Clashes Between IDF and Syrian Army

Clashes Between IDF and Syrian Army

New realities are emerging in the Middle East

Since the Syrian war broke out in 2011, Israel has been the only military force able to oppose Iran.

Overnight, Israel finds itself in a new season in which the Iranians are free to attack the Saudi oil infrastructure and the Turks are free to invade Syria.

How is all of this effecting Israel!

Israeli soldiers stand guard near the Quneitra crossing in the Golan Heights on the border between Israel and Syria

Trump’s Syria Pullout is Great for Israel

While some in the pro-Israel community have been decrying President Trump’s decision to withdraw US troops in northern Syria to make way for a Turkish invasion, Israel stands to benefit significantly from the move.

Most pundits don’t seem to understand what’s really going on regarding the whole Trump/Kurd saga and most are too biased to applaud his strategy because they hate President Trump.

If Erdogan would have invaded Syria and killed US troops, they would have said that he dragged the US into an unnecessary war. The president is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

The balance of power in the Middle East right now favors Iran and Sunni states like Turkey have been offset by the Shiite expansion of Iran. To hobble Iran, Trump launched the most successful sanctions war in history. The sanctions have weakened Iran, thus weakening the Shiites.

However, there is still no one to fight on the ground to prevent the Shiites who continue invading Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, while at the same time, they also keep surrounding Israel with their proxies of Hamas and Hezbollah.

In light of this reality, President Erdogan of Turkey decided it was time to tell Trump that he has decided to is enter Syria as a Sunni power and that he was planning to send thousands of Sunni soldiers inside. Most of those troops he noted, would be Turkish backed Syrian Rebels.

This presented a great opportunity for President Trump. That’s because the decision to withdraw troops in Syria kills two birds with one stone.

On the one hand, Trump is evacuating the US troops, which was his campaign promise and on the other hand he’s injecting a Sunni force into Syria that will challenge (Syria’s Shiite affiliated leader) Assad along with the mullah’s of Iran.

Iran Holding Surprise Military Drills Near Turkish Border

Pressure Mounting on Iran
And since Syria is Iran’s client state, Iran is so concerned, they’ve been positioning themselves and holding military drills along the Iranian -Turkish border. Now Iran finds itself, like the rest of the world, worrying itself over the next moves of Erdogan’s Sunni forces.They need to be worried.This Turkish (Sunni) invasion, with thousands, could become tens of thousands of well trained and well armed Sunni militias.This means that Iranian proxies like Hezbollah are going to have to refocus their efforts away from Israel’s border to fight Turkey’s Sunni forces in the North which is good for Israel.

Most of the Iranian satellite Shiite militias have received orders to abandon the southern front with Israel and move up north and build defenses against Turkey’s invasion.

In other words, Trump’s move, which led to Erdogan’s move, has revived the Syrian civil war which, in effect, is bringing a more balanced Sunni-Shiite struggle, for control of Syria and Iraq back into the region.

And as far as Israel is concerned, that’s a good thing!

The Prophetic Significance of Turkey’s Invasion of Syria

The Prophetic Significance of Turkey’s Invasion of Syria

Middle East Mayhem is nothing new!

The fast-deteriorating situation was set in motion last week, when President Trump ordered U.S. troops in northern Syria to step aside, clearing the way for an attack by Turkey, which regards the Kurds as terrorists.

Should we blame President Trump or is there a bigger perspective here?

Chaos in Syria:  Paving the Way For a Turkish-Led Caliphate
The rumblings stirred by Turkey’s Operation Spring of Peace into Syria this week are triggering alarm bells with students of prophecy. Turkey is on the move… pay attention!
I’ve been warning for years to keep an eye on Turkey saying they will RISE AGAIN in the latter days as the head of the Ottoman Empire and that, out of that evil empire, will come Antichrist.
How significant is Turkey’s march into Syria? In terms of immediate geo-political significance, PROBABLY not all that much.
But in terms of prophetic significance, Turkey’s assault into Syria is one of the most important developments now happening on the end time stage!
For the first time in almost 100 years, the Turkish military is marching and conquering again. This is a watershed moment indicating that the wound to the seventh head of the beast has been healed (Rev. 13:3, 12, 14; 17:11).

