Terrorists Get Terrified By Red Cows!

Terrorists Get Terrified By Red Cows!




Palestinians Fear Israel’s Red Cows
8/8/23  By Tim Buck
And the dread of the LORD fell upon all the kingdoms of the lands that surrounded Judah.
2 Chron. 17:10

Scared of a baby cow? Palestinians say what’s behind the red cows is that Israel is planning to build the Third Temple to destroy Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount. The source of their concern is a report on the Israeli government funding a project to raise a red heifer, whose ashes, according to Torah law, can purify Jews so they can start bringing sacrifices again.Arabs are up in arms over a supposed Israeli government plot to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque by rebuilding the Third Temple in its place in Jerusalem, following a recent report on Israel’s Channel 12 that several ministries are funding efforts to raise a red heifer, which is considered a prerequisite for the coming of the Messiah.

How timely! A TV Special running on Israeli television about Israel’s Red Heifers and the coming Third Temple!

Palestinian officials and commentators in Arab media from Al Jazeera to Jordanian news sites and Gazan TV wholly accepted the report, which centered on Israel’s religious coalition turning Israel into a religious state. The report has put fear in Israel’s enemies.

Al Jazeera cited Dr. Saleh Lutfi, “a researcher in Jewish, Zionist, and political affairs,” as saying that in light of the current Palestinian and regional circumstances, the time is ripe for the Netanyahu government to “realize the myth of building the alleged ‘Third Temple.’”

Lutfi also claims that the idea of rebuilding the Temple “has become rooted even among large segments of the Israeli secular and liberal movement, as well as among the circles of the so-called Jewish Zionist left.”

On the Hamas station, Al-Aqsa, Dr. Shihab went so far as to say that “the Israeli government has a plan to cause a religious war in the region” and that bringing red heifers to Jerusalem shows that “the fascist Israeli government encourages the settlers to continue harming Al-Aqsa mosque.”
The time of Israel’s temple is getting closer. Five red heifers were brought to Israel in September 2022 after being raised in Texas. One of them was brought last month to Shiloh, where the Tabernacle stood for over 300 years prior to the first Temple’s construction. Along with two others, the heifer will be at the heart of a planned Heritage Center to attract tourism to the site.

According to Numbers 19, a purely red heifer is the only animal whose ashes can be used to purify Jews so they can serve in the Temple and bring sacrifices. There is a host of requirements that the animal must meet, and none has been found in 2,000 years. It seems the arrival of these qualified red heifers has the enemy shaking in their boots… if they only knew what was really coming!

Israel, Trump and Middle East News This Week!

Israel, Trump and Middle East News This Week!




Israel, Trump and Middle East News!

8/5//23 By Tim Buck

“Why do the nations rage, and the people plot a vain thing? He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; The Lord shall hold them in derision.”
Psalms 2:1, 4

Terror Strikes the  Innocent

In Israel, people were enjoying their burgers outside a shopping mall in Maale Adumim in the West Bank. Suddenly, a Palestinian gunman opened fire on them before running into the street and shooting more people.

Six Israelis were wounded, one critically, before an off-duty police officer shot and killed the 20-year-old assailant.

US Hobbles Saudi/Israel Normalization Talks

By all appearances, the Biden administration is forcing the Palestinian issue into Saudi and Israeli normalization talks. Back during the Trump administration, the Saudis never cared about land concessions for the Palestinians. They saw the bigger picture of the great benefits that would come with a friendship between Riyadh and Jerusalem. But now that the anti-Israel Biden administration is in office, suddenly the Saudis are demanding Palestinian policies that parallels the Biden administrations favor of the Palestinians.

US and Israel Hold Joint Naval Exercise

A Sunday ceremony in Haifa signaled the commencement of Intrinsic Defender, a two-week joint drill between the Israeli Navy and the US 5th Fleet. Focused on operation readiness and cooperation, this exercise will take place on both land and sea.

“Israel is one of our most capable maritime partners and these exercises further underscore historic military cooperation achieved in recent years,” stated V.-Adm. Brad Cooper, commander of US Naval Forces Central Command, US 5th Fleet, and Combined Maritime Forces.

Gazans Protest Against Hamas

Thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip took to the streets on Sunday to protest the incompetent leadership of Hamas. Under the terror group, which rules the area, the cost of living has skyrocketed while supplies of electricity and gas have plummeted.

Many of the Hamas leaders don’t experience these deprivations because they are living in luxurious exile in Qatar, Turkey, and Lebanon. Unfortunately, Hamas is so strongly entrenched that these protests will likely have little effect.

