3 US Soldiers Killed in Jordan Drone Strike Linked to Iran

3 US Soldiers Killed in Jordan Drone Strike Linked to Iran


Three U.S. soldiers were killed yesterday in Jordan, while more than 40 other service members were injured following an uncrewed aerial attack at a military base in Jordan near the Syrian border.


3 US Soldiers Killed in Jordan
Drone Strike Linked to Iran

1/31/24 By Tim Buck

And the dread of the LORD fell upon all the kingdoms of the lands that surrounded Judah.
2 Chron. 17:10


Just weeks after Israel invaded Gaza in response to Hamas’s deadly attack on Oct. 7, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei convened a meeting of militia leaders across an alliance Tehran calls ‘the axis of resistance.’
Iran has been attacking Israel and the United States for years, not directly but through their Islamic terror proxies like the Houthi’s in Yemen, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad in Gaza and the West Bank.

Tehran supplies the military training through their IRGC, and provides the rockets and missiles. In their excitement to do evil, the Prince of Persia may have crossed the line this time and killed 3 US soldiers. So it’s now up to Biden to respond!

“The ram which you saw having two horns are the kings of Media and Persia.”
Daniel 8:20

If Trump or any other Republican was in the White House, the response to Iran would likely have happened already. Biden may try something substantial, as he wants very much to look strong in an election year.

FROM THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: The attack, which Khamenei had publicly praised as an “epic victory,” marked a crescendo of four decades of Iranian efforts to train and arm a network of nonstate militant groups as a way to threaten its enemies and extend its influence in the Middle East.

But behind closed doors, the Iranian leader told senior Hamas representatives, along with Lebanese, Iraqi, Yemeni and other Palestinian militia leaders, that Tehran had no intention of directly entering the conflict and widening the war, according to two high-ranking officials from Hamas and two from Hezbollah. Side battles, he told the delegates, risked distracting the world from Israel’s devastating incursions in Gaza.

Now the axis faces a moment of truth. As Iran’s allies stoke even more fires across the region—from attacks on shipping in the Red Sea, and now on our troops in Jordan—they are pushing the US to the brink of a direct conflict.

U.S. officials blamed Sunday’s drone strike on an Iran-backed group, and the White House on Monday said it believed the perpetrators were supported by Kataib Hezbollah, an Iranian militia ally based in Iraq, with forces in Syria. President Biden said he was weighing how to retaliate.

Let’s pray for America and for our leaders to make the right decisions.

Biden and the Arab States Working Against Israel

Biden and the Arab States Working Against Israel

Israelis whose family members are held hostage by Hamas terrorists in Gaza, attend a protest outside the PM’s official residence in Jerusalem, calling for the release of the hostages. Jan. 21, 2024.


Biden and the Arab States
Working Against Israel

1/23/24 By Tim Buck

The United States, Egypt and Qatar are continuing to exert pressure on Israel and the Hamas terror group to accept a “phased diplomatic progress” that would result in the release of the Israeli hostages in return for an Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu already rejected Hamas’ main condition of an Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, and a Hamas spokesman said there was “no real progress.”

Nevertheless, the “willingness to discuss the framework was a positive step. Mediators are now working to bridge the gap,” a source told the WSJ.

White House Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa Brett McGurk is set to travel to Egypt and Qatar to discuss the progress of the negotiations, Axios reported.

McGurk is expected to meet with Egypt’s Minister of Intelligence Abbas Kamel, one of the main negotiators, and with Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani in the Qatari capital Doha.

The proposed outline for the deal includes three stages over the span of 90 days.

In a first stage, Israel would release hundreds of convicted Palestinian terrorists from its prisons and withdraw from the Gaza Strip in exchange for the release of the remaining 136 hostages in the hands of Hamas.

Israel would also agree to end drone surveillance over Gaza and double the amount of aid going into the enclave.

The second phase of the deal would see the release of more terrorists from prison in exchange for the bodies of hostages and the female soldiers who were killed and have been held by terrorists in Gaza.

In the third and last phase, Israeli soldiers and men, those whom Hamas refers to as soldiers because they are of fighting age, would be released.

The plan largely corresponds to reports by Israel’s Channel 13 news last week. Netanyahu already responded that he rejected the condition of an Israeli withdrawal from Gaza outright.

The Egyptian negotiating team said it felt there could be some flexibility on the part of the Hamas leadership regarding certain details, but noted that it still “adheres to the principle of a total cessation of hostilities, which is a fundamental rule from which there is no retreat,” Israel’s KAN news outlet reported on Monday.

