Trump Policies are Game Changers and Having a Profound Effect on the Middle East

Trump Policy: 

Accelerating Last-Day


Most of the developing stories in the Middle East these days stem from the “Trump Effect.”

President Trump’s leadership and policies are shaking up the norms and having an impact.

Join us this Tuesday, June 11, as we discuss what’s happening in Israel and the Middle East: 

This Tuesday

The Trump Effect

1. Trump’s Sanctions Iran, IRGC and hitting Hezbollah where it Hurts!

2. President Trump Withdraws U.S. from United Nations Arms Trade Treaty

3. Netanyahu wins then disbands Knesset. What happened? Why Does Israel Need New Elections?

4. Trump Peace Plan to be Released on June 25 at “Prosperity to Peace” Summit in Gulf State of Bahrain

5. Saudi Arabia Warming With Israel, Pushing Trump Peace Plan – Offers Abbas $10 Billion to get on board!

6. No More Waivers: Trump Trying to Force Iranian Oil Exports to ZERO

7. Trump, EU Warn Turkey to Stop Illegal Drilling in the Mediterranean

8. Why is Iran on Israel’s Doorstep and Building a Port in the Mediterranean?

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