A Shameful Day In American History

A Shameful Day In American History


A Shameful Day
In American History

Trump Becomes First President Convicted Of A Crime, As Bias Of Trial Sparks Outrage

6/3/24 By Tim Buck


A verdict was reached in the trial of Former President Donald Trump on Thursday, with the Jury finding him guilty on all criminal counts of falsifying business records levied against him by the Manhattan District Attorney.

Each of the 34 criminal charges carries with it a maximum sentence of 4 years, which could result in the former President receiving a total of 136 years behind bars.

From an end-time and prophetic perspective, 136 years behind bars is exactly what the enemy is hoping to accomplish! More than anyone on earth, Trump is in Satan’s sights and Lucifer is the one behind it all and pushing for the demise of the most powerful, pro-Israel leader on earth! His spiritual crime?… He supports Israel!


The sentencing is set to take place on July 11th, four days prior to the Republican National Convention, where Trump is set to become the official republican candidate for the 2024 Presidential election.

The trial was heavily criticized, with many declaring it to be another extreme example of the Democrat Party’s efforts to “silence dissent and crush their political opponents.”

The judge presiding over the trial, Juan Merchan, which President Trump referred to as “corrupt” and “conflicted,” was heavily scrutinized for political bias, having donated to the Biden campaign in 2020, which his daughter worked on as a political consultant.

During the trial, Merchan drew outrage by imposing gag orders, holding Trump in criminal contempt, as well as presenting “confusing” instructions to the Jury, which the former President called, “unfair, misleading, inaccurate, and unconstitutional.”

“Merchan delivered at least an hour’s worth of instructions to the Jury, which jurors had to request to hear a second time during deliberations due to the length,” S.A. McCarthy, writing for the Washington Stand, explained. “The judge reminded jurors that, in order to convict, they must unanimously agree that Trump either falsified business records or caused someone else to do so in order to cover up or facilitate a crime, although he told jurors that they did not need to agree on what that crime was or whether Trump was covering it up or facilitating it.”

The jury’s decision made Trump the first US President to be convicted of a crime and immediately sparked condemnation among many, who underscored the corruption and bias riddled throughout the trial.

We already know that this trial has been anything but constitutional or normal. If you remove Trump from the process of how this courtroom has performed, it is a harbinger for you and I to know that getting a fair trial is something that has died out with our constitution.

Mike Pompeo, Former Secretary of State who served under the Trump Administration, responded to the trial verdict, writing on X, “The future of this country should — and will — be decided by the American people in an election, not by 12 New Yorkers in a travesty of a politicized courtroom.”

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson released a statement shortly following Thursday’s decision, calling the trial a “weaponization of our justice system.”

“Today is a shameful day in American history,” he stated. “Democrats cheered as they convicted the leader of the opposing party on ridiculous charges, predicated on the testimony of a disbarred, convicted felon. This was a purely political exercise, not a legal one.”

“The weaponization of our justice system has been a hallmark of the Biden Administration, and the decision today is further evidence that Democrats will stop at nothing to silence dissent and crush their political opponents,” Johnson warned. “The American people see this as lawfare, and they know it is wrong—and dangerous. President Trump will rightfully appeal this absurd verdict—and he WILL WIN!”

Franklin Graham, President of BGEA and Samaritan’s Purse, responded by asking the American people to join him in prayer for the nation.

“Our country is at a crossroads,” he stressed. “What we saw [on Thursday] has never happened before, and I think for the majority of Americans, it raises questions about whether our legal system can be trusted. Pray for our nation, for God‘s guiding hand that this republic will be one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.”

American Support For Israel Slipping Away

American Support For Israel Slipping Away




American Support For Israel
Slipping Away

3/27/24 By Tim Buck


Blinded By Hatred:
The Absurdity Of The Two-State Solution

And it shall happen in that day that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away (move it from Israel to the Palestinians) will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the earth are gathered against it.
Zechariah 12:3

As we inch closer to the Rapture and the 7-year Tribulation, the prophetic landscape continues to come into focus, one where the world is increasingly turning against Israel.


Now we’re seeing the Biden Administration strongly veering away from supporting Israel and following the same path as the rest of the world.

