Hunter Biden Plea Deal Shows The Corruption Of The Biden Administration!

Hunter Biden Plea Deal Shows The Corruption Of The Biden Administration!







The Corrupt Hunter Biden Plea Deal is a
Cover-Up. The law is different when you’re the president’s son.

Hunter Biden Plea Deal Shows The Corruption Of The Biden Administration

6/22/23 By Tim Buck

But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.”
2 Timothy 3:13

America has become a nation where if your friends are in power, then the laws don’t apply. Actor Wesley Snipes served 3 years in a federal prison for exactly the same crime that Hunter committed, and that was not Hunter’s only crime. Now the Biden Crime Family is set up for life. The Hunter plea deal story is already off the headlines and didn’t last for 24 hours. What does that tell you?

To express disappointment in the results of the Hunter Biden probe is to admit you ever believed it was an honest investigation. Two-thirds of federal tax offenders get prison time. The average sentence is 14 months. In some ways, Hunter Biden is average. The average federal tax offender is a 52-year-old white male, Hunter is 53. But Hunter is special in one way and only one way: his last name.

And so Hunter walks away with probation after pleading guilty to tax evasion charges.

Hunter was allowed to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax offenses with no mention of the felony count of tax evasion that prosecutors had been reportedly considering.

What happened to that felony charge? The same thing that happened to the other charges which reveals the collusion and depth of corruption in the Justice department and FBI.

Tax evasion penalties are supposed to punitively rise when sophisticated schemes are used to evade taxes. The House Oversight Committee recently exposed dozens of shell companies and millions of dollars in wire transfers. These “sophisticated” setups have not been addressed. Unlike other tax evasion cases involving international financial transfers, the question wasn’t even raised. Nor are any of Biden’s partners or family members facing investigations or charges. This is far from the norm, but that’s true of the entire Hunter Biden investigation.

IRS whistleblowers had come forward accusing the government of ‘slow walking’ the case. The only possible justification for taking this long to work on the Hunter Biden investigation would have been if investigators were actually unraveling a complex web of international connections, assembling a list of shell firms and flipping Hunter’s financial partners. There was no reason to spend years on little more than assessing a baseline tax penalty that could have been managed by a single IRS agent, let alone a 12-man investigative team, inside of a month. If even that.

The FBI had finished its work in 2022 while the IRS had wrapped its work even earlier. There was no reason to continue dragging out the case except to give Biden’s appointees time to get through the Senate and exert their influence on the proceedings.

In March, Republicans voted to confirm Danny Werfel: Biden’s nominee for IRS commissioner.

Werfel had previously been brought in under Obama after the IRS was caught targeting the administration’s political opponents. The former IRS acting commissioner had promised to get to the bottom of things only to conduct a cover-up of the political targeting.

By May, the IRS investigative team had been suspended from the Hunter Biden case.

Once members of the IRS investigative team came forward they were suspended on orders from Biden’s Department of Justice. The 12 member team was pulled from the case even while the façade of the investigation went on even though nothing was going on except the cover-up.

Whistleblowers had claimed that Justice Department political appointees were blocking charges.

The Hunter Biden laptops had provided federal investigators with graphic evidence of numerous alleged crimes, financial, sexual and drug-related, but the whistleblowers alleged that, much as the Durham report had shown in Russiangate, proper protocols were not followed.

Any of Hunter’s individual alleged crimes would normally have led to years in prison.

Former U.S. Attorney Brett L. Tolman stated that, “diversion would not be available for you or me if convicted… we would get 39 months on average in prison for same offense.”

Tolman noted that the pretrial diversion used to give Hunter a pass is not available to those accused of offenses involving child exploitation or offenses related to national security and foreign affairs. By excluding the alleged sexual materials on Hunter’s laptop and the national security implications of his dealings with foreign nationals, the DOJ gave Hunter a pass.

A DOJ press release claims that, “Federal Prosecutors Aggressively Pursuing Those Who Lie in Connection With Firearm Transactions”. People who lie about their drug use on firearms forms have been locked away with a possible penalty of as much as ten years in prison.

Imagine for a moment if Hunter Biden were a black man named Kenta Quenshawn Hopson Jr.

When Hopson was asked to fill out a form asking whether he was a drug user, he lied. According to his arrest affidavit, Hopson is a “known marijuana user and marked that he was not a marijuana user on the form.” Hunter Biden was a known crackhead and lied about it. Nobody is arresting him. And no one will. The problem isn’t that Hunter is white, it’s that he’s a Biden.

The much more serious failure to register as a foreign agent charges haven’t even been touched. Neither has there been any meaningful examination of the shell companies.

The federal investigation calculatedly stripped away any elements that might have led to Joe Biden or other members of the family. The case was reduced to its barest essentials: a limited payoff for a failure to pay taxes was arranged, so that the case could be disposed of even while officially continuing in order to allow the FBI, the new Biden IRS tax commissioner and the DOJ to reject any congressional oversight on the grounds that it might harm the investigation.

By narrowing down the case to Hunter’s taxes and gun charge: any pathways leading to the rest of the Biden crime family were cut off. The deal not only gives Hunter a pass, but more importantly makes sure that the investigation will not affect the family or its corrupt patriarch.

This investigation was about protecting Hunter, but more importantly about protecting Joe.

Like banks and industries, a former small time Delaware politico has become too big to fail. And his son, who many have alleged was merely acting as his bag man, is also along for the ride, alternating the crack cocaine, hookers and foreign cash with a “Get Out of Jail Free” card.

In the years since Hunter was palling around with Chinese and Ukrainian oligarchs, he stopped just being the son of a vice president and then ex-vice president, and became the weak point of the man on whom the hopes of the Democrats were riding on. Now that weak point has been sealed. The Democrats may not do much for their constituents in Newark or Detroit, but if you happen to be the president’s son, you can violate as many laws as you want.

And if that’s true of his son, how can it not be true of Joe Biden?