9/20/23  By Tim Buck

“But I have chosen Jerusalem, that my name might be there.”
2 Chronicles 6:6

Based on previous experience, America should prepare themselves for some type of major disaster thanks to Joe Biden’s speech to the world at the UN General Assembly in NY yesterday.

In the past, whenever an America President puts pressure on Israel to divide the land it doesn’t go well. And this speech was strongly anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian so hang on to your hat!  

Joe Biden addressed the United Nations, telling them that,

“the land of Israel must be divided to fulfill the Two State Solution for a Palestinian state!”

The slow but steady tick, tick of the Bible prophecy clock continues it’s march through the last days until it reaches a resolution.

WWI prepared the land for the Jews with the defeat of Ottoman control over the promised land. WWII prepared the Jews for the land, with God’s chosen people realizing that the only safe place on earth would be their ancient homeland where they could control their own destiny.

And that same land, right now, is being pulled out from under them for the creation of an Allah worshipping, Palestinian terror state. If left up to Biden and his cronies, the Two-State Solution would end up

more like the “Final Solution.”

Joe Biden: US to work for Israeli normalization and two states.

FROM THE JERUSALEM POST: The United States plans to seek both the normalization of the Jewish state with its Arab neighbors and a two-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, US President Joe Biden told the United Nations on Tuesday.

Biden set out his foreign policy agenda as one of the first speakers to address the high-level portion of the 78th opening session of the UN General Assembly. He focused on the importance of regional cooperation as a blue-print to solve global crises and conflict, including in the Middle East.

God is getting ready to do an amazing thing, Isaiah 28 calls it His ‘strange work’ and His ‘strange act’. What is that? The LORD is going to allow His chosen people the Jews and His holy city of Jerusalem to fall under the control of the enemy that the “time of Jacob’s trouble” (Jer. 30:7) may be fulfilled. We are fast closing in on the time of the Tribulation and everything we’re seeing is pointing in that direction.

So lift up your eyes and be ready for the coming of the Lord may be sooner than you think!



A Saudi-Israeli Peace Deal? Who Wants What, and Why! Part One

A Saudi-Israeli Peace Deal? Who Wants What, and Why! Part One

A Saudi-Israeli Peace Deal?
Who Wants What, and Why!

Part One

9/7/23  By Tim Buck
“Hasten and come, all you surrounding nations,
and gather yourselves there… for I will sit to judge all the surrounding nations.”

Joel 3:11-12


The Saudi Crown Prince, Muhammad bin Salmon (MBS) “prefers a deterring – rather than a deterred – Israel.” 
A conclusion of an Israeli-Saudi-Palestinian-US (peace or normalization) accord requires the U.S. State Department to recognize:

– The inherent constraints of the inter-Arab arena;
– The predominance of the Saudi – over Palestinian – interest;
– The intra-Arab Palestinian track record;
– The critical role of Israel’s posture of deterrence.

Dangers of Inter-Arab Arena

Any accord would have to acknowledge the unique features of the inter-Arab arena, which has demonstrated – since the 7th century – violence, intolerance, fragmentation, local over national identity/loyalty, no peaceful-coexistence, no democracy, but despotic rulers, who ascend to – and lose – power through “the bullet” rather than the ballot. Hence, the tenuous and unpredictable nature of rulers, their policies and accords.

MBS, played a key role in orchestrating the Abraham Accords and has displayed exceptional courage and tenacity in modernizing Saudi Arabia, religiously, culturally, economically and educationally. However, he operates in the unpredictable, Arab environment, as evidenced by domestic and external threats surrounding Saudi Arabia like Iran, and including a power struggle within the royal family, and the intensified tension between MBS and the puritan-like Wahabbi Islamic establishment in central and southwestern Saudi Arabia, which was accepted until recently as the leading authority on Islam and an essential ally of the House of Saud since 1744.

Saudi Vision 2030 is an aggressive government launched plan by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that includes a future economic zone and a $500B “smart city” that aims to reshape the kingdom to achieve the goal of increased diversification economically, socially and culturally, in line with the vision of Saudi Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman.



Saudi Interests First

Saudi – not Palestinian – interests have guided MBS’ policy toward Israel, which he views as a vital ally, militarily, technologically and diplomatically, in the pursuit of his ambitious “Vision 2030.” This vision aims at leveraging the Saudi geography and wealth, transforming the kingdom into a regional and global financial, military and diplomatic power. Israeli technology especially plays an important role in the building of MBS’ future city NEOM.