Here Are Three Examples:


Sanctioning Jews Living in the West Bank

On February 1, Joe Biden took the biggest step any U.S. president has ever taken against Israel’s so-called “settler” movement, the Jewish families living in the West Bank. He issued an executive order “imposing certain sanctions on persons undermining peace, security, and stability in the West Bank” and used this new authority to punish four Israeli settlers for violence against Palestinians and Israeli peace activists. But because the president’s directive dealt with the West Bank and not the war in Gaza, it was largely overlooked.

However, a careful reading of the order reveals that the move was no PR exercise. It was a warning shot—part of a deliberate strategy to splinter Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition and to advance the cause of the two-state solution by broadcasting to the world that America now opposes Israel’s right to the West Bank.

Recently, Biden upped the ante and is now threatening to sanction entire subdivisions across the West Bank. In time, such a radical move could even tilt the scale to upend the U.S.-Israeli relationship, something that Satan is aiming to do.


Biden’s Shameful Betrayal of Israel at the United Nations

By allowing the United Nations Security Council to pass a resolution demanding an “immediate ceasefire” in Gaza while Hamas remains in power and still holds 130 hostages, the Biden administration has shamefully betrayed Israel, a key ally while empowering the terrorist group Hamas who is committed to Israel’s destruction.


Biden Building New Terrorist Port in Gaza: The Trojan Horse for Terrorists to Take Over the Region

The floating Gaza Sea Port disaster is moving forward as the Biden administration is intent on setting up this controversial naval port in Gaza waters in order to address the “made up humanitarian crisis.” The facts are that GAZA ALREADY RECEIVES ROUGHLY DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF FOOD that it did before the war. The entire livelihood and DNA of this ‘ever-needy’ and ‘never content’ abusive people is based upon demanding, receiving and consuming immense amounts of international aid, making them eternal and ungrateful beggars. Giving them more aid is not going to help them break free from their bondage.

The true reason for the food shortage in Gaza is the problematic distribution that is deliberately driven by Hamas to create the fake crisis in order to feed images to global audiences. The unnecessary naval port will exacerbate the problem by flooding the troubled area with additional unnecessary supplies, requiring IDF forces to protect U.S. personnel.

It is likely that the real goal of creating this floating port is not to import food (of which there already is an oversupply), but construction materials. This project will most probably be handed over to either Qatar or an “American-Palestinian-Administration” (Palestinian Authority) to manage, with the materials ending up in Hamas’ hands to rebuild their terror infrastructure. A very bad idea.

Logistically, it would be far simpler to use the existing high-tech and fast-loading Israeli port of Ashdod that is located a short distance (roughly 30 miles) north of Gaza. Traveling from the Ashdod Port to Gaza by truck, food and aid could be transferred faster and more securely, avoiding the immense expenses and security issues that will arise with this unnecessary floating port.

However, WISE LOGISTICS AND BETTER SECURITY ARE NOT THE GOALS behind this delusional vision. Samantha Power, Director of “U.S. AID“ which is responsible for American “humanitarian assistance” to the Palestinians, may have other ideas in mind. For years, she has proposed and encouraged the presence of UN or NATO forces on the ground in Gaza as well as Judea & Samaria to “protect” innocent Palestinians from Israeli aggression. Such a hellish scenario could place IDF and American forces in a very bad and confrontational situation, potentially repeating the 1983 Beirut incident where, under similar circumstances, IDF and American units nearly clashed.

We hope and pray that this floating port never materializes, and that UN or NATO forces never place foot in Israel! Such a scenario will bring us that much nearer to the irreversible dynamics of the end of the age when Israel finds herself standing all alone.

It was a foreign (and hostile) prophet, Balaam, who was one of the first prophets to clearly see that Israel’s national calling will cause her to also be isolated and rejected by all other nations.

Balaam spoke, “How shall I curse whom God has not cursed? And how shall I denounce whom the LORD has not denounced? For from the top of the rocks I see him, and from the hills I behold him. There! A people dwelling alone, not reckoning itself among the nations…” (Numbers 23:8-9). Not a pretty sight, but necessary.


What’s Going On?

These are only three examples of the purposeful, anti-Israel policies of the Biden administration.

