Israel Strikes Terrorist Targets

Israel Strikes Terrorist Targets

8/22/23  By Tim Buck

“I will make Jerusalem a cup of drunkenness to all the surrounding peoples, when they lay siege against Judah and Jerusalem.”

Zechariah 12:2
Israel Strikes Terrorist Targets

This past week brought the sounds of loud blasts to the Damascus suburb of Qudsaya. Although Israel remains mute on their participation, most believe the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were on the delivering end of the attack.

There have been at least 22 strikes by Israel on Syria this calendar year. According to residents of the area, “warehouses of pro-Iran militias” were destroyed in the attack.
Wednesday night saw a lot of action in the West Bank, as, first, Israeli security arrested a suspect in connection with a drive-by shooting. Second, eight Palestinians were wounded by IDF forces when they attacked Jewish worshippers visiting Joseph’s Tomb in Shechem. Finally, the IDF and Border Police united to destroy an explosives laboratory and warehouse at the Balata refugee camp.

Israel’s Economy is Doing Just Fine

Instead of running around and crying out, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”, the progressive left media has been warning, “Israel’s economy is collapsing!” What’s the reason for the spike in inflation rates and stumbling of the shekel? Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu and his judicial reform, of course. But just like Chicken Little’s prediction of doom was foolish and wrong, so is the media’s.

The inflation rate in Israel has been shrinking ever since Netanyahu got in office. The country’s credit rating, which they said would fall sharply, remains at A+. And our unemployment rate continues to be one of the lowest in the world.

The anti-Netanyahu campaign across Israel is organized and orchestrated, coming from advertising companies owned by multi-millionaires who are determined to topple this government. But, so far, despite all the money they’ve thrown into this hit job, it’s only their finances that have felt the blow.

Expanding Global Relationships for Israel

Israel’s Foreign Ministry has announced that Paraguay will open its embassy in Jerusalem this year. Somewhat following the lead of their almost-neighbor to the north, Uruguay has said that they will open a diplomatic mission in Jerusalem.

Israeli relations also continue to grow in Asia. On Wednesday, Israeli minister of Economy and Industry Nir Barkat was in Hanoi to sign an agreement to launch the first direct flights between Israel and Vietnam. The flights between Hanoi and Tel Aviv will launch in October.

Israel Launches New High-Tech Submarine

There was no fanfare when Israel’s newest submarine was launched from Kiel, Germany. But there was a lot of interest. A variation of the Dolphin-II class, this boat, named the INS Drakon (Dragon), is longer than its predecessors and sports a huge sail. The sail is the tower that rises from the sub’s topside.

The speculation is that the reason for its size is that this is the first modern submarine designed to launch missiles from its sail. The missiles are believed to be ballistic, possibly carrying nuclear payloads, and will be fired vertically from the boat.

Ukraine Evacuating Settlements after Failed Counterattack

Following Ukraine’s failed counterattack against Russian forces, Kyiv is ordering mandatory evacuations in the northeastern Kharkiv region. In Kupiansk, the city military administration issued an announcement requiring Ukrainian citizens to leave dozens of towns and villages near the front.

Meanwhile, Stian Jenssen, the chief of staff to the NATO secretary general, ill-advisedly told a panel audience on Tuesday, “I think that a solution could be for Ukraine to give up territory and get NATO membership in return.” The Kyiv government went ballistic. The next day, Jenssen walked back his statement, saying it was “a mistake”.

Assad Opposition Growing Stronger in Syria

The cheering you may be hearing from Syria is likely coming from the anti-Assad Sunni rebels. As Russia is forced to regularly and rapidly pull troops out of Syria to send to Ukraine, the rebel attacks on the Syrian army grow stronger and bolder. Another group benefitting from a smaller Russian presence and a distracted Syrian military is ISIS. They have been targeting and massacring Syrian soldiers at an alarming rate.