MBS has no illusions about the volcanic nature of the Middle East, including his assessment of the lethal threat posed by Iran’s Ayatollahs, irrespective of the resumption of diplomatic ties. He considers Israel as the most reliable ally in the face of mutual threats (e.g., Iran’s Ayatollahs and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists), especially against the backdrop of the eroded US’ posture of deterrence.

Israel’s technological capabilities are sought by MBS

in order to diversify the energy-reliant Saudi economy and expand sources of national income.

MBS is aware of Israel’s positive stature on Capitol Hill (despite the antagonistic radical wing of the Democratic Party), which possesses the power of the purse and is co-equal to the Executive Branch in finalizing the sale of advanced military systems and defense pacts.

The recent Palestinian inter-Arab track record – especially subversion and terrorism against Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Kuwait – has become a role model of rogue conduct and ingratitude. It has determined MBS’ attitude toward the Palestinian issue. The Crown Prince is also aware of the Palestinian intimate relationships with terror organizations in the Middle East (especially Hamas and the Moslem Brotherhood), Europe, Africa and Latin America, as well as with Iran’s Ayatollahs, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and the Soviet Bloc.
MBS realizes that a Palestinian state would add fuel to the Middle East fire, and he therefore limits his support of the Palestinians mostly to talk, refraining from significant actions. He’s not willing to sacrifice Saudi interests on the Palestinian altar and will not tolerate a Palestinian veto power over Saudi relations with Israel, which he perceives as an essential ally in the pursuit of “Vision 2030.”

Israel’s posture of deterrence has induced MBS to seek closer ties with the Jewish State. He appreciates Israel flexing its military muscle against Iran in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and even on Iranian soil, and Israel’s war on Palestinian and Islamic terrorism.

Israel’s posture of deterrence is upgraded by its determination to fend off U.S. pressure when it comes to critical national security matters, such as the bombing of Iraq’s and Syria’s nuclear reactors, which spared Saudi Arabia the wrath of a nuclear Saddam Hussein and a nuclearized civil war in Syria.

MBS prefers a deterring – rather than a deterred – Israel.

Keep the Mountains, 6-Day War

Israel’s posture of deterrence has been substantially upgraded since winning the 6-DAY WAR in 1967, upon regaining control of the mountain ridges of the Golan Heights, Samaria and Judea (the West Bank), which constitute the cradle of Jewish history, religion and culture, as well as the minimal security requirements in the volcanic and shifty Middle East.

A retreat from the mountain ridges of Judea and Samaria – which are a fixed asset of national security – in return for an accord with Saudi Arabia – would transform Israel from a war- a

nd terror-deterring country for the U.S. to a war- and terror-inducing country and a burden on America. It would exacerbate Middle East instability, enhance Iran’s Ayatollahs, along with Russia and China, while dealing a blow to vital U.S. interests.

In fact, major waves of Palestinian terrorism erupted following dramatic Israeli gestures/concessions, such as 1993 Oslo, the 2000 withdrawal/flight from Lebanon and the 2005 “disengagement” from Gaza. But interestingly no significant terrorism followed such actions as the reunification of Jerusalem, the application of Israeli law to the Golan Heights, the construction of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria and the destruction of Iraq’s and Syria’s nuclear reactors. It seems the anti-Israel Arab world respects peace through Israel’s strength.

Can Biden Succeed 

The looming question is how deceived and stricken is the Biden administration foreign policy? Is the U.S. State Department aware that Saudi Arabia’s policy is driven by Middle East reality and its own interests, not by Western conventional wisdom and Palestinian interests?

Is the State Department cognizant of the fact that while Saudi Arabia would rather avoid a Zionist sovereignty in the “abode of Islam,” it respects Israel’s history and security-driven posture of deterrence, and its willingness to defy U.S. and global pressure?

Is the State Department mindful of the fact that the Saudi Crown Prince is preoccupied with “Vision 2030,” aware of Israel’s potential contribution to this mega-vision, and therefore encouraged the Abraham Accords, while concluding unprecedented commercial and defense agreements with Israel?