Israel currently finds itself in a war on all sides and being bombarded by worldwide threats to leave Hamas alone in Gaza. As if that wasn’t enough, a new gathering storm is coming by the threat of the world’s western nations banning together to impose the Two-State Solution on Israel without their permission or negotiation. And at a crucial time when Israel is in the middle of a war!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under attack from all sides despite doing an excellent job steering Israel through all the troubled waters since the pivotal events of October 7.

It’s vital to recognize that what’s driving these historic times is that the enemy knows his time is short and the Biden administration and their handlers recognize they are now in the fourth quarter. Satan is using the willing Biden administration to come down against Israel as hard as possible.


The Trump Card

The real possibility of a second Trump presidency is also a motivating factor for Biden’s public, radical change toward Israel. In 2021, it became clear to prophecy watchers like FOTET that Biden would be more useful to Satan in the White House than Trump and now for the last four years we’ve been watching this play out. Now America is again facing the very real possibility of four more years of Donald Trump’s pro-Israel policies. Satan can’t stand by and let this happen and is hedging his bet to wound Israel as much as possible making 2024 the ‘Hail Mary’ year for the enemy to finally get America dislodged from supporting Israel. So, hang on to your hat, the worst is surely yet to come.

But keep looking up for the blessed hope and the glorious appearance of the Lord! All of these things were foretold to happen just before Jesus returns for the church. Are you watching and ready?

Israel, Trump and Middle East News This Week!

Israel, Trump and Middle East News This Week!




Israel, Trump and Middle East News!

8/5//23 By Tim Buck

“Why do the nations rage, and the people plot a vain thing? He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; The Lord shall hold them in derision.”
Psalms 2:1, 4

Terror Strikes the  Innocent

In Israel, people were enjoying their burgers outside a shopping mall in Maale Adumim in the West Bank. Suddenly, a Palestinian gunman opened fire on them before running into the street and shooting more people.

Six Israelis were wounded, one critically, before an off-duty police officer shot and killed the 20-year-old assailant.

US Hobbles Saudi/Israel Normalization Talks

By all appearances, the Biden administration is forcing the Palestinian issue into Saudi and Israeli normalization talks. Back during the Trump administration, the Saudis never cared about land concessions for the Palestinians. They saw the bigger picture of the great benefits that would come with a friendship between Riyadh and Jerusalem. But now that the anti-Israel Biden administration is in office, suddenly the Saudis are demanding Palestinian policies that parallels the Biden administrations favor of the Palestinians.

US and Israel Hold Joint Naval Exercise

A Sunday ceremony in Haifa signaled the commencement of Intrinsic Defender, a two-week joint drill between the Israeli Navy and the US 5th Fleet. Focused on operation readiness and cooperation, this exercise will take place on both land and sea.

“Israel is one of our most capable maritime partners and these exercises further underscore historic military cooperation achieved in recent years,” stated V.-Adm. Brad Cooper, commander of US Naval Forces Central Command, US 5th Fleet, and Combined Maritime Forces.

Gazans Protest Against Hamas

Thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip took to the streets on Sunday to protest the incompetent leadership of Hamas. Under the terror group, which rules the area, the cost of living has skyrocketed while supplies of electricity and gas have plummeted.

Many of the Hamas leaders don’t experience these deprivations because they are living in luxurious exile in Qatar, Turkey, and Lebanon. Unfortunately, Hamas is so strongly entrenched that these protests will likely have little effect.

Damascus Terror Attack Pits Sunnis Against Shiites

A motorcycle bomb exploded near a Shiite shrine in the Damascus suburb of Sayyida Zaynab last Thursday killing seven and wounding numerous others.

Soon after, ISIS claimed responsibility, prompting Hezbollah to send soldiers to secure the area. Thus, we now see a Shiite terror group offering protection from the attacks of a Sunni terror group.

The Russia-Friendly Military Coup in Niger has Succeeded

Russia loyalist General Abdourahmane Tchiani has declared himself to be the new leader of Niger after ousting President Mohamed Bazum in a coup. The country’s new leadership has shut down numerous institutions, suspended the constitution, and closed its borders, causing Europeans still in the country to scramble looking for ways to flee.

The change of rule in Niger fits directly into Russia’s growing influence in Africa. Just last week, 43 African nations participated in the second Africa-Russia Summit in St. Petersburg. Currently, the deputy leader of Niger’s junta is visiting Mali, Niger’s neighbor to the west, in order to ask for a “rapid deployment of Wagner forces in the country” to reinforce the coup.

