As the Enemy Roars…

Election Night in America Could Turn Ugly

ANTIFA And Black Lives Matter Plans Wave of Demonstrations on Streets as U.S. Election Polls Close

A wave of riots and demonstrations are being planned to mark the end of the US election.

Protesters supporting the Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements are organizing protests beginning on Tuesday night.

Both domestic terror groups ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter are vowing to burn down America’s big cities with massive, nationwide riots in the streets starting election night on Tuesday.

Will they do it?

Well, since they have already caused over $2 billion dollars in damage over the past 6 months, I would tend to lean towards believing them, and so should you.

Federal authorities have erected a “non-scalable” fence around the White House on Monday, as many fear the election may lead to mass protest, civil unrest and even armed insurrection, so says the UK Guardian.

“The White House is on lockdown,” NBC News White House correspondent Geoff Bennett wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

Hundreds of National Guard are on stand-by, so at this point it’s a safe bet something big is going to go down.