Is the State Department aware that Saudi frustration with the U.S. diplomatic option toward Iran is pushing the Saudis closer to China and Russia?



Hunter Biden Plea Deal Shows The Corruption Of The Biden Administration!

Hunter Biden Plea Deal Shows The Corruption Of The Biden Administration!







The Corrupt Hunter Biden Plea Deal is a
Cover-Up. The law is different when you’re the president’s son.

Hunter Biden Plea Deal Shows The Corruption Of The Biden Administration

6/22/23 By Tim Buck

But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.”
2 Timothy 3:13

America has become a nation where if your friends are in power, then the laws don’t apply. Actor Wesley Snipes served 3 years in a federal prison for exactly the same crime that Hunter committed, and that was not Hunter’s only crime. Now the Biden Crime Family is set up for life. The Hunter plea deal story is already off the headlines and didn’t last for 24 hours. What does that tell you?

To express disappointment in the results of the Hunter Biden probe is to admit you ever believed it was an honest investigation. Two-thirds of federal tax offenders get prison time. The average sentence is 14 months. In some ways, Hunter Biden is average. The average federal tax offender is a 52-year-old white male, Hunter is 53. But Hunter is special in one way and only one way: his last name.

And so Hunter walks away with probation after pleading guilty to tax evasion charges.

Hunter was allowed to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax offenses with no mention of the felony count of tax evasion that prosecutors had been reportedly considering.

What happened to that felony charge? The same thing that happened to the other charges which reveals the collusion and depth of corruption in the Justice department and FBI.

Tax evasion penalties are supposed to punitively rise when sophisticated schemes are used to evade taxes. The House Oversight Committee recently exposed dozens of shell companies and millions of dollars in wire transfers. These “sophisticated” setups have not been addressed. Unlike other tax evasion cases involving international financial transfers, the question wasn’t even raised. Nor are any of Biden’s partners or family members facing investigations or charges. This is far from the norm, but that’s true of the entire Hunter Biden investigation.

IRS whistleblowers had come forward accusing the government of ‘slow walking’ the case. The only possible justification for taking this long to work on the Hunter Biden investigation would have been if investigators were actually unraveling a complex web of international connections, assembling a list of shell firms and flipping Hunter’s financial partners. There was no reason to spend years on little more than assessing a baseline tax penalty that could have been managed by a single IRS agent, let alone a 12-man investigative team, inside of a month. If even that.

The FBI had finished its work in 2022 while the IRS had wrapped its work even earlier. There was no reason to continue dragging out the case except to give Biden’s appointees time to get through the Senate and exert their influence on the proceedings.

In March, Republicans voted to confirm Danny Werfel: Biden’s nominee for IRS commissioner.

Werfel had previously been brought in under Obama after the IRS was caught targeting the administration’s political opponents. The former IRS acting commissioner had promised to get to the bottom of things only to conduct a cover-up of the political targeting.

By May, the IRS investigative team had been suspended from the Hunter Biden case.

Once members of the IRS investigative team came forward they were suspended on orders from Biden’s Department of Justice. The 12 member team was pulled from the case even while the façade of the investigation went on even though nothing was going on except the cover-up.

Whistleblowers had claimed that Justice Department political appointees were blocking charges.

The Hunter Biden laptops had provided federal investigators with graphic evidence of numerous alleged crimes, financial, sexual and drug-related, but the whistleblowers alleged that, much as the Durham report had shown in Russiangate, proper protocols were not followed.

Any of Hunter’s individual alleged crimes would normally have led to years in prison.

Former U.S. Attorney Brett L. Tolman stated that, “diversion would not be available for you or me if convicted… we would get 39 months on average in prison for same offense.”

Tolman noted that the pretrial diversion used to give Hunter a pass is not available to those accused of offenses involving child exploitation or offenses related to national security and foreign affairs. By excluding the alleged sexual materials on Hunter’s laptop and the national security implications of his dealings with foreign nationals, the DOJ gave Hunter a pass.

A DOJ press release claims that, “Federal Prosecutors Aggressively Pursuing Those Who Lie in Connection With Firearm Transactions”. People who lie about their drug use on firearms forms have been locked away with a possible penalty of as much as ten years in prison.

Imagine for a moment if Hunter Biden were a black man named Kenta Quenshawn Hopson Jr.