Energy Consequences of Niger Coup

The ramifications of the coup in Niger extend beyond the Sahel region of Africa to Europe and beyond. Many different sectors of government and economy will likely be affected, including energy. Niger exports approximately 25% of the uranium that the EU uses for its nuclear power plants.

Already, the junta in Niamey is indicating that it will suspend its uranium exports to France. This is despite government-connected French companies owning 63% of uranium mines in Niger. As indicated in the previous story, many see Russia’s hand in Niger’s move and in that of Burkina Faso which has halted uranium exports to both France and the US.

Also of grave concern is the future of the Trans-Saharan gas pipeline project (TGSP; also known as NIGAL). This planned pipeline will bring natural gas from Nigeria through Niger and into Algeria. From there it will be transported to Europe. If Niger pulls out of the project, it is dead in the water.

Saudis to Host Russia/Ukraine Peace Talks as War Rages

This week, Saudi Arabia will host peace discussions for the Russia/Ukraine conflict. Representatives from 30 countries will fly to Jeddah to discuss what can be done to reach a peace settlement. One country that will not be there, however, is Russia.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has promised to “keep an eye on this meeting” which raises the possibility of success at this summit from “not a chance” to “just fractionally more than not a chance”. Meanwhile, the war still rages with Ukrainian suicide drones reaching Moscow, and Russian missiles hitting Ukraine’s civilian targets.

Belarusian Helicopters Violate Polish Airspace

Two Belarusian helicopters crossed into Poland’s airspace on Tuesday sparking alarm and a Polish military buildup. Tensions were already high between Poland, an ardent supporter of Ukraine, and Belarus, a client nation of Russia.

I suspect that if you were to look around Belarus, you would find many Wagner Group soldiers stationed there ready to invade Poland.

In other Belarus news, Iran is about to sign a production agreement which will provide for the building of an assembly plant for their Shahed-136 suicide drones in the country. This will be in addition to the factory Iran now has in Russia.

Deadly Clash in Egyptian Military Headquarters in Sinai

At least four police were shot to death on Sunday and more than 21 more were wounded at a heavily fortified Egyptian security facility in the Sinai Peninsula. It is unclear what exactly happened or who was responsible for it, but the speculation is that it is another in a string of ISIS attacks.

Pakistan Terror Blast Kills More Than 40

A Sunday political rally in Pakistan’s northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province was devastated when a suicide bomber set off explosives. At least 42 were killed and more than 130 more were injured, some very seriously. It is suspected that those responsible were part of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) or one of its affiliates.

Former President Trump Indicted on Four Counts

Former US President Donald Trump was indicted by the Justice Department Tuesday on four felony counts. The accusations include conspiracy to commit fraud, tampering with witness statements, conspiracy to prevent an official state procedure, and conspiracy against civil rights. It is nearly impossible to not see this for what it really is.

Last year in Israel, the radical left pulled similar shenanigans to keep Benjamin Netanyahu out of the Prime Minister’s position using bogus charges. The liberals failed in Israel and I pray they will fail in the US, also.

Meanwhile, the rating agency Fitch downgraded the US government’s credit rating from AAA to AA+. Way to go, Joe! Good to see your administration is focusing on what is really important.

Recent News Around the World!

Recent News Around the World!





Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei greets Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah in Iran

Hezbollah Gearing Up For Showdown With Israel
In a series of strategic political and military moves, Hezbollah is intensifying preparations for an imminent confrontation with Israel, drawing global attention and raising concerns about regional stability.

Under the guise of the battle over an Israeli border barrier, the Lebanese terrorist group aims to preserve its option of invading the Galilee, while also serving Iran’s interests in establishing a foothold in Syria.

Hezbollah’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, is promoting the deployment of his forces along the border, with over 30 observation posts in place there. Lebanese sources suggest that the group is readying itself for a prolonged conflict with Israel, which it believes is gradually accepting new rules of engagement set by Nasrallah.