In my view, Turkey’s coming-out assault into Syria is best viewed as the opening bell toward their eventual emergence as the head of the Islamic Caliphate.

There are many more rounds to come including a clash with Iran before these two Sunni-Shiite giants merge into the final Beast empire.

Since he became president, I’ve tried to point out the significant role President Trump has had in accelerating last day events!
It’s like he’s batting 1,000, which means the list is getting long.

Here he’s done it again. After standing in the way, the President calmly moved aside allowing Turkey to launch its maiden attack.

Just in case you forgot, or should I say, just in case the left leaning, fake news, has you convinced Trump is wrong, let me remind you four things the President preached he would do while running for office.

The president promised that he would:

1. Pull our troops home
2. Put America first
3. Defeat ISIS
4. And not remain afterward

These goals have now been achieved and the president is fulfilling his promises.
A Smart Decision
President Trump, faced with a horrible situation, is making a smart decision to not intervene in a war with Turkey. He’s committed to increasing sanctions on Turkey if they attempt genocide on the Syrian’s or Kurds.

And let’s not forget that he’s committed to Israel’s security, more than any modern president in history! Let me mention one final point that remains to develop. The President may wisely be green lighting Turkey’s entrance into Syria as his best option to push back on Iran. Turkey is the leader of the Sunni world and after the defeat of the Sunni-ISIS Caliphate, Shiite Iran flooded into Syria and Iraq. No one has been able to prevent Iran’s takeover of these countries.

Enter Turkey…
If Turkey believes this is their hour, they have the strength and military to severely cripple Iran’s incursion into these countries.
They also have the backing of the majority of Sunni nations in the region including nuclear powered Pakistan.
That, my friends,  just might be the primary reason for allowing the Turks to invade Syria in the first place!
Hezbollah Rising As Serious Threat to Israel

Hezbollah Rising As Serious Threat to Israel

Staging for Armageddon

The Iranian-Hezbollah Shiite axis continues to threaten Israel through their vast military network in Lebanon and Syria 

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah recently issued a new threat to Israel’s cities and sensitive sites, boasting of his terror organization’s ability to hit targets deep inside the country.

The threats came in a televised speech, serving as a reminder of the ambitious arms race that the Shiite terror army is engaged in, with the massive assistance of its state sponsor Iran.

The Lebanese Hezbollah is the world’s most heavily armed non-state actor, and its surface-to-surface firepower arsenal — estimated at around 150,000 projectiles — is larger than most state armies.

The IDF’s main war preparations focus on the offensive and defensive operations needed to deal with this threat.

Hezbollah Map Showing Targets in Israel

The purpose of our class is exposing this error by showing the true mission of the Four Horsemen in the first half of the Tribulation.

These four characters are nothing to be trifled with as they display the unmitigated wrath of God from day one of the 7-Year Tribulation.

On July 12, Nasrallah told the Al-Manar television station, affiliated with his terror organization, that Hezbollah has improved its offensive capabilities.

Displaying a map, he threatened strikes on strategic Israeli targets including Ben-Gurion International Airport, the Dimona nuclear facility, a power plant in Hadera, Ashdod sea port, and ammonia tanks in the city of Haifa. Hezbollah makes no distinction between civilian and military targets, and has made the goal of terrorizing Israeli civilians a top priority in future wars.

Nasrallah also threatened to hit the IDF headquarters in the heart of Tel Aviv, as well as a series of air force bases.


Rockets Aimed At Israel 

Across Israel’s Northern Border

Hezbollah built up its arsenal by smuggling projectiles into 200 southern Lebanese villages, as well as launch sites in the Bekaa Valley in east Lebanon. It therefore has embedded its firepower in the heart of Lebanese communities, turning Lebanese civilians into human shields if Israel needs to target launch sites and bases.


The projectiles are manufactured by Iranian arms factories, as well as joint Iranian-Syrian weapons factories in Syria. The Iranian Quds Force is responsible for smuggling the weapons into Lebanon.