When Hopson was asked to fill out a form asking whether he was a drug user, he lied. According to his arrest affidavit, Hopson is a “known marijuana user and marked that he was not a marijuana user on the form.” Hunter Biden was a known crackhead and lied about it. Nobody is arresting him. And no one will. The problem isn’t that Hunter is white, it’s that he’s a Biden.

The much more serious failure to register as a foreign agent charges haven’t even been touched. Neither has there been any meaningful examination of the shell companies.

The federal investigation calculatedly stripped away any elements that might have led to Joe Biden or other members of the family. The case was reduced to its barest essentials: a limited payoff for a failure to pay taxes was arranged, so that the case could be disposed of even while officially continuing in order to allow the FBI, the new Biden IRS tax commissioner and the DOJ to reject any congressional oversight on the grounds that it might harm the investigation.

By narrowing down the case to Hunter’s taxes and gun charge: any pathways leading to the rest of the Biden crime family were cut off. The deal not only gives Hunter a pass, but more importantly makes sure that the investigation will not affect the family or its corrupt patriarch.

This investigation was about protecting Hunter, but more importantly about protecting Joe.

Like banks and industries, a former small time Delaware politico has become too big to fail. And his son, who many have alleged was merely acting as his bag man, is also along for the ride, alternating the crack cocaine, hookers and foreign cash with a “Get Out of Jail Free” card.

In the years since Hunter was palling around with Chinese and Ukrainian oligarchs, he stopped just being the son of a vice president and then ex-vice president, and became the weak point of the man on whom the hopes of the Democrats were riding on. Now that weak point has been sealed. The Democrats may not do much for their constituents in Newark or Detroit, but if you happen to be the president’s son, you can violate as many laws as you want.

And if that’s true of his son, how can it not be true of Joe Biden?

Biden Surrendering U.S. Sovereignty To WHO!!!

Biden Surrendering U.S. Sovereignty To WHO!!!

World Health Organization glass building. Mirrored sky and city on modern facade. WHO, emergency, healthcare, epidemic, virus, help, prevention and medical concept in 3D rendering animation.







Biden Surrendering U.S. Sovereignty To the World Health Organization

Special report by Michelle Bachman in Geneva at the 76th Annual WHO Assembly
(May 21-30, 2023)May 25, 2023 by Tim Buck

“I can appreciate a skillfully crafted evil plan, and that’s what I see… There will be a lot of people deceived”

Former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is in Geneva, Switzerland this week as part of a team of prayer warriors interceding for the very serious situation in which the world finds itself. We are on the brink of a major historical event in which power is in the process of shifting from nation-states to international bodies affiliated with the United Nations. It’s that process and how to accomplish it that’s being discussed right now at the 76th annual World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland.

Bachmann will be monitoring the proceedings regarding major amendments to the International Health Regulations (last amended in 2005) as well as an all-new pandemic accord that would shift massive amounts of power from national governments over to the United Nations World Health Organization and its director general. Today, she provided a timetable for the nations of the world to enter into this global pact, surrendering their sovereignty over “public health emergencies” to the WHO.
Bachmann stated that the WHO’s 194 member nations will take a final vote on whether to hand over their sovereignty to the WHO one year from today at the 77th World Health Assembly in May 2024.

“That vote will be on the package of 300 amendments supplanting (changing) the current International Health Rules,” she said. “The delegates will also vote on the global pandemic health treaty/accord.”

Those two documents will be synthesized and coordinated and will be voted on at the same event in Geneva in May 2024, Bachmann explained.

“There was no dissent registered by any nation thus far at the World Health Assembly 2023 to either the proposed 300 amendments nor to the global pandemic treaty,” she said.

“It is a unified voice of support for passage of the amendments and the proposed pandemic treaty.”

She further stated that a U.S. delegate to the Assembly spoke Tuesday, May 23, in favor of passing the package of proposed international health amendments and the global pandemic accords.

Barring intervention, the timetable and agenda are in place for passage in May 2024.

“Nations will negotiate and will discuss the proposed 300 amendments and pandemic treaty in New York City at the UN General Assembly meeting in September 2023,” Bachmann said. “The final package of amendments will be presented to the UN in January 2024, meaning the amendments and treaty will not be altered after that date.”

