Israel Declares Independence From Biden

Israel Declares Independence From Biden


Israel Declares Independence
From Biden

Israel is fighting for its survival against Islamic genocidal violence and a corrupt political class in Washington DC

5/15/24 By Daniel Greenfield
Edited by Tim Buck


Yesterday, Israel marked its 76th Independence Day. Usually a day filled with parades and fireworks, the Israeli people will instead buckle down to the grim business of being at war.

Too much of the population is either deployed in the field or may soon be, displaced from their homes near the Gaza border or aware that at any moment rocket alerts could sound for incoming missiles from Gaza, Lebanon, Yemen or Iran.

This year, Yom HaZikaron, Memorial Day annually observed for the fallen, will overshadow Yom Ha’atzmaut or Independence Day.

Much like America’s Greatest Generation, the men and women who scrappily fought for Israel’s independence using crude weapons and WWII surplus gear are passing out of history.

Few now remember a time when Israel did not exist and some have come to take it for granted. While Israeli Air Force jets won’t be doing flyovers for the 76th, the leftist protesters, some backed by foreign interests, will still continue their rallies and riots that only serve to aid Hamas.

And yet Israel did declare a new kind of independence before its latest Yom Ha’atzmaut.

After nearly half a year of pressure campaigns to end the war, the Biden administration followed through by announcing an embargo on offensive weapons to Israel. It’s not the first time.

In 1947, the Truman administration had imposed an arms embargo on Israel. Truman, like the current Democrat in the White House, had played a familiar double game, offering diplomatic recognition to Israel and enthusiastic speeches to Jewish voters, even while privately promising Muslims the opposite and making sure that Israel would not have the weapons to defend itself.

When the Republican Party platform declared that it took “pride in the fact that the Republican Party was the first to call for the establishment of a free and independent Jewish Commonwealth” and condemned the “vacillation of the Democrat Administration”, Truman shot back angrily claiming that he supported
the Democratic platform and its call for “the revision of the arms embargo to accord to the State of Israel the right of self-defense.” This was a lie.
Truman had supported the arms embargo from the beginning. Three months before the Democrat platform had been adopted, the administration had backed a UN resolution that included an arms embargo.

Truman was saying one thing and doing another. Like Biden, Truman had been following political considerations.

That was why diplomats had been warned to stay away from making any anti-Israel moves at the United Nations before Election Day.

Even under the arms embargo, Israel survived an invasion by five Muslim nations.

“You just don’t understand. Forty million Arabs are going to push four hundred thousand Jews into the sea. And that’s all there is to it,” Secretary of Defense James Forrestal had predicted.

Three generations later, Israel is still here.

Israel’s 76th Independence Day has come around again. Once again the Jewish State is fighting for its survival against Islamic genocidal violence and a corrupt political class in Washington D.C.

It’s relearning the old lesson that presidents say one thing for public consumption and do another. And that independence is not just aspirational, it’s a simple matter of survival.

Biden’s betrayal of Israel was inevitable. The blindness of Israeli leaders to that eventuality, their conviction that if they followed every single guideline from the White House, they would have the support they needed to finish off Hamas in Gaza was a delusional fantasy.

Israel’s best bet lay in quickly doing what it needed to do. Everything the Biden administration wanted only slowed down the war effort and doomed the very support that Israel had been counting on.

A day after delivering a speech at the Holocaust Museum about his support for Israel, Biden told CNN
that the support was gone.

But Truman had pulled a similar trick with a rally at Madison Square Garden when he told New York’s Jewish voters that he was responsible for setting up Israel “as a free and independent political state” even while it was fighting for its survival.

The Truman administration continued backing worthless UN truces (the predecessors of today’s equally duplicitous ceasefires) which allowed the Islamic terrorists of the Muslim Brotherhood (the parent organization of Hamas) to continue attacking Jewish towns and massacring Jews.
While Truman was telling one thing to Jewish voters in New York City ahead of Election Day, Israel was evacuating children as part of ‘Operation Baby’ from front line communities under siege by terrorists during the latest ‘truce’. In Kibbutz Manara, the children had to be evacuated from the mountaintop in vegetable crates in a scene later recreated in the movie ‘Exodus’.

Manara had to be evacuated again after the Hamas attacks of Oct 7 and it’s estimated that half the homes in the community have been destroyed after Hezbollah Islamic terrorists have shot a rocket every day at the village. The people living there can’t go home. But unlike the Hamas supporters crying in Gaza, you won’t see their faces on the evening news.

