Iran Joins Russia in the War Against Ukraine! EU’s Shameless Appeasement of Iran!

Iran Joins Russia in the War Against Ukraine! EU’s Shameless Appeasement of Iran!

Iran – Russia Summit

EU’s Shameful Appeasement of Iran

8/1/22 by Tim Buck

The lame-duck Biden administration has left a vacuum urging bad actors to rise in the world. They smell blood against America and her allies and are beginning to rise.

As soon as President Biden returned from the Middle East, Vladimir Putin made a visit to Iran. A rare trip! As a result, a deal was struck with the Iranian regime giving its backing and full support to Russia’s military offensive against Ukraine.

This is an alarming expansion in Iran’s military ambitions beyond the Middle East and into Europe.

The most alarming comment during the visit was the Ayatollah’s call for Iran and Russia to increase what he termed “reciprocal cooperation” between the two countries to counter the threat of Western sanctions: a veiled admittance to the emerging military cooperation between Russia and Iran.

Biden’s confused position on Iran has recently been exposed by the head of Britain’s MI6 intelligence agency, who told this month’s Aspen Security Forum that, in his view, Iran had shown little interest in negotiating a new nuclear deal. Imagine that! Biden’s policy on Iran has become completely untenable.

Iran is partnering with Russia. Now what will Europe do? Appeasement isn’t working!

In the last month Iran has delivered numerous loads of military equipment, armaments, and drones to Moscow to assist the Russian military in the defeat of Ukraine. Iran’s deepening involvement in supporting the Russian war effort against Ukraine should serve as a wakeup call to Western and U.S. leaders.

While European leaders continue to beg and bribe Iran for some kind of renewed nuclear deal, Russia is cutting off Europe’s energy and Iran is stabbing the Europeans in the back by rebuilding Russia’s war chest.

While in Tehran, Putin met with key figures including Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei and the country’s hardline president, Ebrahim Raisi.

The summit ended with Khamenei praising Putin for launching his invasion of Ukraine, and claiming that Russia would have been the victim of NATO aggression if he had not made the first move.

Since the summit, there has been a marked escalation in Tehran’s involvement in the Russian-Ukraine war.

Russia and Iran signed a $40 billion energy memorandum of understanding between the Russian energy giant Gazprom and the National Iranian Oil Company.

Russia and Iran have already been cooperating on energy issues, with Tehran offering to help Russia avoid Western sanctions imposed following the Ukraine invasion by making available its global oil-smuggling network.

US officials have reported that a team of Russian military experts have twice visited an airbase in central Iran to make a detailed assessment of Iranian-made drones.

This follows a report by the US National Security Council that Iran has provided hundreds of drones to aid Russia’s war effort.

Iran’s very public displays of support for Russia certainly undermine the false assumption of the Biden administration and European policymakers that the Iranian threat, allowing Iran unlimited nuclear weapons, relates only to the Middle East — and specifically against Israel.

This belief is one of the reasons that Britain, France and Germany, the three European signatories to the 2015 nuclear deal, have given their backing to the Biden administration’s efforts to revive the agreement.

Iran’s active support for Russia in its war against Ukraine, which is receiving military backing from NATO, completely refutes that argument.

The expanding military partnership between Russia and Iran is bad news for the world. It’s also bad news for the Biden administration, which has invested all his political capital in reviving the nuclear talks, but now finds itself trying to negotiate with a country that is actively supporting its adversary in the Ukraine conflict.

Just as Europe disregarded Trump’s warnings that relying on gas from Russia would leave them open to Russian blackmail, they are again ignoring warnings that a nuclear Iran will leave them open to Iranian blackmail.

Ukraine Bombing Hits Close! Pray For the BIEM Summer Camps, and God’s Grace on His Servants In War!

Ukraine Bombing Hits Close! Pray For the BIEM Summer Camps, and God’s Grace on His Servants In War!

Tim’s friend, Dr. Sam Slobodian, will be leaving August 2 for his third trip to Ukraine focusing on war relief efforts with the BIEM Mission Team. Once again Sam will be helping the distressed, delivering supplies and holding prayer meetings. Please remember Sam in your prayers and pray for his safety and that he would be a blessing to those in need.

Hit Close

Concerning Message
From Dr. Sam Slobodian

Pray for the preaching during
Summer Camps

July 31, 2022 by Tim Buck

Dear friends and family,

1. Please pray for our people in Ukraine’s Chernihiv region. Early today our media reported that Russians launched a large-scale attack on this area. Kalibr cruise missiles were fired from the Black Sea, and X-22 missiles from Tu-22m3 long-range bombers were fired from a Russian airfield roughly 160 miles from Ukraine’s border. In addition, short-range Iskandar ballistic missiles were fired from the Gomel region in Belarus. Twenty-five missiles hit the city of Chernihiv. Goncharovsk was also hit. Our media are reporting loss of life, though the numbers are not clear.

BIEM has churches in both Chernihiv and Goncharovsk, which is a military city. I was able to speak with some of our men there just moments ago. Thankfully, none of our people have been injured, and our church buildings in these areas have not been hit. However, as you can imagine people there are frightened and anxious. (Note: US media reports use various spellings for Goncharovsk.)

2. In our update of July 15, we requested prayer for Vitaly Yurchenko, who was trying to get permission to leave Ukraine to visit the United States through a new Ukrainian program. That program allows pastors to leave Ukraine for up to one month for religious conferences. Yesterday he was told he would be approved but needed to buy tickets to demonstrate serious intent to travel.

This is unusual, because normally consulates warn people not to buy tickets until their travel documents are approved. However, things are certainly not normal in Ukraine these days. Therefore, we are in the process of buying tickets for Vitaly and his wife Alona, with hopes they will soon be able to come. They will be a great blessing to whichever churches we can schedule them in. Please pray that their case will be approved.

3. Yesterday, BIEM personnel drove another 5 tons of food from Poland into Ukraine, this time for the Kharkiv region. We praise God for thoughtful donors and for those driving and distributing.

4. Despite the war, we are receiving reports of young people coming to Christ in BIEM-sponsored camps in Estonia, Ukraine, and Russia. The nearly 30 camps in Ukraine this year are all operated on church properties. The children stay most of the day and receive two meals. They return to their homes in the evening. This is proving to be a very effective way of doing camp during war.

5. Despite the war in Ukraine, one of our seminary graduates is deeply burdened for a particular district in a large city in Western Ukraine that has been flooded with refugees. Many of them plan to stay. This brother has recruited others to help start a new church, and they are praying and fasting every Friday for God’s direction and provision for that goal. Please join them in praying.

In Christ,
Sam Slobodian
Baptist International Evangelistic Ministries

Thank you for your concern and for praying for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people

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Recent Video Update

Volunteers unloading a container filled with lifesaving supplies shipped to Ukraine from BIEM headquarters in Indiana.


Vehicle delivering aid and supplies to the churches and families.

Please continue to pray for the missionary families who are split up and find themselves trusting the Lord for every detail in their upside-down life!