Buttigieg, Biden, Sanders Hit Trump for Eliminating Soleimani

Buttigieg, Biden, Sanders Hit Trump for Eliminating Soleimani

What would have been the fate of premier Iranian terror leader Qassim Soleimani under Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden, some of the leading Democrat candidates for president?

Would these three Democratic Presidential contenders have chosen to eliminate General Soleimani as did President Trump or would he still be alive, free to wreak his jihadi terror on American forces?

That was a question posed to the candidates during the last Democrat debate February 8, 2019.

Dead or Alive,

What Would You Do?

Arch terrorist Soleimani, commander of the Iranian Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards, was the ruthless architect of the Iranian proxy wars in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Libya.

He was personally responsible for hundreds of American deaths in the region and central to Iran’s ties with terrorist organizations Hezbollah and Hamas.

At the time of his assassination, which was ordered by President Trump, the U.S. government said he was planning imminent and deadly attacks on U.S. interests in the region.

During the Democrat debate, the candidates were asked by the ABC moderator,

“Given what you know about Soleimani, if your national security team came to you with an opportunity to strike, would Soleimani have been dead or would he still be alive under your presidency?”

Shockingly, all three candidates opposed Trump’s decision to eliminate Soleimani. Take a look at their answers:

  • Buttigieg, a veteran, complained it was a bad idea, claiming Trump didn’t know what he was doing
  • Sanders stated the move would lead to international anarchy
  • Biden (who opposed the hit on Osama bin Laden, made by the Obama administration while Biden was vice president) said there was no evidence of imminent threat. (Was Biden really privy to the high-level security briefings about that threat?)

This is what the

U.S. State Department

had to say about Soleimani:

We can confirm that in the past several days, General Soleimani had been traveling in the Middle East coordinating further imminent large-scale attacks against U.S. diplomats and service members. These threats were highly credible and the intelligence is sound.

He orchestrated a series of attacks against American forces in Iraq in the past several months, culminating in the rocket attack on December 27, 2019, which resulted in the death of an American citizen, wounded four American service members, and threatened the lives of many more American personnel.

Soleimani also ordered the assault on the American Embassy in Baghdad and continued to command Iranian supported proxies in Iraq, which posed an escalating threat to the lives of Americans.

For his actions, Soleimani had been designated and sanctioned by the United Nations, European Union, and United States and was banned from international travel by United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231.

In the face of these overwhelming realities, the democratic presidential hopefuls think the best course of action is to keep Soleimani alive and in the game! Do nothing! Zero! Zippo!

Instead of taking out Soleimani they would prefer to criticize and remove President Trump. That’s a dangerous conclusion, that Iran would sure appreciate.

In defiance of United Nations Security Council resolutions, Soleimani continued to travel to Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon directing and coordinating lethal actions against Americans that pose a threat to regional peace and security.

Thanks to the wisdom of our commander and chief, he won’t be travelling anymore!

America Worshipping the Wrong God

America Worshipping the Wrong God

America Worshiping

The Wrong God!

Our next class will focus on what God thinks about human caused climate change and the Green New Deal and the concept that man can control the weather.

In the end times, it seems man has turned from God to worship mother earth!

Radical environmentalists tell us the Green New Deal is necessary because without emergency measures, the planet is not going to be able to support life more than another 10-15 years! Really?

Presidential hopeful and Climate Change activist Tom Styer says that on the first day of his presidency, “I will declare a national emergency on climate change.”

While many are concerned about saving the environment, any damage man has done to earth will pale in comparison to what one day God will do to it!

The first four Trumpet Judgments in Revelation 8 show us God’s view on man’s misplaced passion for the environment. In the first four Trumpet Judgments God takes direct aim at earth’s ecology.