She further stated that, “The delegates plan to return to Geneva in February 2024 to discuss and finalize their plans before the final vote one year from now at the 77th World Health Assembly at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, May 2024.”

Another reliable report came from James Roguski, a California-based researcher and writer.

He said the draft documents have been crafted in almost complete secrecy and yet they will be presented as inclusive and reflective of a broad array of stakeholders.

He said U.S. passports in the early 1970s were issued with a smallpox vaccine certificate. This was your proof when entering another country that you had been immunized against smallpox. He said his girlfriend still has an old passport from 1972 showing the certificate of vaccination.

“In Annex 6 of the International Health Regulations there’s a form identical to my girlfriend’s passport of 1972. It’s already been there but they want to digitize that, which would make it much easier to expand to whatever else they want to require or mandate. Digitizing it would open it up to all sorts of other certificates of compliance on a QR code.”

Roguski said every nation under these proposed changes sees itself as having the right to tell foreign travelers “you have to get these injections or you can’t come to our nation or state.”

The question is, how to do that?

This one item, digital health certificates, is included in the proposed amendments to the IHRs. That also happens to be the one item the G20 nations all agreed at their summit in Indonesia last November that they wanted every nation to accept and implement.

“Each nation is about to be coerced into abusing not necessarily their own citizens’ freedoms but the freedoms of the citizens of every other nation, but if everyone agrees to abuse other nations’ citizens then everyone ends up being abused,” Roguski said. “The irony and the hypocrisy are unbelievable. This is the thing that I think they might push through. It’s just a digital expansion of what everyone already accepts, and then you really do have a worldwide (digital) ID system.”

“And nobody is talking about it,” Roguski said. “They could push that through quietly.”

“They have these systems in place already,” he added. “All they have to do is sneak it in under the guise of some other issue.”

What might that “other” issue be? The need for Voter ID perhaps?

“There will be a lot of people that you wouldn’t expect, who would actually fall for this. They’d say, ‘Oh you don’t have to get jabbed. You just have to get a test and then just let us check your digital ID.”

Bingo. We saw during Covid how many people refused the jab but agreed to get tested in order to be able to do certain things, go certain places. They will do it again, thinking they avoided the jabs, only they will be accepting a global digital ID. They will now be marked with a digital ID that is recognized and certified under global standards set by the WHO. They are now a certified obedient “citizen of the world” who is able to travel internationally without incident.

If the U.N. and its support structure within the global corporations and governments of the world are able to pull this one off on us, then we deserve all of the oppression that comes our way. It’s not like we didn’t get a good warning. The lessons of the last pandemic were clear. Any power or authority you give these monsters over your life, whether it be your local health director or the demonic entities in high places at the United Nations, they will claim that power over you perpetually and assume your obedience/submission to them. If you withhold your submission, you get “left behind,” unable to buy or sell, move about freely, work a job or receive any government benefits. That, my friends, is where this is heading whether you want to believe it or not. The overwhelming majority will offer their support.

Whatever they agree to at the World Health Assembly, this year or one year from now in 2024, will be binding on the 194 member states.

“And the WHO will have the power to say what is disinformation or misinformation,” Roguski said.  “The WHO will be the arbiter of what the science is. That is a massive power grab.”

The WHO and its backers are also introducing a concept which they call One Health. This merges the interests of all life on planet earth — animal, human and plant life. All health decisions will be made through the lens of a One Health approach. You can see where this is going.

“This gives the director general the ability to declare a public health emergency of international concern, triggering lockdowns, masking, forced vaccinations, etc.,” Roguski said. “It doesn’t even have to be a real emergency. It could be even just a risk of an international emergency.

“They are signing us up for digital slavery. The WHO is the global hegemon when it comes to forced vaccines policed through digital vaccine passports. But then, if this passes, it will go beyond pandemics to any HEALTH EMERGENCY as declared by the WHO.”

That could include anything from climate change to gun violence or the so-called “attacks” on transgendered persons.

“Anything could trigger the massive new powers they want to give to the WHO,” Roguski said.

The proposed amendments eliminate protections. Under Article 3, for instance, the requirement that they respect human rights and human dignity is replaced with “equity.”

“This gives the WHO a monopoly power over healthcare standards of care during so-called emergencies. This means we are actually empowering people like Bill Gates and countries like China to direct policy, signing away rights and liberties carte blanche.”