After the 1948 election, not only weren’t there any arms sales, but the White House was upset that Israel had begun winning. The Egyptians had not only failed to push the Jews into the sea, but the Jews were now pushing them back into the Sinai.

A month after the election, in which 75% of Jews had voted for him, Truman demanded that Israel immediately withdraw or his administration would “re-examine” its mostly non-existent relations.

Truman, who would later claim credit for creating Israel, had done little more than provide de facto (not de jure) recognition to Israel, while still maintaining the arms embargo.

Truman’s move allowed Egypt to control Gaza and turn it over to the Muslim Brotherhood for regular terror raids on Israel. And that led directly to the rise of Hamas and the current war.

It’s also why Truman ought to get more credit for creating Hamas than for creating Israel.

Truman did not actually begin selling weapons to Israel until 1950, well after it had survived the war, and only in order to also be able to sell weapons to its Arab Muslim enemies as part of an agreement with the UK to “maintain a rough balance of power between Israel and the Arab states.“

American Jews have long lived with the comforting “Eddie Jacobson” myth that Truman had intervened on behalf of Israel because of a plea from his longtime friend and business partner.

The truth is that the Truman administration had opposed statehood, until Israel had gone ahead and declared it, had opposed any Israeli presence in Jerusalem, and blocked the pathway to victory, until Israel had gone ahead and won not because of Truman, but despite him.

Since then history has repeated itself again and again. And too many Israelis, who used to know better, bought into the silly myth that their country existed because Truman “liked” them.

Millions of Jews were murdered in Europe despite all the politicians who claimed to like them, but then did nothing for them. Hundreds of thousands of Jews in Israel held off armies and built a state, not because politicians liked them, but because they fought for their independence.

The Oslo Accords, made so that Israel would be liked, brought it to the brink of destruction. If Israel is going to undo that and the entire ‘palestinian’ colonial project, it has a limited time in which to act. Even after Oct 7, it was too consumed with being liked to do what had to be done.

Like America, Israel wants to be liked after Islamic terror attacks, when what it needs is to win.

On the 76th anniversary of its independence, Israel has once again been forced to declare its independence from a White House Democrat who publicly promised support while privately stabbing it in the back. Going into Rafah and finishing off Hamas will be a more meaningful celebration of Yom Ha’atzmaut or Independence Day than any flag-waving parades.

Independence is not in the fireworks you shoot off, it’s in taking independent action.

Contrary to popular myth, foreign aid to Israel isn’t proof that Jerusalem controls D.C. but that D.C. controls Jerusalem. What’s often misleadingly described as aid isn’t a big check, it’s an entanglement with the U.S. defense industry that prevents Israel from fighting an extended war without permission.

Since the War of Independence and the 1956 Suez Canal War, the priority has been to make sure that Israel won’t be able to unilaterally pursue a military campaign. Once denied weapons, Israel has been given them in exchange for being put on a leash out of D.C.

Oct 7 has become the ultimate test of Israel’s independence. And this Memorial Day and Independence Day will determine whether a nation of nearly 10 million is truly free to do more than mourn its dead, but once again take independent action to protect its living future.


War Clouds Forming

War Clouds Forming

The Israeli war cabinet and top security officials meet in Tel Aviv on April 14 shortly after Iran’s missile and drone attack on Israel.


War Clouds Forming

Israeli War Cabinet preparing to order ‘forceful’ retaliatory strike on Iran – expected to make final decision today!

3/16/24 By Tim Buck


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his War Cabinet are leaning towards ordering the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to launch a retaliatory strike against Iran in the coming days, according to Israel’s Channel 12 news.

A final decision has apparently not been made.

The War Cabinet is expected to convene again today.

But as war clouds form over the region, the stakes could not be higher.

This is a big decision.

The War Cabinet is signaling that they will probably order a strike on Iran, but leaking word of their deliberations so the Israeli public can begin to prepare, and so that foreign governments — including the White House — are aware of the cabinet’s thinking process.

After all, according to the New York Times, President Biden has insisted to Prime Minister Netanyahu and to the Israeli people that Israel should not retaliate.

Therefore, the War Cabinet is trying to walk carefully, knowing that a decision to retaliate would be going against Biden’s wishes.

I think Biden is wrong to insist that Israel refrains from retaliation. Perhaps he doesn’t want to see the Middle East escalate into some massive new war between Israel and Iran.

