ishmael, Savage of a Man

So, Abraham took things into his own hands at the encouragement of his wife, who soon regretted this decision. About 14 years before the promised son, Isaac, was born, Abraham impregnated the unsaved Egyptian slave, a handmaiden of Sarah, named Hagar and she birthed a son named Ishmael.

In Genesis 16:12, it’s prophesied that Ishmael will be a wild donkey of a man, that no one will be able to tame him, and that he’ll be a warrior, and his descendants will be just like him.

A Bible scholar, demonstrates that the Hebrew phrase ‘wild ass’ (‘pere’) is connected to the Akkadian phrase meaning ‘savage of a man’. He goes on to have 12 sons, just like Isaac’s 12 sons who become the 12 Tribes of Israel. So, Abraham has two wives, which is one too many, and two sons. The question becomes which son inherits the promise?

Family Feud

What does all of this have to do with today’s time or the current conflict between Israel and Hamas?

This might shock you but the Jews, the people of Israel, descend from Isaac and the Palestinians, from which comes Hamas, descend from Ishmael. Judaism comes from Isaac while Islam comes from Ishmael. The current war in the Middle East is a family feud 4,000 years in the making. It has not been solved by political means and it will not be solved by political means. This is ultimately a spiritual war between good and evil and a war of which Satan needs to win to overturn the Abrahamic Covenant. God promised to make these sons into nations and today, for the millions of descendants on both sides, this is not just political, this is deeply personal and spiritual.

Hamas Charter

The Hamas Charter is considered its most important ideological document. Its central commitments are to a religious and political war between Arab Muslims and Israeli Jews, belief that all of Palestine is Arab Muslim land, sacred and stolen by the Jews and their supporters like the United States, and that jihad (holy war) is the main means to eliminate Israel and the Jews and replace them with Arabs and Islam.

This explains why, throughout history, the land has been a constant place of conflict and war. Efforts to have a “two state” solution giving some land to each side in hopes that they would be content, keep to themselves, and be good neighbors has proven over and over to be a hopeless myth. Gaza, where Hamas was living, was such an experiment, and now a bloody, failed experiment.

From Ishmael to Muhammad

Roughly 2,500 years after Ishmael, his descendent Muhammad was visited by a demon. He says it was an angel, but it was a demon. Speaking of fallen angels who became demons, Paul says in Galatians 1:8, “even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.”

The message the demon gave Muhammad was false teaching and lies. The consequence is to be “accursed” which means being delivered up to the judicial wrath of God. Muhammad’s demon then reinterpreted the entirety of Scripture and, from these revelations, comes Islam.

The essence of the demon’s teaching to Muhammad was that the Hebrew Scriptures got it all wrong. The demon says Sarah was not the chosen wife, but Hagar, and that Isaac was not the chosen son, but Ishmael. He makes Ishmael into the chosen son and the fulfillment of the Abrahamic covenant, from whom comes the Arab people, including the Palestinians and Hamas. He even says it was Ishmael who Abraham almost sacrificed in Genesis 22, not Isaac. But it’s 100%, all deception.

The War Behind the War

The fight that started 4,000 years ago sets the stage for the conflict we’re seeing in today’s headlines. Make no mistake, the war in Gaza started in the heavenlies with the diabolical schemes of Satan. Behind the war in the seen realm is the ongoing war in the unseen realm.

Just like Satan wanted God’s throne and attacked God to try and steal it, so now Satan wants Israel and attacked God’s chosen people to try and steal it. Those who do not have the Holy Spirit cannot fully understand exactly what is happening and foolishly believe that there is a reasonable way to reconcile the parties, but God and Satan will never be reconciled.