According to the WSJ, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar believes Israel will eventually prioritize the release of the hostages over the IDF’s accomplishments on the battlefield and, therefore, wants to play for time to enable international pressure on Israel to continue to build.

The renewed hostage release negotiations are also said to ultimately aim at establishing a permanent ceasefire and eventually lead to the normalization of relations between Israel and Arab countries like Saudi Arabia with the ultimate goal of restarting the progress toward a two-state solution.

Middle East Heating Up

Middle East Heating Up


Middle East Heating Up

1/19/24 By Tim Buck

Pakistan’s air force launched retaliatory airstrikes early Thursday in Iran against alleged militant hideouts, killing at least nine people and further raising tensions between the neighbors.

The war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has barely past three months and we see Israel being tried in the International Criminal Court in the Hague for genocide against Hamas when it was Israel who experienced a genocidal attack.

Joe Biden’s Administration is telling the government of Israel that they cannot defeat Hamas. Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week that Israel cannot defeat Hamas — that there is no “military solution,” and that Israel will have to “return the West Bank” and accept a Palestinian Two-State Solution. Netanyahu reportedly rejected the idea. Good for him!

Can you imagine if the United States had told Britain after only 100 days of war with Nazi Germany that they couldn’t win, and to accept Hitler’s terms of peace? First it would make you laugh, then grimace in disgust, and then get really mad.

That’s exactly what Joe Biden’s secretary of state Antony Blinken is reported to have told Benjamin Netanyahu about the Israel-Hamas War.

Wail, you gate! Howl, you city! Melt away, all you Philistines! A cloud of smoke comes from the north, and there is not a straggler in its ranks.
Isaiah 14:31

If I were Netanyahu, I would put blinders on and continue to pound Gaza until every last Hamas terrorist, including their leaders, were nothing but a bad memory. Because if they don’t, Hamas will come against them again, and again, and again.

The Bible clearly shows us the land of Israel will be divided into two states, but that does not mean they have to help their enemies to bring it about. But eventually, Israel will agree to divide the land.

It looks like 2024 is off to a war infused world with the likes of the missile strikes that the US and the UK have been conducting against the Houthi rebels in Yemen. Add to that, Iran launched missiles on Pakistan three days ago with Pakistan retaliating Thursday. Iran also staged airstrikes late Monday in Iraq and Syria over an Islamic State-claimed suicide bombing that killed over 90 people in early January.

If there was a bowl labeled ‘wars and rumors of wars’, it would be overflowing right now. But what the world doesn’t realize is that what they really should be concerned about is the cup of the Lord.

In the hand of the Lord is a cup full of foaming wine mixed with spices; he pours it out, and all the wicked of the earth drink it down to its very dregs.
Psalm 75:8

Pakistan’s military described using “killer drones, rockets, loitering munitions and standoff weapons” in the attack. Standoff weapons are missiles fired from aircraft at a distance — likely meaning Pakistan’s fighter jets didn’t enter Iranian airspace.

Everyday we see the cauldron of the Middle East preparing themselves to meet Antichrist, while proclaiming that our biggest problem is Climate Change when it is actually the pending judgment by Almighty God that is about to fall.

War Update The Surrounding Nations

War Update The Surrounding Nations


Quick Facts

Over 1,400 Israelis (326 soldiers) have been killed, and over 5,400 have been injured.

The IDF has notified families of 240 being held hostage in Gaza.

To date, the IDF has struck over 11,000 Hamas targets.

Over 8,100 Rockets have been fired by Hamas toward Southern and Central Israel from Gaza (over 500 failed launches have fallen inside Gaza), with Lebanon and Syria also firing from the north.

One day after the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, on Oct. 7th, thousands of Hamas gunmen Invaded southern Israel, kidnapping, raping, torturing, and killing Israelis, specifically targeting women, children, and the elderly.

On Oct. 8th, the Israel Security Cabinet voted to officially declare war for the first time since the 1973 Yom Kippur War.




 War Update
The Surrounding Nations

11/3/23 By Tim Buck

Please pray for Israel, the hostages and for the Lord to continue to give the government wisdom as they fight such evil!

Israel’s actions meet that “necessary and proper” criteria to protect the innocent and eradicate evil. This war is becoming a global event, and stirring the world against the Jewish people once again!