Just last Thursday, after waylaying an army bus near Mayadeen, in Deir Ezzor province, the ISIS terrorists surrounded the vehicle and opened fire. Thirty-three soldiers on board were slaughtered. Finally, on Monday night, Damascus rocked with the sound of a huge explosion as an ammunition warehouse northeast of the city blew apart. No one has claimed responsibility for that blast, but undoubtedly Israel is celebrating a job well done.

US Department of Treasury Sanctions Lebanese Environmental Group

Green Without Borders (GWB) is a Lebanese NGO that claims to promote agribusiness models for small-scale producers. Instead, what GWB and its director, Zuhair Subhi Nahla, promote is the terrorist group Hezbollah. The organization set up outposts near the Israeli border under the guise of environmental research. What these locations actually housed were Hezbollah members, weapons training ranges, ammunition storage, and other terrorism-related facilities.

As a result, the US Department of Treasury has issued sanctions on this fake environmental front. The heavy influence of Hezbollah in Lebanon continues to destroy the country. The Syrian lira has lost 60% of its value in less than a month-and-a-half. Today, it was trading at around 16,000 lira to one US dollar. At the airport, there is no electricity. It is currently functioning on a generator.

I pray that somehow the Lebanese people will find a way to escape from under the thumb of this terrorist organization before Hezbollah and its evil leader, Hassan Nasrallah, throw them into a war with Israel that they can’t possibly win.

US Pays Iran for Prisoners Biden does it again!

The United States does not pay ransom for hostages. As you read this story, just keep repeating that phrase to yourself. In what was not a ransom for hostages transaction, the Biden administration has agreed to release $6 billion from South Korea and five Iranians held prisoner in the US to Iran in exchange for the release of five American citizens who are detained in Tehran.

The convoluted justification for this action is something like, “What’s the problem? We’re simply swapping five prisoners for five prisoners…. What? Oh yeah, plus $6 billion.”

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called this a “dangerous precedent”, then declared what everybody recognizes, “This will only encourage more hostage taking by the Iranian terrorists.” Could it possibly be that this has anything to do with greasing the skids for a new Iran nuclear agreement? Hmmmm…. stay tuned!

Iran’s Proxies Attack US Bases in Syria

In a story that should be more connected to the previous one than it apparently is, a new Iran-sponsored terrorist organization calling itself the “Popular Resistance in the Eastern Region” claims to have carried out three attacks using rockets and drones on American bases in northeastern Syria. The three attacks, which the group claims to have carried out on Saturday, were directed at US military facilities in the Shadadi, Konikho, and Omar oil and gas fields.

Muslim Mob Attacks Churches in Pakistan

Angry over allegations that a Christian man had desecrated a Quran, Muslim mobs went on a rampage yesterday attacking churches. One church was burned, while two more were ransacked and damaged. In addition, numerous Christian homes were attacked.

The violence increased today with Christians being beaten to death and thrown from heights. The US has close relations with Pakistan. What is the administration in Washington doing to stop this? Where are the human rights groups? Is it because these are only Christians being killed that the world is ignoring this story?

Niger Junta to Prosecute Former President for Treason

The future for ousted Niger President Mohamed Bazoum is looking bleak. The ruling military junta has declared that it will prosecute the imprisoned president on charges of treason. Junta spokesperson Colonel Amadou Abdramane stated that they had “gathered the necessary evidence to prosecute the ousted president…for high treason and undermining the internal and external security of Niger.”

Wildfires Ravage Maui

The death toll has risen to 106 in the wildfires that devasted the Hawaiian island of Maui. Property loss estimates have reached a minimum of $3.2 billion, with more than 5200 homes destroyed or damaged by flames or smoke. No sooner had the fire died down than out-of-state buyers swept in offering to purchase the land of victims who had lost their houses. As a result, Hawaii Governor Josh Green is seeking to put a moratorium on land purchasers from outside the state.

Government Approved News?