But where Biden is wrong is that Israel is already in a massive regional war with Iran.

Israel is already being attacked daily by Iranian terror proxies — Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthis in Yemen, and, of course, terror forces in Syria and Iraq.

Wishing for regional peace isn’t enough when Israel is already in a war that they never started.

Biden is wrong to appease Iran.

The Iranian regime only understands force and the attack on Saturday night and Sunday morning against Israel was unprecedented.

Never in the 76 year history of modern Israel has the Iranian government ever directly attacked Israeli territory but Iran just did so with 320 ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and suicide drones.

The good news is that Israel, the United States, Britain, France, Jordan, and other Arab nations helped shoot down 99% of those missiles.

But that brazen attack by Iran cannot go unpunished.

Biden is making it clear he doesn’t want Israel to be drawn into a prolonged fight, but the question is: Is he tying Israel’s hands? That is, is he threatening behind the scenes to cut off all US aid, ammunition, and weapons resupply to Israel if they go to war with Iran?

I hope not. We should pray that that isn’t true.

Maybe Biden just doesn’t want Israel to retaliate, but would support them if they feel they must.

That’s the big question, and Israel’s War Cabinet is determined to take Biden’s concerns into consideration — but they’re inclined to retaliate one way or the other.

If there were ever a moment to launch a decisive attack to neutralize the Iran nuclear and ballistic missile threat, this would be the week.

Israeli and international airlines are preparing to shut down all operations in and out of Israel because they expect a larger missile war to erupt any day now.

And remember, it’s not just Iranian missiles that Israel has to worry about.

Hezbollah, the terror force that’s backed by Iran in Lebanon, has 150,000 missiles aimed at the tiny Jewish State. So, this thing could get big, it could get apocalyptic, it could get devastating very, very quickly.

But what choice does Israel have? As I said, they’re already in this war, and they can’t allow Iran to attack us without there being a Israeli reaction, and a strong reaction at that.

I don’t think the Israeli government would survive politically if it doesn’t show a strong retaliatory action against the Iranian regime.

The question is: When and how and then what?

We urge Christians all over the world to pray for the leaders of Israel to have the wisdom to know exactly the best way forward, and to be praying fervently and faithfully for the peace of Jerusalem.


Hamas Collapsing Captured Terrorists Tell Israel

Hamas Collapsing Captured Terrorists Tell Israel

Hamas Collapsing
Captured Terrorists Tell Israel

4/2/24 By Tim Buck


The Hamas terror organization is suffering heavy losses and is collapsing in on itself, captured terrorists have told their Israeli interrogators, according to Israel’s defense minister.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant met with IDF soldiers at the 98th Division’s headquarters Sunday, and held an operational assessment.

During his visit, Gallant discussed Israel’s recent gains in its ongoing war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, saying that testimonials by terrorists captured in the IDF’s massive raid on Shifa Hospital in Gaza City highlighted the decline of Hamas’ operational capabilities.

“The group is collapsing from within,” Gallant said captured terrorists have told Israeli security.

“In the last week or two, hundreds of terrorists have been captured and what they say about what happened to them tells the whole story. They say that Hamas is collapsing from within. The prices they pay are very heavy.”

“In the last few days, we have also seen very great progress, both in the terrorists in the field, and with more senior commanders, even very senior ones,” Gallant continued.

Shifa Hospital, the local headquarters for Hamas in the northern Gaza Strip prior to the Israeli invasion of Gaza, was reoccupied by Hamas forces in recent months, Israeli security officials said earlier this month.

On the night of March 18th, the IDF launched a massive, multi-day raid on the hospital, sparking running gun battles with terrorists inside and outside of the facility.

Hundreds of terrorists were killed during the operation, with over 800 others arrested.

IDF chief spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari told reporters on March 25th that the operation in Shifa Hospital had “a huge effect on Hamas and Islamic Jihad,” adding that it was the most enemy combatants killed and captured in a single raid in the war, which will cause “severe damage” to terror organizations in the northern Gaza Strip.

Through ultimatums, threats to withhold arms, vote abstentions, and condescending rhetoric, the Biden administration has made it clear that it believes that “peace at all costs” between Israel and Hamas is necessary for his reelection. To them, Biden’s reelection is far more important than the future of Israel.

However, Israel believes that for Israel to be safe, the cancerous tumor of Hamas must be removed now!