The Israeli ground assault is continuing in Gaza. The plan is to cut the Gaza Strip in two, which will allow the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to wrap around and eventually surround Shifa hospital – the main hospital in Gaza. Now, New York Times, before you start saying, “See, we told you that Israel likes to bomb hospitals,” let me tell you why they are doing that. Within that hospital compound, built both above and below ground, are Hamas’s main headquarters. If Israel really didn’t care about civilians, they would have dropped a few bunker buster bombs on the Shifa property and been done with it. Instead, they are making a risky maneuver so that they can target Hamas terrorists, all the while announcing what they are going to do so that the hospital and the surrounding area can be emptied of civilians. Once again, we see the difference between Hamas and the IDF. Hamas targets innocent civilians. The IDF warns civilians so that they can escape. The reason non-combatants are killed is because Hamas forces them to remain behind to maintain the human shield, and so that they can use their bodies afterward as propaganda for the world’s media.

Gaza has had billions of dollars poured into it. Where has it all gone? First, to the Hamas leaders. Hamas Deputy Chairman Mousa Abu Marzuk is worth $3 billion, former Chairman Khaled Mashal is worth $4 billion, and current Chairman Ismail Haniyeh is also worth $4 billion. It’s understandable, though, because it takes a lot of money to pay for their luxury housing in Turkey and Qatar. I mean you couldn’t expect them to live in Gaza amongst the riff-raff, could you? Most of the remaining money went to the construction of an intricate, multi-leveled system of 1300 tunnels that stretch for 500 kilometers (311 miles) and reach 70 meters deep (229 feet).

The flaw in this tunnel system is that it needs gas for generators to power the ventilation system. So, while there is food and water in Gaza, as well as electricity in most areas, gas is very difficult to find. This is because the IDF has confiscated all the gas they can find. No gas, no ventilators. No ventilators, no air. No air, the terrorists will be forced to scurry out of their holes where they will surrender or be killed.

Lebanon and Syria

Iran desperately wants their militias in southern Syria to do something directed at Israel. But so far there has only been the occasional rocket or artillery fire. Hezbollah in Lebanon is receiving the same pressure from Iran. The skirmishes across the Lebanese/Israeli border have been more intense that those with Syria but have still mostly been in the form of rockets and airstrikes. However, there have been border breaches that had to be dealt with by the IDF.

Hassan Nasrallah, secretary-general of Hezbollah, has announced that he will make a very important speech Friday at 3:00 PM. The speculation is that he will declare Hezbollah’s entrance into the war.

This would be unfortunate for two reasons. First of all, the Lebanese don’t want war. Most civilians in Lebanon are good, hard-working people who are in the unfortunate situation of having their country commandeered by a terrorist organization whose puppet strings are being pulled by Iran’s radical Islamist regime. Maybe this will be the catalyst for the people to finally rise up and oust Hezbollah.

The second reason Nasrallah should think carefully before entering the fray is that him doing so would be a fatal mistake. Because of the organization and training of Hezbollah, it would likely take more Israeli lives to end Hezbollah. But rest assured, by the time the IDF has finished, there would be no more Hezbollah and no more Hassan Nasrallah. Last night, Ismail Qaani, commander of the Quds Force of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), visited Beirut, likely to discuss Hezbollah’s involvement in the next phase of the war.
Please pray that this front does not open wide.


The Houthis of Yemen have declared war against Israel. You may wonder why this 50,000-strong rebel army based 1000 miles away from Israel is declaring war. Because they, too, are funded and directed by the ayatollahs in Tehran. These extremist Shiites have long-range ballistic rockets, and they have fired them at Israel. At least one was destroyed by a US Navy ship. Another was taken out while still in space by Israel’s new Arrow-3 hypersonic anti-ballistic missile system. So far, they have just fired missiles at Israel. But if one of those ballistic missiles finds its target, there will be mass casualties.


What do all of Israel’s enemies have in common? A connection to Iran. The Iranians have a superiority complex when it comes to their fellow Middle Easterners. If there is dirty work to be done, they would much rather it was Arab hands that did it. Their Persian hands are too finely manicured for grunt work. That is why they created the militias. Hezbollah, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Houthis, Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada, and all the others, they are all the Persians’ fighting force, because it’s no use spilling Iranian blood when there are so many Arabs just hanging around. I know my words sound harsh and incredibly callous, but they are one hundred percent accurate when it comes to the attitude of the Islamist regime in Tehran. If Hezbollah and the militias in Syria attack from the north, Israel knows who will be behind it. When the time is right, there will be a reckoning.