Damascus Terror Attack Pits Sunnis Against Shiites

A motorcycle bomb exploded near a Shiite shrine in the Damascus suburb of Sayyida Zaynab last Thursday killing seven and wounding numerous others.

Soon after, ISIS claimed responsibility, prompting Hezbollah to send soldiers to secure the area. Thus, we now see a Shiite terror group offering protection from the attacks of a Sunni terror group.

The Russia-Friendly Military Coup in Niger has Succeeded

Russia loyalist General Abdourahmane Tchiani has declared himself to be the new leader of Niger after ousting President Mohamed Bazum in a coup. The country’s new leadership has shut down numerous institutions, suspended the constitution, and closed its borders, causing Europeans still in the country to scramble looking for ways to flee.

The change of rule in Niger fits directly into Russia’s growing influence in Africa. Just last week, 43 African nations participated in the second Africa-Russia Summit in St. Petersburg. Currently, the deputy leader of Niger’s junta is visiting Mali, Niger’s neighbor to the west, in order to ask for a “rapid deployment of Wagner forces in the country” to reinforce the coup.

Energy Consequences of Niger Coup

The ramifications of the coup in Niger extend beyond the Sahel region of Africa to Europe and beyond. Many different sectors of government and economy will likely be affected, including energy. Niger exports approximately 25% of the uranium that the EU uses for its nuclear power plants.

Already, the junta in Niamey is indicating that it will suspend its uranium exports to France. This is despite government-connected French companies owning 63% of uranium mines in Niger. As indicated in the previous story, many see Russia’s hand in Niger’s move and in that of Burkina Faso which has halted uranium exports to both France and the US.

Also of grave concern is the future of the Trans-Saharan gas pipeline project (TGSP; also known as NIGAL). This planned pipeline will bring natural gas from Nigeria through Niger and into Algeria. From there it will be transported to Europe. If Niger pulls out of the project, it is dead in the water.

Saudis to Host Russia/Ukraine Peace Talks as War Rages

This week, Saudi Arabia will host peace discussions for the Russia/Ukraine conflict. Representatives from 30 countries will fly to Jeddah to discuss what can be done to reach a peace settlement. One country that will not be there, however, is Russia.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has promised to “keep an eye on this meeting” which raises the possibility of success at this summit from “not a chance” to “just fractionally more than not a chance”. Meanwhile, the war still rages with Ukrainian suicide drones reaching Moscow, and Russian missiles hitting Ukraine’s civilian targets.

Belarusian Helicopters Violate Polish Airspace

Two Belarusian helicopters crossed into Poland’s airspace on Tuesday sparking alarm and a Polish military buildup. Tensions were already high between Poland, an ardent supporter of Ukraine, and Belarus, a client nation of Russia.

I suspect that if you were to look around Belarus, you would find many Wagner Group soldiers stationed there ready to invade Poland.

In other Belarus news, Iran is about to sign a production agreement which will provide for the building of an assembly plant for their Shahed-136 suicide drones in the country. This will be in addition to the factory Iran now has in Russia.

Deadly Clash in Egyptian Military Headquarters in Sinai

At least four police were shot to death on Sunday and more than 21 more were wounded at a heavily fortified Egyptian security facility in the Sinai Peninsula. It is unclear what exactly happened or who was responsible for it, but the speculation is that it is another in a string of ISIS attacks.

Pakistan Terror Blast Kills More Than 40

A Sunday political rally in Pakistan’s northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province was devastated when a suicide bomber set off explosives. At least 42 were killed and more than 130 more were injured, some very seriously. It is suspected that those responsible were part of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) or one of its affiliates.

Former President Trump Indicted on Four Counts

Former US President Donald Trump was indicted by the Justice Department Tuesday on four felony counts. The accusations include conspiracy to commit fraud, tampering with witness statements, conspiracy to prevent an official state procedure, and conspiracy against civil rights. It is nearly impossible to not see this for what it really is.

Last year in Israel, the radical left pulled similar shenanigans to keep Benjamin Netanyahu out of the Prime Minister’s position using bogus charges. The liberals failed in Israel and I pray they will fail in the US, also.

Meanwhile, the rating agency Fitch downgraded the US government’s credit rating from AAA to AA+. Way to go, Joe! Good to see your administration is focusing on what is really important.

Israel Installs Car Charging Roads!

Israel Installs Car Charging Roads!





Charge as you drive on Electroad, coming soon to France and the U.S. and 11 miles of asphalt in Israel
Israel Installs Car Charging Road!
Eyes of the World Watching Israel’s Smartroad!8/4//23 By Tim Buck

“In your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed, because you have obeyed My voice.”
Genesis 22:18

Most countries want it, but no one has it… except Israel. 