Israel To ‘Expand Campaign’ In The North, Against Hezbollah


Israel Defense Forces will “expand the campaign” against Hezbollah on its northern border, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant recently announced, as the IDF carried out several targeted eliminations of enemy commanders over the past few days.

“Israel is turning from defending to pursuing Hezbollah, we will reach wherever the organization operates, in Beirut, Damascus, and in more distant places,” Gallant said after an assessment at the IDF’s Northern Command.

Following alleged Israeli strikes in Syria that reportedly killed dozens, including a senior Hezbollah commander on Friday morning, the IDF later announced it had eliminated the group’s deputy commander of its rocket and missile unit.

Gallant said he observed the strike against Ali Naim, who was killed in an airstrike while driving his car near al-Bazouriye.

Naim was considered a “significant center of knowledge in the organization, a leader in the field of rockets, and among the pioneers of the strategy of launching heavy rockets,” the IDF said.

“As part of his role he worked to plan and carry out attacks against Israel’s home front,” the army added.

“The one responsible for the serious damage in Lebanon is Hezbollah and the one responsible for the many casualties in the Hezbollah group is [Hassan] Nasrallah personally,” Gallant said on Friday.

“They have over 320 killed terrorists, and we will exact a price for any action coming out of Lebanon. Wherever we need to act, we will act,” he vowed.

“Israeli intelligence has been conducting successful operations targeting Hezbollah’s command structures in Lebanon since the beginning of the war,” said Joe Truzman, senior research analyst at The Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), regarding the strike.

“The strike on Ali Naim not only dealt a blow to the group but also sent a clear message that Israel will retaliate decisively against those who threaten its security,” Truzman added.

Hezbollah and the IDF continued exchanging fire over the weekend, with the Lebanese group claiming responsibility for several attacks, including the launch of a heavy Burkan rocket at an IDF post.

Lebanese media reported on Saturday that the IDF was responsible for a strike that injured four members of UNIFIL, the UN peacekeeping mission on the Israel-Lebanon border.

“Contrary to the reports, the IDF did not strike a UNIFIL vehicle in the area of Rmeish this morning,” the Israeli army stated in response.

The car was carrying three UN technical observers and one Lebanese translator when a blast occurred nearby, a source told Reuters.

The blast occurred in a predominantly Christian area, where residents have, on several occasions, prevented Hezbollah from launching attacks on Israel from their towns. Consequently, this region has remained untouched by Israeli airstrikes.

The IDF also announced that fighter jets had struck multiple Hezbollah targets across southern Lebanon on Friday and Saturday.

Following rocket launches from Lebanon in the area of Biranit, the IDF struck the responsible rocket launcher quickly with assistance from the 146th Division and the Israeli Air Force.



‘Down With The USA’:
Protesters Disrupt Biden Event, Chant That Hamas Al-qassam Brigades ‘Are On Their Way’


America continues to explode with anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

Anti-Israel protesters chanted against Joe Biden, the United States of America, and Israel at the Democrat’s star-studded fundraiser featuring former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton at the New York City Radio City Music Hall last week.

“Down with the USA,” chanted protesters in a video, “Netanyahu you will pay.”

Protesters also chanted, “Al-Qassam are on their way,” referring to Hamas’s armed wing, the al-Qassam Brigades.

Anti-Imperialist rhetoric was repeated by protesters, who in a Palestinian Youth Movement video called “Hands of the middle east, from the belly of the beast” and in another video tied Palestine to other conflicts, proclaiming “From Haiti to Palestine, occupation is a crime.”

“There is only one solution, intifada revolution,” demonstrators chanted. “When people are occupied, resistance is justified.”


American Support For Israel Slipping Away

American Support For Israel Slipping Away




American Support For Israel
Slipping Away

3/27/24 By Tim Buck


Blinded By Hatred:
The Absurdity Of The Two-State Solution

And it shall happen in that day that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away (move it from Israel to the Palestinians) will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the earth are gathered against it.
Zechariah 12:3

As we inch closer to the Rapture and the 7-year Tribulation, the prophetic landscape continues to come into focus, one where the world is increasingly turning against Israel.


Now we’re seeing the Biden Administration strongly veering away from supporting Israel and following the same path as the rest of the world.