The message is clear that God’s end-time wrath will be poured out on man because,

They exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator. (Romans 1:25)

BREAKING: Trump to Unveil Peace Plan This Week During Impeachment Proceedings

BREAKING: Trump to Unveil Peace Plan This Week During Impeachment Proceedings

Stunning most Mideast analysts and pundits, President Trump says he will unveil his “Deal of the Century” peace plan this week during the Impeachment proceedings!

And he will also host a high profile, high stakes meeting with two senior Israeli leaders at the White House on Tuesday regarding the Peace Plan and Israel’s upcoming election; Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and opposition leader Benny Gantz.

“It’s a great plan,” the President said aboard Air Force One, “It’s a plan that really would work.” Here’s what we know:

  • Pence issued invitations to Netanyahu and opposition leader Benny Gantz while he was in Jerusalem on Thursday.
  • Pence said Gantz was invited at the recommendation of Netanyahu. Pence made the announcement while on his first visit to the new American Embassy in Jerusalem.
  • Pence is now the highest ranking American official to visit the new Embassy.
  • White House goal by including Gantz: to create the widest possible acceptance of the plan from across the Israeli political spectrum.
  • Jared Kushner and Avi Berkowitz are both architects of the plan among others
  • Leaks throughout the Israeli media purport to have bombshell details contained in the plan — but for the moment it’s all speculation and rumor.
  • Palestinian leaders are seething — one said, “No Palestinian can accept this dangerous conspiracy.”
  • A livid Mahmoud Abbas said: “We warn Israel and the U.S. administration not to cross any red lines.”
  • Very few of the 50 world leaders who came to Israel this week visited Abbas.
  • Palestinian leaders have for more than a year shut down all contact with the White House and have done nothing to negotiate with the Trump administration and try to improve how the deal may affect them.
  • Nevertheless, Trump says of his deal, “it’s actually very positive for them (the Palestinian people).

Three big questions emerging:

  • First, will the vast majority of the Israeli people embrace the plan, or will it create new social and political divisions?
  • Second, even though Abbas and his advisors will reject and denounce the plan, will any segment of the Palestinian people embrace it, or at least say that it is a reasonable starting point to begin negotiations?
  • Third, how will the Gulf Arab states react? Egypt? Jordan? I’m watching these matters most closely of all.
Satan’s Wrath, God’s Wrath And The Coming Beast

Satan’s Wrath, God’s Wrath And The Coming Beast

Who or What is The Beast of Revelation?

Looking Behind the Curtain

Satan’s wrath sits heavily upon humanity because he is the destroyer and he knows his time is short.

America is just beginning to bear the brunt and I’m not confident it will ever get better. Satan’s wrath is steeped in hatred against God and God’s children and especially Israel.

God’s wrathby contrast, is the ultimate expression of His absolute love for mankind.

To prepare for class this Tuesday, I want to look at the identity of this ferocious BEAST and discover some of the meaning behind it’s heavy portrait symbolism.

I hope it will spark your interest to study it more as it’s one of the largest topics in the book of Revelation.

When John first saw this imposing caricature, it must have been a stunner!

What Is the Seven-Headed Leopard Beast of Revelation 13?

The beast with seven heads and 10 horns introduced in Revelation 13 represents Satan’s eighth and final empire: The Turkey-led Ottoman Caliphate.

11 The beast that was, and is not, is himself also the eighth, and is of the seven.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of his key features to get a better understanding of the nature of the beast.

* It has authority, power, and a throne, which point to its being a political entity – 13:2.

* God points out its blasphemy 3 times in 8 verses indicating it’s deeply connected to a religious system in addition to being a political entity – 13:1,5-6

* It combines features of the beasts described in Daniel 7:2-8 showing that it’s a future empire in Satan’s line of anti-Semitic empires (Da. 7:17).

* It ascends “out of the sea” (13:1), which is symbolic of the turbulent masses of Gentile nations – Rev. 17:15

“Seven Heads and Ten Horns”
The key to understanding the “seven heads” of the beast is given in Revelation 17 which says the seven heads are symbolic of “seven kings,” or empires (Rev. 17:9,10).