President Trump speaks at the Israel Heritage Foundation Event on July 10, 2023 at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster, in New Jersey

Israel Heritage Foundation Awards President Trump ‘Crown of Jerusalem’
“We all have great gratitude to this person,” Rabbi David Katz, executive director of the Israel Heritage Foundation, said from the podium, gesturing toward former U.S. President Donald Trump at his right.

“This is a person that doesn’t care only for himself but cares for the entire world,” Katz said. “Especially for the people in Israel and for the Jews in America.”

The rabbi extended the “blessings from Israel” and wishes for a long, healthy and sweet life to “the president, his family and all his friends” as many looked on at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, on July 10, as the Israel Heritage Foundation awarded the President the Keter Yerushalayim (Crown of Jerusalem) award.





Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas speaks during a meeting of the PA leadership, in Ramallah

Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas Seeks to Create a Government of TerroristsThe Palestinian Authority is seeking to revive an initiative for the formation of a national ‘unity government’ consisting of several terrorist factions, including Hamas and Iran’s Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Palestinian officials in Ramallah recently reported.

The proposal, officials said, will be presented to leaders of Palestinian factions who have been invited to a meeting in the Egyptian capital of Cairo at the end of July.

In addition to Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the leaders of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) have also been invited to participate in the meeting.

All four groups are strongly opposed to the Oslo Accords and any form of normalization with Israel. They have also repeatedly called on the PA leadership to sever all relations with Israe




More News and Analysis

Decades of US corn export dominance fade as Brazil seizes top supplier crown

CHICAGO (Reuters) – U.S. corn export dominance is fading in an increasingly competitive global marketplace as Brazil, aided by a new supply agreement with China, is set to out-ship the U.S. for just the second time ever this season.

Meanwhile, Mexico, America’s other top market, is preparing to limit imports of genetically modified corn that comprises more than 90% of every U.S. harvest.

The eroding export market share spells trouble for the $90 billion U.S. corn industry as domestic demand for feeding livestock and producing ethanol has also cooled. Plantings of America’s most widely grown crop are likely to decline and farm incomes could suffer in the years ahead as a result, analysts said.

Full article: Yahoo!Finance

Air Force general who predicted war with China leads ‘unprecedented’ training exercise

“I don’t believe conflict is inevitable. I don’t believe it’s unavoidable,” Gen. Mike Minihan told NBC News. “But I also believe that ready now is what matters most.”

ONE THOUSAND FEET OVER TINIAN ISLAND, Northern Mariana Islands — U.S. Air Force Capt. Brenden “Biggie” Small peers out the window of a C-130 as roughly a dozen other aircraft deploy parachutes carrying supplies to a small group of troops assembled below.

The mission is part of a training exercise involving 70 aircraft and more than 3,000 airmen from seven countries — the largest readiness exercise in Air Mobility Command history.

“On this scale,” it’s “really unprecedented,” Small says.

Full article: NBC News

Hunter Biden’s Chinese partners recruited ex-CIA director to do Beijing’s bidding

The think tank official who gave the FBI info on Hunter Biden reached out to former CIA director James Woolsey, prosecutors say.

A Chinese energy conglomerate linked to Joe and Hunter Biden allegedly recruited former president Bill Clinton’s CIA director to do Beijing’s bidding, raising questions about what the firm sought from the Biden family.

According to federal prosecutors, CEFC China Energy funded a scheme to “recruit” former CIA director James Woolsey to pen articles for Chinese state-run media that promoted Chinese government initiatives. Prosecutors allege that CEFC China Energy ran the operation through Gal Luft, the co-director of a think tank Woolsey founded. Luft is charged with failing to register as a foreign agent for “work related to Chinese foreign principals.” Luft, a dual Israeli and American citizen, disclosed earlier this year that he was under investigation, but claimed he was targeted because he provided the FBI with information about Hunter Biden’s work for CEFC China Energy in 2019.

Full article: The Washington Free Beacon

Google plans to scrape everything you post online to train its AI

Additions to Google’s Privacy Policy are making some observers worry that all of your content is about to be fed into Google’s AI tools. Alterations to the T&Cs now explicitly state that your “publicly available information” will be used to train in-house Google AI models alongside other products.

From the Privacy Policy page:

In some circumstances, Google also collects information about you from publicly accessible sources. For example, if your name appears in your local newspaper, Google’s search engine may index that article and display it to other people if they search for your name.