Here Are Three Examples:


Sanctioning Jews Living in the West Bank

On February 1, Joe Biden took the biggest step any U.S. president has ever taken against Israel’s so-called “settler” movement, the Jewish families living in the West Bank. He issued an executive order “imposing certain sanctions on persons undermining peace, security, and stability in the West Bank” and used this new authority to punish four Israeli settlers for violence against Palestinians and Israeli peace activists. But because the president’s directive dealt with the West Bank and not the war in Gaza, it was largely overlooked.

However, a careful reading of the order reveals that the move was no PR exercise. It was a warning shot—part of a deliberate strategy to splinter Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition and to advance the cause of the two-state solution by broadcasting to the world that America now opposes Israel’s right to the West Bank.

Recently, Biden upped the ante and is now threatening to sanction entire subdivisions across the West Bank. In time, such a radical move could even tilt the scale to upend the U.S.-Israeli relationship, something that Satan is aiming to do.


Biden’s Shameful Betrayal of Israel at the United Nations

By allowing the United Nations Security Council to pass a resolution demanding an “immediate ceasefire” in Gaza while Hamas remains in power and still holds 130 hostages, the Biden administration has shamefully betrayed Israel, a key ally while empowering the terrorist group Hamas who is committed to Israel’s destruction.


Biden Building New Terrorist Port in Gaza: The Trojan Horse for Terrorists to Take Over the Region

The floating Gaza Sea Port disaster is moving forward as the Biden administration is intent on setting up this controversial naval port in Gaza waters in order to address the “made up humanitarian crisis.” The facts are that GAZA ALREADY RECEIVES ROUGHLY DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF FOOD that it did before the war. The entire livelihood and DNA of this ‘ever-needy’ and ‘never content’ abusive people is based upon demanding, receiving and consuming immense amounts of international aid, making them eternal and ungrateful beggars. Giving them more aid is not going to help them break free from their bondage.

The true reason for the food shortage in Gaza is the problematic distribution that is deliberately driven by Hamas to create the fake crisis in order to feed images to global audiences. The unnecessary naval port will exacerbate the problem by flooding the troubled area with additional unnecessary supplies, requiring IDF forces to protect U.S. personnel.

It is likely that the real goal of creating this floating port is not to import food (of which there already is an oversupply), but construction materials. This project will most probably be handed over to either Qatar or an “American-Palestinian-Administration” (Palestinian Authority) to manage, with the materials ending up in Hamas’ hands to rebuild their terror infrastructure. A very bad idea.

Logistically, it would be far simpler to use the existing high-tech and fast-loading Israeli port of Ashdod that is located a short distance (roughly 30 miles) north of Gaza. Traveling from the Ashdod Port to Gaza by truck, food and aid could be transferred faster and more securely, avoiding the immense expenses and security issues that will arise with this unnecessary floating port.

However, WISE LOGISTICS AND BETTER SECURITY ARE NOT THE GOALS behind this delusional vision. Samantha Power, Director of “U.S. AID“ which is responsible for American “humanitarian assistance” to the Palestinians, may have other ideas in mind. For years, she has proposed and encouraged the presence of UN or NATO forces on the ground in Gaza as well as Judea & Samaria to “protect” innocent Palestinians from Israeli aggression. Such a hellish scenario could place IDF and American forces in a very bad and confrontational situation, potentially repeating the 1983 Beirut incident where, under similar circumstances, IDF and American units nearly clashed.

We hope and pray that this floating port never materializes, and that UN or NATO forces never place foot in Israel! Such a scenario will bring us that much nearer to the irreversible dynamics of the end of the age when Israel finds herself standing all alone.

It was a foreign (and hostile) prophet, Balaam, who was one of the first prophets to clearly see that Israel’s national calling will cause her to also be isolated and rejected by all other nations.

Balaam spoke, “How shall I curse whom God has not cursed? And how shall I denounce whom the LORD has not denounced? For from the top of the rocks I see him, and from the hills I behold him. There! A people dwelling alone, not reckoning itself among the nations…” (Numbers 23:8-9). Not a pretty sight, but necessary.


What’s Going On?

These are only three examples of the purposeful, anti-Israel policies of the Biden administration.

Israel currently finds itself in a war on all sides and being bombarded by worldwide threats to leave Hamas alone in Gaza. As if that wasn’t enough, a new gathering storm is coming by the threat of the world’s western nations banning together to impose the Two-State Solution on Israel without their permission or negotiation. And at a crucial time when Israel is in the middle of a war!

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under attack from all sides despite doing an excellent job steering Israel through all the troubled waters since the pivotal events of October 7.