The Egyptian government is finally opening a field hospital on their side of the Rafah crossing. What they are not doing is opening wide their gates to an influx of Gazans. Why? Because they know the violence and trouble that comes with them. The Egyptian prime minister is so determined to keep Gazans out of the country that he recently said that he is prepared to sacrifice millions of lives to protect the border from Palestinians. When it comes to relations with Israel, there continues to be the same surface coolness between the two countries. Yet, behind the scenes there is secret cooperation.


Jordan remains at peace with Israel. Their concern is with the missiles in Syria and Iraq, and they have asked the US to deploy Patriots to protect the skies above their country.

Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain

Each of these countries has made it clear that the Abraham Accords are here to stay. Both Russia and Iran want to drive a wedge between the Saudis and Israelis because of energy, but their ploys are not working. The UAE indicated that a strong relationship with Israel is “our future”, while the Bahrainis said keeping a relationship with Israel is in their common interest.

United States of America

The US has been Israel’s best friend through this fight, and we are very grateful for the help. Unfortunately, American bases in Syria and Iraq are paying the price. On an almost hourly basis, Iranian militias are attacking the US military with rockets and suicide drones, and the American casualties are mounting. As concerning as these developments are overseas, we need to be worried for the US mainland. So many terrorists have merged into the constant immigrant flow, and now the FBI has announced that they are very nervous about attacks taking place in US cities that are inspired by what Hamas did on October 7. There is also a new cultural divide taking place between virulent Palestinian supporters and those who criticize the horrors that Hamas perpetrated. Much of this ignorant hatred is originating in American academia and media.


There is a massive division between Europeans and the enormous Muslim population that now exists in their cities due to an open border policy. The tension between the old guard and the newcomers is getting stronger. For so long, European governments refused to admit there was a problem, but as Ayn Rand once said, “You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.” I’m afraid that those consequences are just around the corner. It well may be the war in Israel that pushes Europe over the brink. As the anti-Israel protests swell and the number of Jewish houses that are being spraypainted with Stars of David grows, it is very likely that some flashpoint will occur which will set the streets on fire.


On paper, Turkey and Israel are allies. But President Erdogan wants to be the leader of Islam so he is currently leading the pack in rallying Muslims worldwide to condemn Israel. Just this past week at a massive rally celebrating Turkish independence, he took the opportunity to go on a very antisemitic rant, including making it clear that he didn’t consider Hamas to be a terrorist organization and that Israel is guilty of war crimes and must be prosecuted.

Jewish People Around the World

Hollywood Jews had a very bad day last week when they suddenly woke up and realized that being liberal and progressive is not enough. Many discovered that their friends had begun to abandon them for the sin of being Jewish. They thought that the world was beyond hating Jews just because they are Jews. But the world was just taking a little break. Now antisemitism is back in vogue. In Germany, cases of antisemitism have risen 240%; in Austria, 300%; US, 400%; South Africa, 720%; and the UK, 1351%.

There is a dark cloud covering the world right now. Standing with Israel is soon going to exact a price. It may be relational. It may become physical. What we are seeing is symptomatic of the growing influence of the enemy. It is truly diabolical, and you will not understand it until you put your spiritual glasses on. But it is what we as believers expect because we know that this world is being prepared for the Tribulation.

You do not want to be around when that happens, because it will be a period when God’s judgment will come down upon this world. It will be a time unlike any other, when the Lord sets out to discipline His people and punish those who have rejected Him. But you don’t have to be here. The Bible tells us that salvation is a matter of believing and receiving Jesus as your Lord and Savior. If you want to know more about how to become a follower of Jesus, follow this link.

Thank you, and may God bless you for standing with the Jewish people and praying.

WORLD NEWS UPDATE Israel and the Middle East

WORLD NEWS UPDATE Israel and the Middle East


Israel and the Middle East

10/2/23  By Tim Buck

“Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain?
The kings of the earth rise up and the rulers band together
against the Lord and against his anointed, saying,
Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles.”

Psalms 2:1-3


In Israel 

five-man terrorist cell was recently arrested by Israel’s Shin Bet. The three Palestinians and two Israeli citizens were gathering intelligence for a plot to harm National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, as well as a member of the Knesset. The cell was receiving its orders from Iran.