Israeli startup Electreon is testing a half-mile stretch of road in Tel Aviv, opening next year. Provided all goes to plan, 11 miles of the smart road will then be installed between the city of Eilat and the nearby Ramon International Airport in southern Israel.

Additionally,  Electreon is set to install an electric stretch of road that will charge passing electric vehicles in France, following its victory in a public tender. Together with European toll road operator VINCI, Electreon’s Wireless Electric Road System (ERS) will be built into a section of the A10 highway, South West of Paris.

“We are honored that Electreon has been selected as the on-the-go wireless charging technology for France’s first ERS deployment,” said Oren Ezer, CEO and co-founder of Electreon.

The US market is new territory for Electreon. Earlier this month, the company opened an office in Los Angeles and hired Corey Johnson, former spokesperson for the New York City Council, as strategic advisor for the New York region. “We are excited to enter the U.S. market and collaborate with industry leaders to further enhance the country’s mobility ecosystem,” said Stefan Tongur, vice president of business development for Electreon in the US.
Electreon, Ford Developing In-Road Charging System

Electreon was awarded the contract to build an Electric Road System (ERS) in Detroit as part of a pilot inductive vehicle charging programme. Electreon will work with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), the Michigan Office of Future Mobility and Electrification (OFME) and the Michigan Economic Development Corp. (MEDC).

The Israeli company will lead the design and evaluation, testing and implementation of the pilot programme, among other tasks, according to a press release. The project is currently planned for a section of road up to one mile long in Detroit and will include dynamic and stationary wireless charging stations for different types of electric vehicles. Autonomous vehicles are also to be included.

God Blesses Israel

It seems strange to read that the highly sophisticated countries of America and France need an Israeli firm to create a while-you-drive electric charging system. The article reveals that the installation is not intended for France only, but literally the entire world. While the world turns increasingly anti-Israel, at the same time, they find themselves depending on the little Jewish nation more than ever.

Most Targeted Country On Twitter!

Most Targeted Country On Twitter!





Most Targeted Country on Twitter

8/3/23 By Tim Buck

“Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake.”
Matthew 24:9

In a troubling new study, it was found that “Israel was mentioned approximately 10 times more than any other country in tweets pertaining to human rights violations.” This is not surprising to students of Bible prophecy who have been watching the UN foam at the mouth concerning Israel and have added Cuba, Russia and Iraq to their Human Rights Committee. The world at large is turning against the Jewish State just as Jesus said they would do in the last days.

Israel is the most maligned country in the world and the disturbing trend on Twitter reveals a deep-seated double standard against the country, and a major bias in social media discussions.

According to the study, Israel is mentioned 12 times more than China on issues of violating human rights; 38 more times than Russia; 55 more times than Iran and 111 more times than North Korea.

The Jewish state is mentioned more than any other country in the world in tweets pertaining to human rights violations, a study has concluded.

More than 100 million tweets posted between January 2020 and June 2022 were analyzed by the Ruderman Family Foundation and the Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI).

Israel is hated because the god of this world opposes them and he’s doing everything he can to turn the world against them before Jesus returns. Don’t fall into the trap of believing Israel is the problem like so many. That’s a mistake because standing against the chosen people is like poking God in the eye.

But God gave His unconditional and eternal promise to Abraham:

“And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee. And I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession; and I will be their God” (Genesis 17:7-8). 
We should anticipate social media messages against Israel to get worse along with support for the made-up people called the Palestinians. The fake issue of Israel stealing their land from the Palestinians will soon result in the “Two-State” Solution and thrust the world into the Tribulation Period.

Until then, I would like to suggest that the wise thing for believers to do about Israel is to be praying for God’s will to be done. This would include praying that God would give wisdom to Israel’s government and praying for the peace of Jerusalem and the entire country and praying for the Jewish people to open their hearts to the Gospel.

Are You Ready For The Rapture?

Are You Ready For The Rapture?








The Serious Mistake Of Assuming The Rapture Will Not Happen In Your Lifetime

7/28/23 By Tim Buck


“Behold, I come quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work.”
Revelation 22:12

There’s no greater joy amid our struggles and sorrows than looking forward to the Rapture and the joys of Heaven. It will be an experience and paradise that far exceeds our imagination.


In the past, some believed they knew the exact timing of the Rapture and as a result brought shame to the cause of Christ and turned many Christians away from the study of future things.