This arsenal is mostly comprised of short-range rockets with a 45 kilometer (about 28 mile) range, but it also includes thousands of mid-range rockets that can reach central Israel, where the majority of Israel’s population lives, and which is home to the country’s economic hub. In addition, Hezbollah has several hundred long-range rockets, and dozens of ballistic missiles.

Just before the Second Lebanon War broke out in 2006, Hezbollah had around 11,000 rockets — less than 10 percent of what it has today — the vast majority of which were short-range.

Hezbollah’s top goal is converting its rockets and missiles into guided weapons. Stopping that from happening has become a top Israeli national security priority. 

With Iran’s help, Hezbollah has repeatedly attempted to set up “conversion factories” that install GPS guidance kits in unguided missiles and rockets. “Relevant components are transported from Iran to factories in Syria and Lebanon, either by land, or by air via Damascus, using civilian aircraft,” a recent report by the British Israel Communications and Research Center said.

According to an assessment by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, “Nasrallah’s threats express his growing self-confidence (and of his sponsor Iran), based on the significant improvement in Hezbollah ‘s offensive capabilities since the Second Lebanon War. Those capabilities are a function of a large arsenal of rockets and a relatively small number of precision missiles that cover strategic targets in Israel.”

Yet Nasrallah’s arsenal is significantly less precise than what he and the Iranians would have wanted it to be by this stage.

This is due to the determined, mostly low-profile Israeli campaign to disrupt the Hezbollah arms build-up of guided projectiles, whether by stopping the production and trafficking of such components in Syria, or by issuing clear warnings that missile precision sites Lebanon need to cease their activities, or face attack.

Israel holds that it is essential to act now to stop Hezbollah from gaining precision destructive firepower, rather than wait and face weapons that can change Tel Aviv’s skyline in a future war.

Israel’s United Nations Ambassador Danny Danon recently spoke at the UN and exposed the Iranian Quds Force arms trafficking to Hezbollah via Beirut’s sea port, using civilian maritime channels. The Port of Beirut is now the Port of Hezbollah,” he said.

Israel Remains Vigilant

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem 

Over the last six years Israel has foiled Iranian attempts to build bases in Syria, and stopped them from building thousands of projectiles, from bringing in jets filled with military equipment, and the IRGC from bringing tanks into Syria.

It’s not “if” a conflict will come against Israel, but when will it arrive! 

The Hezbollah threat, and the direct Iranian threat remain intact keeping Israel preparing day and night for the next conflict. 

White House Releases Executive Order

White House Releases Executive Order

New Sanctions rolled out Monday in retaliation for downing a U.S. drone and aimed at the core of Iran’s leadership as Trump escalates his ‘maximum pressure’ campaign on Iran.

Executive Order:
Read President Trump’s order imposing sanctions on the $100 billion financial empire belonging to the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Iran’s supreme leader has a vast financial empire from the backs of the Iranian people far greater than the wealth accumulated by the late Shah of Iran.

Trump Sanctions

Iranian Leaders

The new sanctions that Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announced will also target the assets of the senior military leaders responsible for threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz and the commander of Iran’s air force, who Mnuchin said was responsible for shooting down the American drone in international waters on Thursday.

Mnuchin said he will announce sanctions later this week against Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, one of Iran’s most public figures who served an instrumental role in crafting the 2015 nuclear agreement brokered by the Obama administration.

The White House decision follows Iran’s lashing out at existing, punishing sanctions – including against Qassem Soleimani, the shadowy head of Iran’s elite Quds Force – that have crippled the Iranian economy and choked off its ability to sell oil.

It also comes at a time of perceived military escalation between Iran and American assets in the region.

“There’s no question that locking up the money worked last time. And locking up the money works now,” Mnuchin said from the White House briefing room, shortly after meeting with Trump in the Oval Office.

Trump Releases Economic Vision for Mid East Peace Today in Bahrain!

Trump Releases Economic Vision for Mid East Peace Today in Bahrain!

Trump Economics for Peace

“Without a strong, vibrant economy, there can be no peace”

 We tell the Palestinian leadership: ‘Stop blaming the State of Israel for all your woes. Stop blaming the U.S. for all your woes.’ 