We may also collect information about you from trusted partners, such as directory services who provide us with business information to be displayed on Google’s services, marketing partners who provide us with information about potential customers of our business services, and security partners who provide us with information to protect against abuse. We also receive information from advertising partners to provide advertising and research services on their behalf.

Full article: Malwarebytes

Google CEO sounds alarm on AI deepfake videos: ‘It can cause a lot of harm’

CEO Sundar Pichai says Google is intentionally limiting Bard AI’s public capabilities

Google CEO Sundar Pichai sounded the alarm about the dangers of using AI to create fake videos of public figures, a task he says will soon be “easy.”

Pichai made the comments during a conversation with CBS’ “60 Minutes,” telling interviewer Scott Pelley that Google is placing limits on its Bard AI to prevent misuse.

“It will be possible with AI to create– you know, a video, easily. Where it could be Scott saying something, or me saying something, and we never said that,” Pichar told Pelley. “And it could look accurate. But you know, on a societal scale, you know, it can cause a lot of harm.”

Full article: FOX Business

Google CEO sounds alarm on AI deepfake videos: ‘It can cause a lot of harm’

CEO Sundar Pichai says Google is intentionally limiting Bard AI’s public capabilities

Google CEO Sundar Pichai sounded the alarm about the dangers of using AI to create fake videos of public figures, a task he says will soon be “easy.”

Pichai made the comments during a conversation with CBS’ “60 Minutes,” telling interviewer Scott Pelley that Google is placing limits on its Bard AI to prevent misuse.

“It will be possible with AI to create– you know, a video, easily. Where it could be Scott saying something, or me saying something, and we never said that,” Pichar told Pelley. “And it could look accurate. But you know, on a societal scale, you know, it can cause a lot of harm.”

Full article: FOX Business

Biden proposal would give foreign climate group veto power over U.S. military contracts

A British environmentalist group was founded with money from a liberal dark money group.

A new Biden administration rule aimed at reducing carbon emissions would give approval authority over large U.S. defense contracts to a little-known British environmentalist group that just incorporated two weeks ago.

Under the White House’s proposed rule change, a London-based group called the Science Based Targets Initiative that is funded by the Democratic Party’s main dark money network would be responsible for approving the carbon emissions reduction plans of large federal contractors.

The Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) is a fee-based service that helps companies set emissions reduction targets in line with the Paris Climate Agreement and verifies their progress. But its foreign status and murky financial background raise questions about the Biden administration’s decision to outsource its vetting process to the group. Critics say the proposal would give SBTi enormous veto power over American defense contracts and access to potentially sensitive data about U.S. military suppliers.

Full article: The Washington Free Beacon

Hezbollah slowly rewrites the rules on the northern border

Hezbollah believes Israel is deterred from getting into a conflict and as a result they’ve become increasingly aggressive in their provocations near the border.

This week saw a rise in tensions between Israel and Lebanon, with Hezbollah driving this rise in tensions by increasing the tempo of its provocation. This has included setting up tents in the disputed Mount Dov Area several months ago and then trying to use these as leverage to get changes of the border near the village of Ghajar.

Hezbollah is doing these operations as part of a larger plan to rewrite the rules of how it deals with Israel. Hezbollah believes Israel is deterred. It learned from the maritime deal last year that creating new claims and demands and then claiming that if Israel doesn’t concede something there might be “war” is a successful tactic.

Full article: The Jerusalem Post

TRUMP ARRESTED: The Attack on Trump is an Attack on America!

TRUMP ARRESTED: The Attack on Trump is an Attack on America!





We are calling on God’s people to pray for President Trump, Melania and the whole Trump family as they face down another crushing assault aimed at destroying them and destroying America! It may be a political battle in New York and Washington, but what we’re seeing is a spiritual battle in the heavenlies to weaken and end the American Empire.
The Attack On Trump
An Attack On America
4/3/23 – By Tim Buck

Everyone in the country and most of the people in the world understand that Donald Trump has not actually been indicted for the crime of giving hush money to a prostitute. He has been indicted for the crime of opposing the Left and challenging their control over the political system.

For the first time in American history, a politician – indeed, a front-running presidential candidate – has been indicted in order to destroy his political chances. Americans used to take pride in the fact that such things didn’t happen in the United States of America. But that United States of America is over.