Roguski noted that the recommendation to vaccinate children down to 6 months of age came from the WHO. Most nations did not listen to this recommendation. The U.S. did.

Anyone who argued that Covid vaccines were dangerous for adults, pregnant mothers, children or babies was branded as a purveyor of misinformation and was silenced by the media/social media platforms working in tandem with Big Pharma and the government.

We are closing in on the time when there will be only one version of the truth allowed and this will bring the world more fully under Satan’s control. That doesn’t sound like science or the scientific method, but it’s where we seem to be headed in the last days! The U.S. has no business even being part of the WHO. Sovereignty in a democratic republic legitimately belongs to the people. It’s not Biden’s or anyone else’s to give away. But this train is leaving the station!







What I Saw In Israel

May 9, 2023  By Tim Buck

“Yes, many peoples and strong
nations shall come to seek the Lord of hosts in Jerusalem,
and to pray before the Lord.”

Zechariah 8:22

The Nations Are Pouring In

The above biblical prediction says that the nations will come to Jerusalem to pray and seek the Lord of hosts. We often think that this verse is referring to Christ’s Millennial Kingdom but something amazing is occurring right now in Israel. People from all nations are pouring into Israel and Jerusalem to the point that there are some weeks in 2023 when no hotel rooms are available anywhere in Israel.

Each week, tens of thousands of tourists, just like we experienced, are praying in Gethsemane and placing prayer requests between the stones of the Western Wall. On the Mount of Olives from sunrise to sunset voices from many languages can be heard singing Christian hymns and waving palm branches, practicing for the arrival of the King-Messiah.

With all the chaos in America and around the world, watchful believers should keep their eyes on Jerusalem, Israel and the prophecies connected to the nation and the people. When Christ returns to rule, Jerusalem will become the world’s capital, with King Jesus ruling the world with a “rod of iron” (Rev. 19:15).

Israel’s 75th Anniversary

This month Israel celebrates it’s 75th Anniversary from May 14, 1948 to May, 14, 2023! The miracle of Israel is a testament to God’s faithfulness to His Chosen People through an ongoing, unflinching and ever-present measure of supernatural strength and peace. Even as this is being written, Israel has launched a military operation in Gaza after the terrorist regime hurled 100 rockets into Isreal last week.

As we celebrate with them, pray for them and thank God for Israel’s 75 years of independence, my attention is turned towards the words of the Psalmist who acknowledges the reality of God strengthening His people – and blessing them with peace.
“The LORD gives strength to His people;
the LORD blesses His people with peace.”
Psalm 29:11

Maybe you’re facing an overwhelming challenge in your own life. I pray over you now that God will pour out upon your heart and mind the strength and peace to overcome. The same Triune God who protects and strengthens Israel can protect and strengthen you!

I hope you’ll also pray for this work of ministry that we share at Focus On The End Times – for God to open more doors to share the Good News that Jesus not only saves souls from sin but that He wants us to be watching and waiting for His soon return!

Discovering Israel

Nancy and I just returned form a tour of the Middle East, where we led a group on a life-changing experience to Jordan and the Holy Land. It’s part of our FOTET mission to be a pro-Israel ministry and to encourage support and prayer for the peace of Jerusalem.

From Dan in the north to Beersheba in the south, Israel is overflowing with fulfilled prophecy which shouts out to the world saying that our Triune God keeps His promises! The Jewish people continue to return every week from around the world with 2023 on pace to become another record year for Aliyah.

Amidst all the turmoil and chaos around them, Israel sits as an oasis bursting forth with a powerful economy a mighty military and great food. Oh, the food! Our first class accommodations featured an array of delicacies you have to see to believe. Every day!

Our trips give travelers an immersive experience of the Holy Land that connects the Scriptures about the life of Jesus, provides maps for the cities where Jesus walked and I teach prophecy along the way!

There’s no place on earth like Israel! The Bible comes to life before your eyes and the sights and sounds display God’s special hand.

We travelled from the “River to the Sea” spending time at the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan river, the Dead Sea and the eternal city of Jerusalem.

We were blessed to stay several nights on the Sea of Galilee in a beautiful setting as we visited the areas where some 80% of Jesus’ ministry took place in the Gospels. One of our highlights was singing praise and worship songs together on our boat while stopped in the middle of the Sea of Galilee!