Bill C-11 that passed not long ago in Canada supposedly only regulates broadcasters, including providers of both traditional broadcasting services and online streaming services. However, social media giants, in their attempt to avoid paying royalties to broadcasters (as is required in the new bill), are simply removing news channels from their platforms. This is a novel way for governments to limit news consumption to only the regulated channels, and, by doing so, to control the content people are consuming. It is not only Canada where this is happening. Governments worldwide are doing all they can to become the final arbiters of what news their citizens can partake in.

The Great Earthquake Of 2023 And The Sudden Surge Of Prophetic Signs!

The Great Earthquake Of 2023 And The Sudden Surge Of Prophetic Signs!











The Great Earthquake of 2023 and the Sudden Surge of Prophetic Signs
2/13/23 By Tim Buck

Watching the aftermathof the major earthquake in Turkey and Syria and their many aftershocks has been gut-wrenching. This massive natural disaster has been eye-opening for the church in terms of where we now stand in the last days.

As most are now well aware, a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck south-central Turkey near the border with Syria on Sunday, February 5th. It was the single most powerful quake in the Middle East since 1939.

At a little past 1:00 AM on Monday morning, the ground began shaking in southern and central Turkey and western Syria. Because of its shallowness, the 7.8 quake devastated the region. Nine hours later, a second quake struck, this one 7.6, with an epicenter less than 100 miles away from the first. The damage has been catastrophic.

More than 35,000 are confirmed dead with another 45,000 missing. Many of these are buried in the rubble of 8500 collapsed buildings, which will undoubtedly double and possibly triple the current death toll. Those without a roof over their heads number greater than 400,000, a number which is even more tragic considering the snow and below freezing temperatures in much of the affected area.

The earthquake has reminded the church that we are squarely in the “birth pangs” that Jesus spoke of to His disciples in Matthew 24. In the last three years, we have had a global pandemic that has killed nearly seven million people, a world war that has killed 100’s of thousands and now a massive earthquake that has killed over 35,000. What is coming next?

The earthquake shook all of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and Cyprus, most of Israel and Jordan, and parts of Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Most of the regions mentioned in the Bible were shaken. The earthquake was so massive that a large portion of Turkey moved as much as 10 feet westward (source), and the result is that the entire region has been swarmed with aftershocks—nearly 3,000.

When earthquakes of this magnitude strike, typically hundreds or thousands of aftershocks will follow for an extended period of time—weeks, months, even years. Jesus’ words in the Olivet Discourse of Matthew 24 about the “birth pangs” have now taken on sudden urgency and relevance like never before. The Church should be fervently praying.

Remember, Jesus spoke to his Jewish brethren about life in Israel leading up to his return. While earthquakes in distant places like New Zealand or Chile get our attention, nothing is quite as relevant as when the big one hits smack dab in the heart of prophetic ground zero. And now there has actually been a trigger for ongoing earthquakes across the Middle East for the foreseeable future.

Moreover, this quake may have put into motion tectonic activity leading up to bigger ones to come. Dr. Ata Richard Elias from the Lebanese University in Beirut has said that one more shift of the Arab plate would erase Lebanon off the face of the map.

Again, consider Jesus’ words:

Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.
Matthew 24:7






Looking at the search criteria HERE, you can confirm that this mega-quake was the largest to strike not only the Middle East, but large swathes of Europe, Africa, and Asia beyond the Middle East, since 1939. You can see the search region below:






At the moment it’s looking like 2023 is when prophetic signs are finally starting to boil over.

Until we’re gone, the Restrainer will restrain, but His restraining hand appears to be lifting this year.