Donald Trump has been indicted on the thinnest of charges. House Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Jordan, House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer, and House Administration Committee chairman Bryan Steil recently wrote a letter to Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, the destroyer of the republic, pointing out that “even the Washington Post quoted ‘legal experts’ as calling your actions ‘unusual’ because ‘prosecutors have repeatedly examined the long-established details but decided not to pursue charges.’”

Even the New York Times on March 9, in an article about how criminal charges were pending against Trump, that “hush money is not inherently illegal.” Working hard to justify the banana republic action of arresting the sitting president’s principal opponent, the Times suggested that “the prosecutors could argue that the $130,000 payout effectively became an improper donation to Mr. Trump’s campaign, under the theory that because the money silenced Ms. Daniels, it benefited his candidacy.” So the whole thing rests on a novel legal theory.

Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA tweeted: “Alvin Bragg lowered 52% of criminal charges in NYC last year to misdemeanors. He just bent over backwards legally to raise the charges against Trump to a felony. WITCH HUNT!!”

That it certainly is, and worse. Former TV and radio host John Cardillo warned: “Don’t downplay the severity of this indictment. There’s still other cases on the president in NYC, one in GA, and a federal one connected to the Special Counsel investigation. We are watching the political weaponization of our entire criminal justice system. This is a constitutional crisis.”

Much more is coming. Many are saying that the indictment hands Trump the election of 2024, but it’s actually designed to do just the opposite, and the designers are not stupid people. The objective is to prevent Trump from being able to run in 2024, or failing that, to make it impossible for him to win.

The average American is totally blind to the nature of the deep spiritual battle facing this nation. Most American’s still have unreflective confidence in our institutions, and will assume from the very fact of Bragg’s indictment, and the others that are certain to come, that Trump must be some kind of criminal. The flimsiness of the cases won’t matter. The public perception will be formed, and that could be enough in itself to make sure that Trump doesn’t return to the Oval Office on Jan. 20, 2025.

Then if all this legal harassment somehow fails, there is still the ballot harvesting, mail-in ballots, and all the rest of the new system that has been carefully put into place that will ensure our one-party system so that neither Trump nor any other dissenter from the Left’s agenda will have a chance to win in 2024.

America’s descent to banana republic status has now been confirmed, but it has been coming on for a very long time. Old Joe Biden signaled it on Sept. 1, 2022, in his infamous red-and-black speech, when he declared: “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.”

For the first time in the history of the United States, a sitting president, such as he is, declared that his principal opponent and his opponent’s supporters were criminals who were outside the bounds of acceptable political discourse. Now the ruling Leftists elites have taken the next step in indicting Trump. After that will come various measures to treat his supporters as if they were terrorists.

This is a dark day for the United States. If there are any Democrats with integrity left, they would join the House Republicans who have already gone on record decrying this, and stop it before it’s too late.

If Trump is arrested and/or handcuffed, and perp-walked into court, it will be much more than just a photo-op for the salivating Leftist mob. It will be another nail in the coffin of American greatness and leap toward the end of the republic.

President Trump’s arrest is a loud signal that these are the days of Elijah and the coming of the Lord! 

When the 45th President threw the weight of America behind uniting Jerusalem and announced it was the city of God and the “undivided and eternal capital of Israel” he set off a spiritual explosion that brought an avalanche of hatred down on himself from the demonic realm. Of course he didn’t know at the time that he had stepped into the center of the greatest spiritual battle since creation.

The President’s announcement unwittingly incurred the eternal fury and hate of Lucifer who is becoming more and more desperate because he knows his time is short. At that moment, Donald Trump crossed the enemy’s red line and became the devil’s PUBLIC ENEMY #ONE!

Along with the unceasing assault on President Trump and his pro-America family, the enemy’s war to take down America escalated dramatically. Have you noticed the linkage?

America’s rising unrest, hate, lawlessness, lying, corruption, moral decline, undermining the Petro Dollar, deep division and a hundred others signs are now playing out as the greatest country in human history is being led down the home stretch to implosion and being sidelined for the next empire to rise… the coming empire of Antichrist. Move aside America… something big is coming!

New World Order, Without America, Trump Calls Out China’s XI!

New World Order, Without America, Trump Calls Out China’s XI!