Our tour ended by staying several nights in a world-class hotel in the heart of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a perpetual display of the end-time fulfillment of Bible Prophecy.

The hustle and bustle of the holy city with its ancient walls and gates is an experience no one forgets. We cherished our moments as we visited Israel’s Knesset, several museums, King David’s Citadel, the Temple Mount, the Mount of Olives, Golgotha and the Garden Tomb.

Our stay ended in a small outdoor chapel, observing the Lord’s Supper singing praise and worship songs while surrounded by Calvary and our Lord’s empty tomb! Halleluiah!!







Biden’s Anti-Israel Antics

Our tour was wonderful, safe, and enjoyable. Yet, if you watched the news in the last few months, you would have thought the Jewish state was about to be bombed or was burning down.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

At the same time, it is true that Joe Biden is doing everything he can to fan the flames of opposition to Israel and to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In fact he’s doing his best to topple Netanyahu and his religious right government. He’s given Netanyahu the cold shoulder and has yet to invite him to the Whitehouse. That’s a disgrace and another strike against our nation.

And the Biden State Department is funding left wing groups who oppose Israel’s new government and seeking to remove Netanyahu from office. But that’s not all. This is even worse.

Biden is FUNDING the Palestinian Jihad against Israel, with your tax dollars! He has poured more than $1 billion into Palestinian coffers since he entered the oval office. And that money, as a stunning analysis shows, is linked to a frightening spike in Israeli deaths.

A new report (below) from Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reveals a direct correlation between U.S. aide to Palestinians and the number of Jews murdered by Palestinian terror. In other words, your taxpayer dollars are funding the murder of innocent Israelis.

Take a look. I think you’ll be stunned.

As you can see, President Trump slashed U.S. aid to the Palestinians to just $600,000. But Biden is flooding the Palestinians with American tax dollars that’s now linked to the horrible upsurge in the number of Jews killed by Palestinians terrorists.

We need to pray for the peace of Israel and Jerusalem. Please pray for the Lord to protect them and to continue to bless them and open their eyes that they might see Jesus as their Messiah and call upon Him for their Savior.

Silicon Valley Bank Went Woke, Then Broke, Then Got A Bailout!!

Silicon Valley Bank Went Woke, Then Broke, Then Got A Bailout!!




SVB Went Woke,
Then Broke,
Then Got Bailed Out!

Americans can’t afford food, but leftist, Chinese, and Climate Change companies get bailed out.

America’s Banking, Gasping for Air!

3/22/23 – By Tim Buck

Silicon Valley Bank spent billions on green energy, millions on Black Lives Matter and other leftist causes, until it finally ran out of ‘other people’s money’.

That’s when the Biden administration decided to bail out its depositors.

At a who’s-who leftist dinner hosted by Peter Orszag, Obama’s former budget director, Wally Adeyemo, Obama’s Nigerian assistant treasury secretary and Biden’s deputy treasury secretary, chatted with Blair Effron, an influential Biden donor, serving on Biden’s Intelligence Advisory Board, who had been hired as an advisor by SVB to deal with its financial crisis. The outcome was inevitable.

“Because of the actions that our regulators have already taken, every American should feel confident that their deposits will be there if and when they need them,” Biden lied.

The deposits of ordinary Americans were already protected up to $250,000.

But unlike banks that serve ordinary customers, the vast majority of SVB’s clients held over $250,000 and were not protected by FDIC insurance. Rather than risk its political donors and allies having to take a 10% loss on their funds, the Biden administration illegally bailed them out while unilaterally transforming FDIC insurance into a protection plan for its political allies.

The Biden bailout was not there to protect Americans, but leftist and even Chinese interests.

SVB was the embodiment of Environmental, Social, and Governance or ESG investing which prioritizes leftist politics over profitability. The Biden administration recently announced that it would allow 401(k) pension plans to be put into ESG instead of reliable investments potentially endangering the retirements of tens of millions of Americans which might also get ‘SVB’d.’

While SVB focused on “climate change” and “diversity”, it ignored rising interest rates. The woke bank was too busy with its politics to deal with the math. SVB had no risk officer for 8 crucial months, but its risk officer for Europe, Africa and the Middle East focused on sharing her “experiences as a lesbian of color” and “moderating SVB’s EMEA Pride townhall.”