Putting this in perspective:

  • Something of international concern happened the day right before this earthquake: the U.S. shot down the 200-foot-wide Chinese reconnaissance/EMP test balloon near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
  • The largest Middle East earthquake in 83 years shakes the whole Middle East and thousands of aftershocks are continuing across the region, and they will continue for the foreseeable future. Jesus’ prediction in Matthew 24:7 has never been more applicable than right now.
  • Putin is about to re-invade Ukraine with a massive 500,000-man army, and if NATO responds, there’s nothing left but World War III.
  • The Iran-Israel standoff is finally boiling over this year. Israel recently struck several facilities deep inside Iran in the city of Isfahan because Iran now has the materials to build somewhere between four and six bombs. Time has run out.
  • Next month will witness a sort of Babel 2.0 moment: the first orbital flight of the SpaceX Starship. It’s the first spacecraft capable of sending colonists to the moon or Mars. It’s my opinion that, just like the ancient tower of Babel, where the world tried to “reach up to heaven,” today’s world is crossing the line here and God will not allow this in mankind’s current fallen state.
  • The five red heifers are apparently still kosher and will be ready for slaughter this year. This would fulfill one of the final missing criteria for the rebuilding of Israel’s Temple. The heifers are necessary for cleansing the temple and making it ready for sacrifices.
  • The U.S. and Canadian governments are now claiming three “unidentified objects” were shot down over the U.S. and Canada and the wreckage is being retrieved. While these may end up being claimed to be advanced craft from Russia or China, this could also end up being a final unveiling of the Satanic deception of an alien invasion that could help the enemy to explain away the removal of the Church from the earth (2 Thess. 2:9-11). This story is now at the top of most national news sites (see herehere, and here).
  • Finally, the new Israeli government is the first religious government in the history of the modern state of Israel. We’ve waited 75 years for this alignment. This is a crucial end-time development in Israel’s Knesset and something very important I’ve tried to point out for years. Previous conservative coalitions were reliant on secular nationalists. Bibi’s coalition is reliant on the religious right. The significance is that this is the exact coalition you would expect to be in place for demanding Israel’s right to build the Temple and for stewarding the religious revival of the nation as it enters the Tribulation.

Several years ago I spoke that if God was to reject Donald Trump for a second term in office and instead, install Joe Biden, we could very well be entering the last four years of the Church Age. Indeed, I still stand by that possibility. Perhaps, though, it’s really the final ONE.

So if you would prefer not to experience the worst seven years in human history, it is my fervent plea that you instead believe the good news about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and call upon the name of the Lord to be saved today.

Israel Smashes Damascus Airport, Ramps Up Efforts To Foil Iran Arms Transfers!

Israel Smashes Damascus Airport, Ramps Up Efforts To Foil Iran Arms Transfers!








‘Heavy’ damage to Damascus airport confirmed after Israeli attack

Syria’s transport ministry says runways at Damascus International Airport remain out of service after missile strike.

Israel Smashes

Damascus Airport

June 14, 2022  by Tim Buck

It appears that Israel has decided to up their game after Iran recently announced they have reached nuclear breakout and have enough enriched uranium to build a nuclear bomb. Iran continues to deliver weapons by the ton across Syria under the eye of Israeli intelligence.

This is the second time in 5 days Israel bombed Iranian armament targets arriving at the airport. But in an obvious show to the Iranian regime and the world, this time they took out most of the airport including the air traffic tower, runways and facilities.

Syria halted flights to and from Damascus International Airport “until further notice” on Friday after Israeli air strikes damaged the airstrip and terminal, the transport ministry said.

The airport is located south of the capital Damascus where Syrian opposition activists say Iran-backed militiamen are active and have arms depots. Israel has for years carried out strikes in the area but nothing quite like this one.

It looks like Israel and Iran have reached an impasse and have come to the point of no return. War appears to be the only possible solution at this point and it may be closer than we think!

Join us next Tuesday as we discuss how Biden has betrayed Israel and we look more closely at the Iranian regime and the prospects for war.

If you enjoy Focus on the End Times, would you please tell a friend and invite them to attend this exciting class with you on June 21.

Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you!

Jesus may come today… Are You Ready?

