Please take a moment to listen to this 5-minute story with an important twist at the end.

It’s the backstory of Donald’s Bible and how God used the Lewis Awakening of the Scottish Herbrides Revival in 1949 for a special purpose to bless America today.


Perfect Storm of

Globalist Control

Spring has sprung and so should we…

Spring has sprung across the southeast USA and flowers are blooming with all the gusto and testimony of God’s creative signs.
I love this time of year that casts off the dullness of winter, when daylight grows longer, the sun shines brighter, and there is a fresh wind to a new day.
That about sums up how I feel also. I’m ready to move on from being cooped up too long.
How about you?

Trump’s Enemies

“Keep America Closed”

There’s strong push-back to opening America and all for the wrong reasons. The enemy wants to keep America shut down as long as possible.

As the New York Times and other media outlets have consistently laid out, ‘four more years of Donald Trump is far worse than the COVID virus.’

So they are now functioning on the motto, ‘whatever we can do to prevent Trump from winning, we will do.’

This is why we are seeing such heavy opposition to reopening the country—the ‘keep everything shutdown’ strategy hopes to defeat Trump.

The globalist dreamers who hate American exceptionalism and blame America for everything see the pandemic as the perfect tool to restrict America long enough to wrestle it away from Trump and bring it back under their destructive control. Satan wants to steal, kill and destroy.

So as if the spiritual battle between good and evil wasn’t raging already, we’re now seeing a new perfect storm – an all-out tug-of-war over opening America.

The enemy would prefer not to put America back to work until Trump is defeated in November. Have you noticed many of the liberal Governors digging in their heels?

With the presidential election just 6 months away they would prefer to strangle the life out of the economy than face four more years of a pro-Israel, pro-Christian, pro-Life, pro-America, pro-Church Trump Presidency. Sad but true!

Please continue to pray for President Trump that the Lord will give him the wisdom of Solomon and the strength of King David to press on and lead America into full recovery.

And please pray for America that souls would be saved during this time, that believers would return to the Lord and that God would over-rule evil for His good.