Today, many people make an equally serious mistake; they assume the Rapture will not happen in their lifetime and thus believe that nothing will alter the future course of their lives nor interrupt their aspirations. I’m not saying we shouldn’t make plans or have goals, but as the signs of the Lord’s return multiply, we must hold them loosely in our hands (James 4:13-17).

God’s Word tells us there will be a generation of believers alive at the time of Jesus’ coming to take us to glory (1 Corinthians 15:511 Thessalonians 4:17). The myriad of signs pointing to the nearness of the seven-year Tribulation indicate that we are very close to meeting Jesus in the air before we die.

How can we not rejoice at such a possibility?

Jesus is coming very soon! It’s because we don’t know the day or hour that we look for His appearing as though it could happen at any moment, just as He commanded us to do.

I know for many, the biblical event we refer to as the “Rapture” seems a bit scary, but please understand it will be the most wonderful and joyful experience you can imagine, and as Paul said, “far better” than anything down here! Jesus has lovingly taken into account any apprehension we might have about this sudden interruption to our lives; we have no reason to fear.


Is there a greater source of encouragement during these trying times than the exciting adventure that begins when we meet Jesus in the air? I don’t believe so.

Is it any wonder that Paul instructs us to “encourage one another with these words” after discussing the events associated with the Rapture (1 Thessalonians 4:18). The promise of meeting Jesus “in the air” was to be a source of comfort and edification for Thessalonian believers. The silence in so many churches regarding the Rapture tells me they no longer believe that Paul’s many admonitions apply to today’s believers, but they are mistaken for not reminding the saints to be ready! 

The Rapture will mark the beginning of us seeing the Lord who escorts us into the Father’s House into the glory of the Throne Room described in Revelation 4 and 5, which will fill our hearts with boundless joy. It seems inconceivable why pastors are so afraid to talk about the rapture today since we are most likely the generation that will be “caught up to meet the Lord in the air.”



We live in the season of Jesus’ appearing to take His church home to glory. Please don’t make the mistake of assuming that the Rapture cannot happen today, this week or this month. We live at a time when the convergence of signs point to the soon arrival of the Tribulation and thus to our meeting Jesus in the air before it begins.

Longtime pastor and prophecy teacher David Jeremiah recently warned that those who ignore the reality of Christ’s imminent return do so at “their own peril.” In his interview with The Christian Post, he also said this about the Rapture:

There’s no excuse for us, if we read the Bible, to be surprised, because the Bible tells us that this is going to happen. There’s no sign of the return of Christ and the Rapture, but there certainly is a prediction of the kind of season it’s going to be . . . . I believe that Christians really need to stay glued to the Scripture and not get too far away from the truth because it’s so precarious right now.”

I can’t keep up with all the warnings and I don’t know how it could be possible for the Lord to give us more warnings of what’s about to happen than what He’s giving to us at this moment.


Take for instance the evil of CHILD TRAFFICKING! Could anything be more demonic than stealing children and selling them into sexual slavery to a lifetime of abuse and demoralization. Last night we went to see “THE SOUND OF FREEDOM” exposing this tragic blight on humanity. If you haven’t seen this… you should! It’s playing now!

Yet so many believers remain asleep in a bubble of normalcy, deaf to the alarm bells ringing in their ears, and blind to the signs given to them throughout Scripture. Sadly, a great many Christians are lulled into such drowsiness by “Bible-believing” pastors who promote the false veil of normalcy by proclaiming a message of “peace, peace” (Jeremiah 6:13-14).


As I look at the wickedness, violence, rampant deception, and extreme lawlessness in America, I’m certain that we live on borrowed time. God’s judgment on the country that I love is long overdue but like the Rapture, sure to come!

Someday, perhaps today, the Lord will say “enough,” and He’ll remove every single living believer from off the face of the earth… “in the twinkling of an eye.” 

Don’t fall for the lie that these things cannot begin in our lifetime.

It could all begin on a day just like today!

A Wild Week in Israel

A Wild Week in Israel





A Wild Week In Israel!
Eyes of the World Watching!!7/31/23 By Tim Buck

Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of staggering to all the surrounding peoples. The siege of Jerusalem will also
be against Judah.

Zechariah 12:1


Ware watching the events unfold in Israel closely which appears like Prime Minister Benjamín
Netanyahu and his religious-right government against the world. He’s trying to break the control of Israel’s Supreme Court over the voice of the elected government. But the enemy prefers it the way it is because the current situation allows the Judicial Branch to cancel any progress the government makes toward strengthening Israel’s control over the Promised Land (West Bank) and the Temple Mount.

Israel’s religious-right government wants the Jewish people to be allowed more prayer time on the Temple Mount and they want to start making plans to build their Temple. But Satan and Biden see red flags in that direction and are doing everything they can to disrupt the progress and prevent Israel from gaining more control over their land… God’s land!