It’s vital to recognize that what’s driving these historic times is that the enemy knows his time is short and the Biden administration and their handlers recognize they are now in the fourth quarter. Satan is using the willing Biden administration to come down against Israel as hard as possible.


The Trump Card

The real possibility of a second Trump presidency is also a motivating factor for Biden’s public, radical change toward Israel. In 2021, it became clear to prophecy watchers like FOTET that Biden would be more useful to Satan in the White House than Trump and now for the last four years we’ve been watching this play out. Now America is again facing the very real possibility of four more years of Donald Trump’s pro-Israel policies. Satan can’t stand by and let this happen and is hedging his bet to wound Israel as much as possible making 2024 the ‘Hail Mary’ year for the enemy to finally get America dislodged from supporting Israel. So, hang on to your hat, the worst is surely yet to come.

But keep looking up for the blessed hope and the glorious appearance of the Lord! All of these things were foretold to happen just before Jesus returns for the church. Are you watching and ready?

Biden Has Officially Turned Against Israel

Biden Has Officially Turned Against Israel



Biden Has Officially
Turned Against Israel

This is Bad News for USA

3/11/24 By Tim Buck



The State of the Union, strangely enough, was the point at which the Biden administration decided to roll out its public anti-Israel campaign beginning with the staged ‘hot mic’ moment.
It couldn’t come at a worse time as Israel is preparing to enter Rapha and finish off Hamas.

There had been a drumbeat of leaks and anonymous statements in the weeks leading up to it, but now Biden has gone on record that…

1. He’s opposed to Israel’s government

2. He wants a ceasefire

3. He’s preparing to pull the resupply of weapons

Some of these revelations about the president turning against Israel came in an MSNBC interview. It’s no coincidence that Biden was prepped for an interview with the most leftward cable channel and the one that is the most opposed to Israel.

Biden told MSNBC that he wants a “6-week ceasefire” and that Israel going into Rafah to finish off Hamas would be a “red line”.

He criticized Netanyahu and claimed that he’s hurting Israel by continuing to fight Hamas.

Biden defended the pro-Hamas Arab Muslim campaigners in Dearborn claiming that, “What they said was that they’re very upset, and I don’t blame him for being upset… They want something done about it. They’re saying, ‘Joe, do something.’”

“That’s why I’m doing everything I can to try to stop it.”

He also appeared to suggest that he might pull offensive weapons from Israel’s resupply package.

Biden blamed Israel for the carnage saying that, “There are other ways to… deal with with the trauma caused by Hamas.”

Kamala, as usual, was worse, giving an interview to CBS News in which she stated that “it’s important for us to distinguish or at least not conflate the Israeli government with the Israeli people.”

Kamala also noted that, “the Israeli people are entitled to security – as are the Palestinians. In equal measure.”

This “equal measure” phrase is a clear withdrawal of any special relationship with Israel or support for it.

After this things are only going to get worse. The Israeli government erred in the same familiar way by thinking that if it did everything possible to meet the demands of D.C., it would be allowed to fight the terrorists.

That was always a mistake. And it was a mistake this time.

Instead of finishing quickly, Israel assumed that if it focused on avoiding civilian casualties and harm, it would retain the support of the White House.

But that support was always going to go away.

The government now has a limited window in which to finish the job before the combination of political, economic, and even potentially military pressure makes that prohibitive.

Appeasing Biden will no longer work. He’s under too much domestic political pressure. The time to finish the job is now. There will be no later.

Prophecy Headlines

Prophecy Headlines





Prophecy Headlines

2/27/24 By Tim Buck


Hamas, Gaza

There are still 134 hostages in Gaza. Hamas needs to understand that there will be no peace until the hostages have been returned home.

As part of the preparation for the invasion of Rafah in southernmost Gaza, Head of Shin Bet Ronen Bar and Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi visited Cairo. The Egyptian government has been concerned that military action in Rafah will push Palestinians into their country.

In other words, the Egyptian Arabs want to make sure that none of the Palestinian Arabs cross the border. Why? Because they know the Palestinians and recognize that they bring trouble with them wherever they go. Former Jordanian King Hussein understood that truth and used his military to drive out all the militant Palestinian factions from his country. Bar and Halevi reassured the Cairo government that they needn’t be concerned.