The $50 billion, Trump economic plan will be rolled out Tuesday and Wednesday, June 25-26 at the, “Peace to Prosperity,” Bahrain Peace Summit.

White House Releases Highlights of the Trump Economic Plan Ahead of Summit

Trump Peace Plan

Unveiled This Week

The historical event marks the first time an American peace proposal will be launched in an Arab State and for the first time, seven Arab nations have agreed to attend a Middle East Peace Summit:
  • Jordan
  • Egypt
  • Morocco
  • UAE
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Qatar
  • Bahrain

Unfortunately, two governments have said no to attending the summit:

  • The Palestinian Authority (PLO)
  • Lebanon (Controlled by Iranian proxy Hezbollah)

After 50 years of failed Israeli/Palestinian peace proposals, President Trump is thinking outside the box!

For starters, a $50 billion global investment fund, designed to lift the Palestinian and neighboring Arab economies will be launched at this week’s Bahrain Peace Summit, President Trump’s adviser Jared Kushner told Reuters on Saturday.

The investment fund covers 179 infrastructure and business projects, including a $5 billion transport corridor linking the West Bank and Gaza. Did you get that? 179 different projects to help the Palestinian people improve their economy and their way of life! In addition, there are plans for creating and building up the Palestinian tourist sector.

More than half of the $50 billion will be directly spent in the Palestinian territories over 10 years with the rest of the money split between Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and the Sinai Peninsula.

True to form, the Palestinians are bad-mouthing and boycotting the Bahrain summit and the Trump peace plan. They never seem to miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity!

Jared Kushner said some Palestinian business executives have confirmed their participation in the conference, but he declined to identify them.

The Trump administration hopes that other countries, principally wealthy Gulf states, and private investors, will foot much of the bill, Kushner told Reuters.


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US Military Moves Dangerously Close to Iran: Hot Line Established!

US Military Moves Dangerously Close to Iran: Hot Line Established!

U.S. Military Moves into Position Across the Persian Gulf from Iran

BREAKING: US-Iran Hot Line to Divert War

The map above shows the US Navy’s 5th Fleet HQ in Manama, Bahrain linked with a direct communication line to Bushehr, Iran the base of the Revolutionary Guards Navy HQ

Breaking News: Commander-in-Chief establishes channel of communications with the Iranians… “Let’s talk!”

A New U.S. – Iran Hot Line:

Direct Channel for Both

Miscommunication and Dialogue

President Trump gave Tehran prior notice ahead of the US attack on Iranian missile sites that was aborted last Thursday, June 20. The commander and chief warned the Iranians the US attack was “imminent,” but added he is against war and wants to talk.

Iranian officials replied that it was up to supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to decide on this issue but they believe he is against any talks. The exchange stopped there.

DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources report exclusively that some of the messages the US and Iran exchanged shortly before and after the Iranian surface-to-air missile shot down a Navy drone over the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday did not go through any third party.

They were channeled directly through a new hot line established to create a direct link between the US Fifth Fleet in Manama, Bahrain and the Bushehr based Revolutionary Guards Navy HQ.

The main stumbling block in this communications process is there is no way of knowing for sure which messages actually reached the supreme leader. Washington channeled a second set of communications through Qatar both US and Iranian officials told reporters.

Hot lines especially in the Middle East are designed for emergency contacts between opposing powers to avert unintentional war. They are already maintained by the US and Russia, the US and Israel and Russia and Israel.

This mechanism works only when it suits both parties. When one of the sides is intent on concealing its actions from the other, the link goes silent.

This breakdown of communications through the new hot line was behind the complaint heard from Gen. Amir Hajizadeh, chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Aerospace Command: “Iran warned the US drone four times, and the drone would have transmitted the warnings to its central stations.

Unfortunately, when they failed to reply, and the aircraft made no change to its trajectory… we were obliged to shoot it down.”

That’s the Iranian side… the US insists the drone was shot down in an “unprovoked attack” in international airspace over the Strait of Hormuz.

It appears the actual decision by Trump is more complex and that he has gambled on diplomacy and sanctions while being wary of starting an unpredictable, new military interaction.

For now, President Trump gave the Iranians a pass… stay tuned!


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