Russia Sends Two Warships Armed With Cruise Missiles To Prevent Turkey From Launching Full-Scale Invasion Of Syria

Russia Sends Two Warships Armed With Cruise Missiles To Prevent Turkey From Launching Full-Scale Invasion Of Syria

Russia and Turkey are now facing off in Northern Syria in a potential explosive Middle East War.

Russia sends two warships armed with cruise missiles to prevent Turkey from launching full-scale invasion of Syria

Russia and Turkey Facing Off

Turkey has sent thousands of troops and heavy military hardware into Syria and Erdogan has warned that Turkey will launch a full-scale offensive to repel Syrian forces unless they pull back from Turkish observation posts in the region.

Though trying to coordinate their efforts in Syria, Russia backs Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, while Turkey backs Sunni Islamic rebel forces opposing Assad.

Russia on Friday said it was sending two warships armed with cruise missiles to waters off the Syrian coast and blamed Ankara for the killing of 33 Turkish soldiers in Syria’s Idlib region the previous day.

Russia at the moment is undergoing a delicate balancing act, trying to maintain relations with Turkey while at the same time trying to prevent them from invading Syria, where Russia is backing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Turkish president Erdogan is now warning that a full-scale invasion of Syria could be right around the corner in retaliation for the 33 Turkish fighters killed, something Russia is trying to prevent.

Turkey has sent thousands of troops and heavy military hardware into Syria and Erdogan has warned that Turkey will launch a full-scale offensive to repel Syrian forces unless they pull back from Turkish observation posts in the region.

In a worst case scenario for Europe, a senior Turkish official said on Friday that Ankara would no longer stop Syrian refugees from reaching Europe.

Turkey currently holds an estimated 3 million Syria refugees!

Turkey has been threatening to do this for years and if it happens it would spell disaster for Europe and possibly pull the United States into further involvement in this election year!!!

Clashes Between IDF and Syrian Army

Clashes Between IDF and Syrian Army

New realities are emerging in the Middle East

Since the Syrian war broke out in 2011, Israel has been the only military force able to oppose Iran.

Overnight, Israel finds itself in a new season in which the Iranians are free to attack the Saudi oil infrastructure and the Turks are free to invade Syria.

How is all of this effecting Israel!

Israeli soldiers stand guard near the Quneitra crossing in the Golan Heights on the border between Israel and Syria

Trump’s Syria Pullout is Great for Israel

While some in the pro-Israel community have been decrying President Trump’s decision to withdraw US troops in northern Syria to make way for a Turkish invasion, Israel stands to benefit significantly from the move.

Most pundits don’t seem to understand what’s really going on regarding the whole Trump/Kurd saga and most are too biased to applaud his strategy because they hate President Trump.

If Erdogan would have invaded Syria and killed US troops, they would have said that he dragged the US into an unnecessary war. The president is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

The balance of power in the Middle East right now favors Iran and Sunni states like Turkey have been offset by the Shiite expansion of Iran. To hobble Iran, Trump launched the most successful sanctions war in history. The sanctions have weakened Iran, thus weakening the Shiites.

However, there is still no one to fight on the ground to prevent the Shiites who continue invading Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, while at the same time, they also keep surrounding Israel with their proxies of Hamas and Hezbollah.

In light of this reality, President Erdogan of Turkey decided it was time to tell Trump that he has decided to is enter Syria as a Sunni power and that he was planning to send thousands of Sunni soldiers inside. Most of those troops he noted, would be Turkish backed Syrian Rebels.

This presented a great opportunity for President Trump. That’s because the decision to withdraw troops in Syria kills two birds with one stone.

On the one hand, Trump is evacuating the US troops, which was his campaign promise and on the other hand he’s injecting a Sunni force into Syria that will challenge (Syria’s Shiite affiliated leader) Assad along with the mullah’s of Iran.