Israeli citizens were once again reminded how dangerous tunnel warfare is when they were informed of the deaths of 25-year-old Maj. Iftah Shahar and 24-year-old Cpt. Itai Seif. A booby-trapped tunnel shaft exploded in Gaza killing the two officers and wounding ten more soldiers. Never before in the history of warfare has a military been forced to conduct simultaneous above and below ground operations in the manner necessary in Gaza.

It seems that everyone in the world is desperate for a ceasefire, except Hamas and Israel. Excitement for a ceasefire began to stir again this past week, leading Joe Biden to postulate that a deal could be signed as soon as Monday. But two days ago, Hamas said, “No way!” The two most disappointed by this are Biden, who needs peace in the Middle East before the elections, and the Gazan people, who are seeing prices for necessities skyrocket as Hamas steals goods and relief supplies for themselves.



Gaza Stampede
The latest ‘blame Israel’ fiasco just happened, after the deadly stampede in Gaza. Aerial footage released by the IDF shows thousands of Gazans rushing towards aid trucks after they passed an IDF checkpoint. As the crowds thronged towards the trucks loaded with food and supplies, hundreds of Gazans were caught in the stampede and were crushed.


‘Massacre’ Blamed on Israel… of Course!


Israel shared footage of IDF soldiers trying to disperse the crowds and adamantly denied responsibility for the deaths. Hamas blamed Israel for the ‘massacre’ of over 100 Palestinians and, as expected, Israel was condemned around the world.

France said “fire by Israeli soldiers against civilians trying to access food” was “unjustifiable,” and the “tragic event” came as an “increasing number of Palestinian civilians” are suffering from hunger and disease.

President Biden called the incident “tremendously alarming” and said the US is investigating “competing versions” of events, seemingly equating the legitimacy of the version presented by Israel with that of Hamas. Typical Biden playing both sides!

And we know very well that the mainstream media is not interested in reporting the truth, only in promoting the false Palestinian narrative. Hypocrisy, downright lies and modern day blood libels run rampant when it comes to Israel and the Jewish people.


Hezbollah, Northern Front


The back and forth between Hezbollah and Israel in the north continues. A heavy barrage earlier this week consisting of 40 rockets was launched toward northeastern Galilee and Kiryat Shmona. Most were intercepted or fell in unpopulated areas. However, one rocket landed on the roof of a three-story building but caused no casualties.

Two days prior, on Monday, IDF aircraft targeted a car driven by Hassan Hossein Salami, killing the man. The senior Hezbollah commander, who was in charge of the Hajir Sector, oversaw a number of terrorist plots carried out against IDF forces and Israeli civilians.

A building near Damascus used as headquarters for pro-Iranian militias was destroyed in an Israeli strike Wednesday night. Very powerful bombs dropped by IAF planes decimated the structure in the Saida Zeinab area, while a Syrian army facility in the south Damascus village of Hajira was also blown apart. Reports of casualties began to filter out as the fires burned late into the night.




Last Tuesday, the Rubymar, a Belize-flagged cargo ship carrying fertilizer from the UAE to Belarus, was hit by a Houthi anti-ship missile while in the Red Sea. The resulting 18-mile oil slick became a natural disaster. The ship is now sinking. Before a senate subcommittee, US Special Envoy for Yemen Tim Lenderking testified that Iran was “equipping and facilitating” the Houthis in their attacks. The Houthis are just another of Iran’s proxy militias, just a little better funded and a lot more crazy. Last Saturday, the U.S. and U.K. launched dozens of strikes against the terrorist group, targeting infrastructure and weapons.

The Houthis are targeting more than just ships. In the past months, four underwater communications cables are alleged to have been knocked out of working order. The cables, which run between Saudi Arabia and Djibouti, are a key link between Europe, Asia, and Africa. Repairs could take up to eight weeks.


Abraham Accords


Ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia are growing stronger. But for the relationship to progress, it has to be done quietly. On Monday at the World Trade Organization’s ministerial conference in Abu Dhabi, Israeli Economy Minister Nir Barkat approached Saudi Arabia’s Commerce Minister Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi. The two shook hands and Barkat told his counterpart, “Israel is interested in peace with countries that seek peace, and we can make history together.” It was a cordial meeting. Unfortunately, it was recorded, and the video quickly went viral. Before you knew it, the Saudi government issued a statement saying that Qasabi was busy, talking to the Nigerian minister when “an unknown individual approached the minister to offer greetings.” Only later did he identify himself as a member of the “Israeli occupation government.” In the Middle East, appearance is everything.