Israel Left Off Russia’s Financial Friends List

Last week, Russia published a list of more than 30 countries that are welcome to trade on their foreign exchange. Despite being included in the original draft created in the summer, Israel was left off the final document. This is just another sign of the deteriorating conditions between Moscow and Jerusalem brought on by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Prime Minister Netanyahu Addresses United Nations

It is said that one can tell how close they are to the truth by the number of people who attack them. If that is accurate, then Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to the UN General Assembly must have been overflowing with truth. It was certainly one of the greatest speeches I’ve ever heard Bibi make in his long career as Prime Minister.

During his presentation, he spoke of a proposed trade route from India to the West that would pass through the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Israel. He emphasized the many new relationships that Israel is forging and showed a map of a new Middle East emphasizing these new friendships. He also said that the US and Saudi Arabia shouldn’t let the Palestinians have the right to veto a peace deal that would normalize relations between Jerusalem and Riyadh.

All the usual suspects took offense at what he said, including Iran, much of Europe, the U.S., and others.

Israel Joins US Visa Waiver Program

In a huge win for Prime Minister Netanyahu, the US has included Israel as the 41st country on its Visa Waiver list. This means that Israeli citizens may now enter the US without a visa and remain for up to 90 days. Netanyahu called the move a “significant and joyous moment for all Israeli citizens.”

Saudis Send Delegation Team to West Bank

Large strides have been made last few weeks in the pursuit of normalizing relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Tuesday saw Saudi Arabia’s first ambassador to the Palestinian Authority arrive in the West Bank. The visit of Nayef al-Sudairi marked the first time a Saudi delegation has been in the West Bank since 1967.

At the same time, Israel’s Tourism Minister Haim Katz arrived in Saudi Arabia for a conference, marking the first official visit of an Israeli minister to the country. Later in the week, Israeli Communications Minister Shlomo Karai carried out an official visit, attending a conference in Saudi Arabia. The government of Israel is very optimistic regarding these developments.

Arab Nations Making Peace With Israel

Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said that he expects six or seven other Muslim nations to join Saudi Arabia in making peace with Israel. This would continue to expand the prophetic significance of peace between Israel and Saudi Arabia due to the wider impact of many Arab nations negotiating on the side of Israel for building their Temple on the Temple Mount.

Israeli Military Strikes Hamas in Gaza

Palestinians gathered Tuesday at the Gaza fence for a twelfth night of violent protests. After they floated incendiary balloons and kites over the border and threw all sorts of projectiles at Israeli forces, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) struck back hitting several Hamas targets. The next evening was more violence, and once more the IDF struck back destroying a border tunnel.

Deluge of Syrian Refugees Killing Lebanon’s Economy

Refugees of the Syrian Civil War are destroying Lebanon’s economy. The population of Lebanon is approximately 6 million. The latest estimate of Syrian refugees who have crossed the border is 2.5 million.

Lebanon is already in bad shape with the Iran-backed Hezbollah terrorist group involved in every level of government. But to have the burden of these refugees is far more than the economy can handle. Other nations are calling on the EU and other parts of the world to help Lebanon before it, too, devolves into civil strife.

Ukraine Hits Russia’s Black Sea Headquarters in Crimea

Ukraine’s military hit the headquarters of Russia’s Black Sea fleet in Sevastopol, Crimea, on Friday. In response, Russian missiles struck a high-rise building in Odessa used as Ukraine’s navy headquarters. Tuesday saw the Chkalovsky military airport near Moscow on fire following another Ukrainian attack. The back and forth of war continues.

Huge Explosion in Iran

A deafening noise accompanied a powerful tremor on Monday near the western Iranian city of Khorramabad. The authorities quickly explained it away as a minor 2.0 earthquake. “Not so fast,” said many. Near the epicenter of the event is an underground missile and weapons complex. According to witnesses, this below the surface cache was the source of what they say was a major explosion. The Iranian authorities deny the claim and Israel hasn’t said a word.

Canadian Parliament Unwittingly Honors Nazi War Criminal

Canada continues on it’s radical decline to the left.  On Friday, members of Canada’s parliament stood and applauded Yaroslav Hunka, a 98-year-old World War II veteran, after he was introduced by Speaker Anthony Rota as a “Canadian hero”. The only problem was that Hunka served in a Nazi Waffen SS unit during the war.

There are certain things you just can’t come back from. Certainly for Hunka, who is now the subject of an extradition request by the Polish government. Also for Speaker Rota, who tendered his resignation Tuesday.


Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman meets Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, April 19, 2023.
(Photo: Saudi Press Agency/Handout via REUTERS)

Saudi Arabia reportedly won’t make major Israeli concessions to Palestinians as a condition for normalization!

Saudi Arabia will not hold up a normalization deal with Israel if the Jewish state doesn’t agree to major concessions to the Palestinians, according to three regional sources who are familiar with the talks.

“The normalization will be between Israel and Saudi Arabia. If the Palestinians oppose it the kingdom will continue in its path,” one of the sources told Reuters.

“Saudi Arabia supports a peace plan for the Palestinians, but this time it wants something for Saudi Arabia, not just for the Palestinians.”

Riyadh would be satisfied with Israel’s pledge to ease certain restrictions that would fall well short of demands for Palestinian statehood, the source added.

Such concessions might include the transfer of some Israeli-controlled territory in the West Bank to the Palestinian Authority (PA), limitations to the building of settlements and a pledge to not annex parts of the West Bank.

The Saudi Kingdom’s main goal in these talks is to receive a broad security agreement from the United States, according to the source.

While this probably won’t amount to a NATO-style alliance, an American source said that the agreement could be similar to U.S. treaties with Asian states like Japan or the U.S. agreement with Bahrain, home of the U.S. Navy Fifth Fleet.

In addition, Washington could offer Riyadh the status of ‘Major Non-NATO Ally,’ a status that was already given to Israel and Egypt. While an Asian-style treaty would have to get passed by Congress, an agreement like the one with Bahrain would not face as many legal hurdles.

Saudi Arabia is willing to compromise on a NATO-style alliance but, in return, would demand additional guarantees for an agreement similar to the one with Bahrain.

Riyadh also showed a readiness to compromise on demands for a civil nuclear program, one source said.

On Thursday, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said the IDF and Mossad Intelligence would examine the Saudi nuclear issue before any agreement.

“Peace with Saudi Arabia is a welcome thing for Israel, but at the same time we will make every effort to hedge the risks and make sure that we are acting in the right and responsible direction,” Gallant said.

“The security system and I personally have been dealing with this issue since the beginning of the year. We have set up work teams for the issue and everything will operate on the right track through the IDF and the Mossad and then it will flow to the chief of staff and me. Every effort should be made to reach a move with Saudi Arabia,” he added.




Jewish men take part in the Hoshana Rabbah prayer on the seventh day of Sukkot at a lookout of the Mount of Olives, overlooking Jerusalem’s Old City, Oct. 16, 2022. (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Paying Attention:
The Rise of Israel’s Religious Right

The Rise of the religious-right in Israel, especially among Orthodox Jews, is an amazing site to behold and an increasing end-time sign aligning with Scripture. In the last days, a powerful religious element who believe in the Old Testament and who are seeking God, inside Israel, is necessary to successfully negotiate for Israel’s coming Temple.


WORLD NEWS UPDATE Israel and the Middle East

WORLD NEWS UPDATE Israel and the Middle East

Israel and the Middle East

9/18/23  By Tim Buck


“Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain?
The kings of the earth rise up and the rulers band together
against the Lord and against his anointed, saying,
Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles.”

Psalms 2:1-3

Israel Strikes Terror Target


In a rare daytime strike, Israel destroyed a Hezbollah site in Tartus in western Syria. Three terrorists were killed in the missile attack which originated from the Mediterranean. Israel, per usual, declined to comment on the event. Then, that same night, Israel struck again, flying over Lebanon to reach the Shariat Airbase in Homs. The base and other headquarters were damaged.


Mossad Thwarts Attacks on Jews Around the World

Mossad director David Barnea stated in a speech that his agency has thwarted 27 attacks against Israelis and Jews around the world over the past year. Countries where these attacks were planned included Cyprus, Tanzania, India, and others. “We are witnessing a significant increase in attempts to attack Jews and Israelis worldwide, and as we speak, we continue to track Iranian and proxy teams to prevent them from killing Jews and Israelis,” said Barnea. In his speech, he also explained how Israel was able to interdict a deal in which Iran would sell Russia short-range and long-range missiles to be used against Ukraine.


Israel Signs Wheat Deal with Muslim Countries

Israel signed a historic wheat deal with two Muslim countries, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. In exchange for wheat imports, Israel will provide these countries with advanced agricultural technologies. While a great deal for all three nations, the one country that will not be happy about this is Russia. Currently, Israel is a major importer of Russia

n wheat. This agreement could reduce the volume of imports from the Russians. This is just one more reason for Moscow to be unhappy with Israel.