From Zechariah’s prophecy above we can asses that Israel’s dicey political predicament is all of God’s doing and part of God’s plan to stir up controversy between the world and Israel’s control of Jerusalem. The Bible predicts that in the last days Israel’s land and control over Jerusalem will become a world-wide controversy with the international community pushing Israel to divide the land and give up Biblical Jerusalem to a people it doesn’t belong to. We’re watching prophecy unfold before our eyes!

It has been quite a week in Israel. Protests and counter-protests have filled the streets. Major votes have taken place in the Knesset. The liberal elites have been steering the nation down a very destructive road, but now the conservative majority is beginning to fight back. It has gotten ugly at times, and it will likely continue to be so. Please pray that God brings peace and righteousness to the nation, its people, and its leaders.
Prime Minister Netanyahu Received Pacemaker

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a pacemaker implanted on Sunday, a week after having to be hospitalized. That initial incident, which doctors say was caused by dehydration, revealed some urgent problems that needed to be addressed. Many were surprised when it was later revealed by the hospital doctors that Bibi has hidden from the public long-term heart issues. The prime minister later released a video from the hospital expressing his gratitude and telling his supporters, “As you can see, I’m doing great.”

Judicial Reform Passes and the Left Wing Explodes

Last week the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv filled with conservative supporters of judicial reform and the Netanyahu administration. On Monday, the first bill of the judicial reform, the “Reasonableness Standard Bill”, was approved by the Knesset 64-0, after the opposition members left before the vote. Monday night, the streets filled again, this time with liberals expressing their outrage at the legislative body’s action. This bill was the first step in turning the country back into what the government of Israel was 30 years ago, before the Supreme Court began to expand their oversight. The word “reform” here is not referring to some new shrinking of the Supreme Court’s mandate, while pouring more power into the legislative branch, as the liberal, fake news press will tell you. It is restoring the walls of the checks and balances to where they were three decades ago. This reversion to what once was is essential for the health and future of Israel.

Possible Coup Attempt in Israel

It’s no surprise to anyone in Israel that former prime minister Ehud Barak is not a member of the Bibi Netanyahu fan club. The extent of his disdain for the current prime minister has taken some off guard. A video clip has been circulating through social media that shows that Barak has been plotting a coup d’état against Netanyahu for several years now. The governmental and social crisis stemming from the judicial reform bill appears to have provided him the opportunity to implement his plan. Is this real or are people reading too much into a video? For Israel’s Transport Minister Miri Regev, it is more than enough. She has sent a letter to Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara asking for a full investigation to be opened into Barak’s actions.

Israel’s Enemies Betting that the Country will Implode

If you put a senior commander from Iran’s Quds Force, two Iranian security officials, and leaders from Hamas together in a room for three hours, what do you get? You get a plan for the destruction of Israel, of course! What was unusual about this meeting was that its plan of action was one of inaction. Given the extent of the division and unrest within Israel over the judicial reform, they determined that they should just lay low for a while and see if Israel implodes. In fact, they were concerned that if they did act, it could rally people around Netanyahu, strengthening his position. By Quds and Hamas standards, it is truly a brilliant plan. They understand that the progressive left anarchists in Israel are doing a far better job in weakening Israel’s government and military than they themselves could, even if they started a war.
The Miracle of Israel’s Economy

Israel was facing a financial perfect storm. Contention and strife filled the Knesset. Hundreds of thousands of people from both sides of the judicial issue had taken to the streets. Pundits from the full gamut of media methods were predicting doom and gloom for Israel’s economy. Then, for the coup d’gras, on Tuesday Morgan Stanley lowered Israel’s credit rating, while Moody’s warned of a “significant risk” of “negative consequences for Israel’s economy and security situation.” The threat of one of these could damage the economy. But all of them at once? This was going to be a fiscal bloodbath. The financial sector waited for Wednesday’s inevitable stock market crash. But as the hours rolled by, the prophecies of economic destruction did not come to pass. In fact, at the end of the day Israel’s stock market was up! Will there be financial struggles in Israel in the future? There could be, particularly with the dogged determination of the progressive left media to drag Netanyahu down and nuke the judicial reform. Even Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hezbollah, recently made comments about how the Israeli media is irresponsibly sowing fears in the hearts of the many in Israel. Of course, he sees this as a good thing. But don’t believe the naysayers. The rumors of the death of Israel’s economy are greatly exaggerated. On the contrary, thanks to God’s blessing, the economy of the State of Israel continues to be one of the strongest in the world!