End Times

The End Times moved into high gear in 1948 when Israel became a nation. Israel’s return to her homeland — given by God — is the beginning of a foretold chain of events revealed in the Bible. Since Israel has been reborn, dozens of other prophecies have cascaded forth and what the Bible talks about concerning the end times is now rapidly unfolding today.

End Times Resources & Information

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Israel and End Times Prophecy

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Prophecy terms and definitions.

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Recommended websites, television programs, and websites.

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Signs and fulfilled prophecies indicating we are in the End Times.

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Upcoming tour of Israel information and more.

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Download and print notes for FOTET classes

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Myths about Bible Prophecy and the End Times debunked.

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Islam 101 and how it relates to Bible Prophecy.

What People are Saying

“Focus On the End Times Ministry shines a light on the extremely critical times we live in and helps Christians to understand the prophecies of God’s word regarding Israel, Islam and the End Times.

The class highlighted the need for Christians to know the season we are living in and to have a sense of urgency for souls to be saved before the rapture….before it’s too late.”
– Al (Messianic Jew) & Ann Chetron
New Hope Baptist Church

“We have thoroughly enjoyed Focus on the End Times classes. They revealed Biblical truth to us in relation to the events that are happening in the world, and how they relate to the coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Tim’s knowledge of the Word of God and world events lets us see how near to the Rapture we may be. If only everyone could hear these prophesies and understand the truth – it could wake up America and the world.”
– Dave and Jan Hurley
Lanford Baptist Church

Event Location

Events Location

Burnsview Baptist Church of Greer
9690 Reidville Road
Greer, SC 29651

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