Iran Holding Surprise Military Drills Near Turkish Border

Pressure Mounting on Iran
And since Syria is Iran’s client state, Iran is so concerned, they’ve been positioning themselves and holding military drills along the Iranian -Turkish border. Now Iran finds itself, like the rest of the world, worrying itself over the next moves of Erdogan’s Sunni forces.They need to be worried.This Turkish (Sunni) invasion, with thousands, could become tens of thousands of well trained and well armed Sunni militias.This means that Iranian proxies like Hezbollah are going to have to refocus their efforts away from Israel’s border to fight Turkey’s Sunni forces in the North which is good for Israel.

Most of the Iranian satellite Shiite militias have received orders to abandon the southern front with Israel and move up north and build defenses against Turkey’s invasion.

In other words, Trump’s move, which led to Erdogan’s move, has revived the Syrian civil war which, in effect, is bringing a more balanced Sunni-Shiite struggle, for control of Syria and Iraq back into the region.

And as far as Israel is concerned, that’s a good thing!

The Prophetic Significance of Turkey’s Invasion of Syria

The Prophetic Significance of Turkey’s Invasion of Syria

Middle East Mayhem is nothing new!

The fast-deteriorating situation was set in motion last week, when President Trump ordered U.S. troops in northern Syria to step aside, clearing the way for an attack by Turkey, which regards the Kurds as terrorists.

Should we blame President Trump or is there a bigger perspective here?

Chaos in Syria:  Paving the Way For a Turkish-Led Caliphate
The rumblings stirred by Turkey’s Operation Spring of Peace into Syria this week are triggering alarm bells with students of prophecy. Turkey is on the move… pay attention!
I’ve been warning for years to keep an eye on Turkey saying they will RISE AGAIN in the latter days as the head of the Ottoman Empire and that, out of that evil empire, will come Antichrist.
How significant is Turkey’s march into Syria? In terms of immediate geo-political significance, PROBABLY not all that much.
But in terms of prophetic significance, Turkey’s assault into Syria is one of the most important developments now happening on the end time stage!
For the first time in almost 100 years, the Turkish military is marching and conquering again. This is a watershed moment indicating that the wound to the seventh head of the beast has been healed (Rev. 13:3, 12, 14; 17:11).

In my view, Turkey’s coming-out assault into Syria is best viewed as the opening bell toward their eventual emergence as the head of the Islamic Caliphate.

There are many more rounds to come including a clash with Iran before these two Sunni-Shiite giants merge into the final Beast empire.

Since he became president, I’ve tried to point out the significant role President Trump has had in accelerating last day events!
It’s like he’s batting 1,000, which means the list is getting long.

Here he’s done it again. After standing in the way, the President calmly moved aside allowing Turkey to launch its maiden attack.

Just in case you forgot, or should I say, just in case the left leaning, fake news, has you convinced Trump is wrong, let me remind you four things the President preached he would do while running for office.

The president promised that he would:

1. Pull our troops home
2. Put America first
3. Defeat ISIS
4. And not remain afterward

These goals have now been achieved and the president is fulfilling his promises.
A Smart Decision
President Trump, faced with a horrible situation, is making a smart decision to not intervene in a war with Turkey. He’s committed to increasing sanctions on Turkey if they attempt genocide on the Syrian’s or Kurds.

And let’s not forget that he’s committed to Israel’s security, more than any modern president in history! Let me mention one final point that remains to develop. The President may wisely be green lighting Turkey’s entrance into Syria as his best option to push back on Iran. Turkey is the leader of the Sunni world and after the defeat of the Sunni-ISIS Caliphate, Shiite Iran flooded into Syria and Iraq. No one has been able to prevent Iran’s takeover of these countries.

Enter Turkey…
If Turkey believes this is their hour, they have the strength and military to severely cripple Iran’s incursion into these countries.
They also have the backing of the majority of Sunni nations in the region including nuclear powered Pakistan.
That, my friends,  just might be the primary reason for allowing the Turks to invade Syria in the first place!