CEO Greg Becker led quarterly diversity, equity and inclusion town halls instead of figuring out that startups squeezed by rising interest rates would need money that the bank didn’t have.

Silicon Valley Bank directed over $73 million to Black Lives Matter and other causes. It put millions into, among others, the Accion Opportunity Fund which describes its mission as advancing “racial, gender and economic justice”. It focused on “building a culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” and advancing the “transition to a low-carbon world.”

SVB’s mission was to force 100% of its employees to participate in DEI indoctrination.

Newsweek named SVB one of “America’s Most Responsible Companies”: not because the woke bank managed its money well, but because it had the right politics.

Now one of “America’s Most Responsible Companies” is responsible for economic devastation.

SVB mastered wokeness, but failed economics 101. And that was by design. Its real business was politics. By financing leftist causes, SVB had become politically too big to fail. While its own finances are wrecked, the Biden administration quickly stepped in to protect its woke depositors.

The SVB bailout was an announcement that the Biden administration would stand behind woke financial institutions and instruments, socializing the pain by spreading it to more stable financial systems, no matter how irresponsibly they put funds at risk in the pursuit of their politics.

SVB’s clients included California Gov. Newsom’s wine companies as well as assorted politically connected figures, and “1,550 climate tech and sustainability” companies and churned out billions in loans for the woke companies pitching government-subsidized ‘green’ tech.

The woke bank hoovered up subsidies and tax breaks to worthless wind and solar programs and its collapse will leave a “hole” in the green industry. The intersection between the Biden administration’s special interests and SVB was made clear in the Washington Post’s headline“Biden Boosted Clean Tech. How Much Will SVB Set It Back?”

Last year, Pink Energy, a solar company, shut down after multiple complaints about lying to customers about how much money they would save by switching to worthless solar. The Ohio Attorney General finally issued an injunction against Pink. And Pink’s financing came through Sunlight Financial Holdings which kept the majority of its money in an SVB account.

That’s the sort of junk ‘green’ businesses that the Biden bailout was meant to reward.

SVB was a key element in a woke economy that moved money to political causes with no fiscal responsibility. Its board of directors was short on banking officials, but included major Democrat donors, including a Pelosi neighbor, as well as Janet Yellen’s protege: Mary J. Miller, who had implemented the Dodd-Frank reform package and also chaired the San Francisco Fed’s Diversity and Inclusion Council. Meanwhile, SVB CEO Greg Becker sat on the Fed’s board.

The San Francisco Fed should have monitored SVB’s books and spotted the trouble, but instead it focused instead on fighting “systemic racism” and making banking more “inclusive”.

Going out of business is inclusive.

Not satisfied with bailing out their own supporters, the Biden administration also set out to bail out our enemies.

One of SVB’s major client bases was in China. Chinese companies were able to open an account in a week while “mainstream traditional banks, such as Standard Chartered, HSBC, Citi have strict compliance and it takes a long time to start a bank account with them.”

It’s unclear how many of these Chinese businesses, some likely linked to the Communist Party, Biden has chosen to bail out at the expense of bank customers and while further feeding the inflation that is destroying American families and wiping out the remains of the middle class.

Silicon Valley Bank also maintained a joint venture with China’s Communist state owned

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank which has been under investigation for aiding North Korea’s nuclear program meant to kill millions of Americans. That venture however does not appear to be affected by SVB’s collapse or the illegal Biden bailout of woke capital.

Like SVB, Signature Bank, the second ESG bank that failed, had social impact reports and provided climate disclosures. Its boss led a seminar on gender neutral pronouns and former Rep. Barney Frank (half of Dodd-Frank’s regulatory regime) served on its board. Meanwhile, the DOJ was conducting a criminal investigation involving money laundering by its clients.

ESG is a disaster causing the third largest bank failure in America in just two days.

But ESG is too big to fail because it is at the heart of the leftist scheme to divert money into its causes and to fund its activism. The SVB disaster revealed how fiscally unsound these economic schemes are and how the Democrats will abuse their power to protect them anyway.

Even as the Fed pushes interest rates higher to slow down the economy and inflation, the Democrats have plenty of money on tap for their political allies. American families may not be able to afford to buy eggs, but the cash keeps on flowing for woke capital.

Go woke, go broke and if you support him, Biden will still bail you out.