So the seven heads of the beast of Revelation 13:1 represent Satan’s seven former empires designed to oppress the chosen people and dominate the land of Israel.

The seven heads represent Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, and the Ottoman Empire. One of these former empires will return as the eighth empire.

The ten horns of Revelation 13:1 are also explained in Revelation 17 in verse 12,

12 “The ten horns you saw are ten kings… they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast. 13 These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast. 

Here we see that the ten horns are symbolic of ten kings that form themselves into an empire (beast) having one mind. This is precisely what occurs in the formation of a Caliphate.

Ten Muslim nations willingly surrender their sovereignty as independent kings to form something better and bigger than themselves aka the Islamic Caliphate.

After this empire is formed and established, Antichrist mysteriously appears as the 11th king and wrestles control of the Caliphate to be appointed its ruler or “Caliph” – Dan. 7:24-25.

From all this, we conclude that the seven headed, ten horned beast of Revelation 13 is a symbolic picture, from the imagination of God Himself, representing the coming eighth empire, the last of Satan’s mighty empires to destroy Israel.

The Turkey led Islamic Empire is resurrecting and coming back to life today! Out of the midst of the Middle East chaos the beast will suddenly appear, and the world will never be the same.

Trump Impeachment Trial – Urgent Call To Prayer

Trump Impeachment Trial – Urgent Call To Prayer

America is in a spiritual battle as the forces of evil come against President Trump this week.

Will you please commit to pray for America and for the President and his family as the Impeachment Trial begins.

On the first day of impeachment proceedings we see Adam Schiff demanding that the Senate allow new witnesses and new evidence. Huh?? Sounds like Adam Schiff and his friends in Congress knew full well that their dog and pony show didn’t accomplish anything, and now they want the Senate to do the job for them. 

Impeachment Trial Begins

An Urgent Request

This week, as President Trump is addressing the World Economic Forum in Switzerland encouraging increased business and trade with America, the impeachment process goes to the next level in Washington.

Such a contrast!

As the President continues to focus on building up this country and helping the people of this nation, he is attacked by those who should be thrilled about the great job he is doing.

It is a bleak and telling contrast when you compare what’s on his agenda today to the agenda of his enemies with only their political gain in mind.

They are not talking about or working for the successes, the booming economy, the great things about America, or the opportunities to continue building and strengthening—they would like to put a stop to it immediately.

Since the day the Democrats lost the last election, they are only interested in one thing—removing this President from office.

Join me in praying for President Trump today and for Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell as he navigates the impeachment process in the Senate.

Decade Of The Roaring Twenty’s – Decade Of Prophecy

Decade Of The Roaring Twenty’s – Decade Of Prophecy

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say there will be more prophecy unfolding and more prophecy fulfilled in this decade than at any time in the last 2000 years!

Jesus described the signs at the end of the age as birth pangs (Mt. 24:8) indicating they would increase and become more intense as we draw closer to the Lord’s return.

That’s exactly what happened in the last decade. Explosive events in the Middle East like the Syrian civil war, the rise of ISIS and the Arab Spring led to the disruption of Libya, Iraq, Yemen and Egypt and set the stage for the rise of Turkey and Iran.

What do all these nations have in common? They all play a significant role in Bible prophecy.

The pattern of increasing prophetic activity will continue throughout the roaring 2020’s as the King of Glory maneuvers our world into position toward the countdown of the Rapture and Tribulation.

You never know… this decade may even include the Rapture and the 7-year Tribulation before it’s over! Are you ready for His upward call,

I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus” (Phil. 3:14).

We are living in a time when the battle between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan is intensifying as Satan knows that his time is short.

I’m convinced that this is because we are nearing the return of Christ-and the ultimate annihilation of Satan’s kingdom.

We are entering the most important decade since the Lord ascended to heaven from the Mount of Olives in the first century.

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah will roar from Zion this decade to remind us His return is closer than ever!