A New World Order,
Without America,
Trump calls President Xi’s disturbing hot mic moment with Putin a historical ‘low point’ for USA

3/24/23 – By Tim Buck

Former President Donald Trump has responded to the sinister remarks that Chinese President Xi Jinping reportedly made to Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting in Moscow earlier this week.

“President Xi’s statement to President Putin, caught on hot mic, was maybe a low point, in history, for the USA!” the former president wrote on Truth Social late Wednesday evening.

The suggestion Trump’s making is that current President Joe Biden, a Democrat, is letting Russia and China walk all over America… and he’s right!

During a three-day visit this week to Moscow, Xi told Putin that “change is coming” to the global stage.

“Change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years. And we are driving this change together. Please take care, dear friend,” Xi said via his interpreter to Putin at the tail end of his visit on Wednesday.
Not A One World Government

Regarding Bible prophecy, I’ve emphasized for years the Bible does NOT teach a coming one-world order with Antichrist controlling every person, every dollar and every weapon on earth. The notion of a one-world government comes from the misinterpretation of Revelation 13 that has misled students of prophecy for years. And at this point I’m not even sure there will ever be a western world order or the “Great Reset” so many are talking about. What we’re seeing now, as a result of the weakening of America, is not unity but greater separation with countries like China, Russia, Iran, N. Korea and the 57 Muslim nations openly rejecting alignment with America and western, Judeo-Christian ideals.

 What Type of Change is Coming?
According to CNN, Xi and Putin are trying to build a new “multipolar world” that’s “not led by so-called Western values and rules.”

In other words, they want to create a world that isn’t dictated by the wishes of the West, particularly the “woke” wishes of the United States.

Speaking with CNN, international relations expert Alexander Korolev of the University of New South Wales in Australia said that this demonstrates an “overall convergence of Chinese and Russian world views and approaches to many international issues.”

“It’s very explicit and clear in terms of identifying the United States as a major security threat,” he said.

During the meeting between Xi and Putin, the two also “referred to each other as dear friends, promised economic cooperation, and described their countries’ relations as the best they have ever been,” according to NBC News.

“They shared the view that this relationship has gone far beyond the bilateral scope and acquired critical importance for the global landscape and the future of humanity,” a statement by the Chinese government reads.

“We are working in solidarity on the formation of a more just and democratic multipolar world order, which should be based on the central role of the U.N., its Security Council, international law, the purposes and principles of the U.N. Charter,” a statement by the Russian government likewise reads.

In a joint statement, the two also “accused the West of undermining global stability and NATO of barging into the Asia-Pacific region, but asserted the close partnership between China and Russia did not constitute a ‘military-political alliance,’” according to NBC News.

Their cozy relationship and goals could affect the 2024 presidential election, according to political writer Myra Adams.

“China and Russia know that polarization is increasingly heightened during a presidential election year when a divided USA means a weaker USA. Thus, 2024 could be when this dangerous duo coordinates strategic and aggressive moves in Europe and Asia,” she writes for The Hill.

Moves like Russia threatening/attacking NATO countries or China trying to reclaim Taiwan. It’s not clear how President Biden would react to either of these contingencies.
China’s “Peace Plan” for the War in Ukraine

Speaking of world events, Xi and Putin also discussed China’s “peace plan” for the war in Ukraine.

The plan “calls for formal respect for Ukraine’s sovereignty, protections for Ukrainian civilians, an end to interference with the flow of humanitarian aid into the country, and condemnation of the possible use of nuclear weapons,” as reported by Time magazine.

“The plan also reflects the views of those around the world whose primary interest in the war is economic, by calling for a ceasefire, an end to sanctions, and the opening of peace talks that might help ease pressure on food and fuel prices,” according to Time.
However, though Putin is reportedly a big fan of the proposal, it has zero chance of being adopted because it doesn’t say anything about all the Russian troops already in Ukraine. Nor does it say anything about Russia returning commandeered land to the Ukrainian government.

“An immediate ceasefire would freeze Russian gains in place, forcing Ukraine to try to persuade Vladimir Putin to voluntarily give back land.

In truth, no peace plan is likely to succeed at this stage of the war because neither the Russian nor Ukrainian governments can afford to lose,” Time magazine explained.