Massive Quake Rocks Morocco


Last Friday evening, the ground in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco began to shake. Buildings collapsed, landslides were triggered, roads were blocked, and people were killed. So far, the death toll from the earthquake has reached 2,901 with 5,530 injured, making it the deadliest North African earthquake in 63 years. Israel has offered to send search-and-rescue teams, joining the numerous nations who are willing to help in the quake’s aftermath.

Cyclone Daniel Devastates Libya

The Mediterranean storm, designated Daniel, has left large portions of Libya underwater. Worst hit is the city of Derna which was deluged when two dams collapsed in the mountains above the city. Whole neighborhoods were washed away in a moment. The Libyan Minister of Health expects the death toll to reach 10,000 and the missing to be ten times that number. Meanwhile, flooding continues in areas around the world: Shatoujiao, Shenzhen, China; Hong Kong; Yangchun, Guangdong, China; Gateshead, England; Shanghai, China; Molina de Segura, Murcia province, Spain; Weda Bay, Maluku, Indonesia; along with many other locations.


In Armenia/Azerbaijan Conflict, Iran is the One to Blink


The slow burn between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed autonomo

us oblast of Nagorno-Karabakh threatened to burst into flames this past weekend. Both sides raced troops toward their joint border, while calling on their allies to back them up. Iran threatened Azerbaijan saying they better back down. Turkey and Pakistan immediately told Iran that they best stay in their lane. Eventually, Iran backed down under pressure not only from outside the country, but likely also from the 20 million of their citizens of Azeri origin. Russia has also been involved in the past on the Armenian side, but they declined to get involved having enough problems of their own already in Ukraine. After a lot of saber-rattling, Armenia and Azerbaijan reached an agreement which should calm things back down, at least for now.

US Pays Iran $6 Billion for Hostages


The news media will sugarcoat the deal that the Biden administration has just made with Tehran’s Islamic regime saying that they simply waived sanctions on $6 billion as part of what is really just a prisoner swap. Our guys for their guys – oh, and $6 billion. In reality, everyone recognizes this for what it is. Tehran took US citizens as hostages, and Washington just paid $6 billion ransom to get them back. “Wait,” say Biden’s apologists, “the agreement is that this money will be used for humanitaria

n purposes.” But no one believes that, not even Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi. “This money belongs to the Iranian people, the Iranian government,” said Raisi, “so the Islamic Republic of Iran will decide what to do with this money.” Could it go toward their uranium stockpile, which the IAEA said is now within one month of having enough enriched uranium for six bombs and four months away from having enough for ten? Or might it go toward the airport that Iran is building in Lebanon – just 20km away from the Israeli border – which they will use to launch terrorist attacks? The ayatollahs are going to be able to check a lot of items off their to-do list with $6 billion.


Biden and Modi Announce New Railway and Trade System Connecting Asia with the West

new railway and trade system could better unite India and Asia with the West, according to US President Joe Biden, Indian President Narendra Modi, and others at the G20 Summit in New Delhi, India. The route would pass through Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Israel before moving into Europe. This would essentially make Israel a substitute trade way in place of using the congested Suez Canal.


North Korea May or May Not have Launched their First Nuclear Sub


North Korea launched its first fully operational tactical nuclear attack submarine. South Korea immediately attempted to rain on Kim Jong-un’s underwater parade by saying that “fully operational” might be a bit of an exaggeration. The implication is that “somewhat operational” or “at least it doesn’t sink” might be better descriptors. Soon after leaving the unveiling of the sub, the North Korean leader hopped on his personal train and headed northeast to Vladivostok, Russia. Once there, he met Russia President Vladimir Putin at a cosmodrome for talks. The expectation is that Putin will ask Kim for artillery and ammunition

, while Kim will want technology in return. This is the first time the two neighbors have met since 2019.

God is in Control


Amid the many end-time crises in our own country and the troubles surrounding Israel, the Lord’s church must not give in to the deception, chaos, and lawlessness that we see all around us. To do so often leads to anger, despair, and depression. We must remember that God is in control.

Our duty is to keep one

eye on the world, but the other squarely focused on the Word of God. It is from the latter

that we may experience comfort, hope, and peace during society’s insanity. “LOOKING FOR JESUS, THE AUTHOR AND FINISHER OF OUR FAITH.”