Today’s Hamas-Gaza Conflict Goes back to Ishmael, Isaac!

Today’s Hamas-Gaza Conflict Goes back to Ishmael, Isaac!


Today’s Hamas-Gaza Conflict
Goes back to Ishmael, Isaac!


To understand the Middle East conflict over the land of Palestine, we must recognize that the religious objections of the Muslim nations to the existence of the State of Israel is an ageless spiritual battle between God and Satan!

Today’s war over Palestine goes back to the Garden of Eden, not just to the rebirth of the modern State of Israel in 1948.

It was in the Garden where God cursed the serpent and warned him that a SEED would one day come and crush his head (Genesis 3:15).

The promised SEED and ‘HEAD CRUSHER’ to come was Jesus! And since he would be brought to earth through the descendants of Abraham, Isaac (not Ishmael), Jacob (not Esau), and the 12 tribes of Israel, it began Satan’s assault to eradicate the line of the Jewish people!

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From Abraham To Hamas  The Bible’s Wild Side

From Abraham To Hamas The Bible’s Wild Side



From Abraham To Hamas

The Bible’s Wild Side

3/9/24 By Tim Buck



What kind of answer would you give to the question, “How did the Middle East get so messed up today?” Good question, right? The answer, Abraham had two wives!

Abraham had one covenant, two wives (Sarah and Hagar), and two sons (Isaac and Ishmael), which set in motion the Hamas WAR IN ISRAEL 4,000 years later over which side of the broken family inherits the promises of God.

Line, Lineage, and Lord

In Genesis 15, we see God appear to Abraham and graciously bless him with what we call the Abrahamic Covenant, which included three things – 1) Land 2) Lineage 3) Lord. Ever since then, there has been a battle for these three things between two people groups because of Abraham and Sarah’s sin of unbelief following the covenant.

As soon as the covenant was uttered, a demonic attack began for those three things that continues to this day. What God builds, Satan breaks. What God creates, Satan counterfeits. Who God loves, Satan hates. Who God blesses, Satan curses.

Abraham (originally named Abram) was married to Sarah (originally named Sarai). The Lord promised Abraham and Sarah they would have a son, but they waited for years and years – until Sarah was 90 and Abraham was 100. They waited so long that they stopped believing God would be faithful to His promise.

Ishmael, Savage of a Man

So, Abraham took things into his own hands at the encouragement of his wife, who soon regretted this decision. About 14 years before the promised son, Isaac, was born, Abraham impregnated the unsaved Egyptian slave, a handmaiden of Sarah, named Hagar and she birthed a son named Ishmael.

In Genesis 16:12, it’s prophesied that Ishmael will be a wild donkey of a man, that no one will be able to tame him, and that he’ll be a warrior, and his descendants will be just like him.

A Bible scholar, demonstrates that the Hebrew phrase ‘wild ass’ (‘pere’) is connected to the Akkadian phrase meaning ‘savage of a man’. He goes on to have 12 sons, just like Isaac’s 12 sons who become the 12 Tribes of Israel. So, Abraham has two wives, which is one too many, and two sons. The question becomes which son inherits the promise?

Family Feud

What does all of this have to do with today’s time or the current conflict between Israel and Hamas?

This might shock you but the Jews, the people of Israel, descend from Isaac and the Palestinians, from which comes Hamas, descend from Ishmael. Judaism comes from Isaac while Islam comes from Ishmael. The current war in the Middle East is a family feud 4,000 years in the making. It has not been solved by political means and it will not be solved by political means. This is ultimately a spiritual war between good and evil and a war of which Satan needs to win to overturn the Abrahamic Covenant. God promised to make these sons into nations and today, for the millions of descendants on both sides, this is not just political, this is deeply personal and spiritual.

Hamas Charter

The Hamas Charter is considered its most important ideological document. Its central commitments are to a religious and political war between Arab Muslims and Israeli Jews, belief that all of Palestine is Arab Muslim land, sacred and stolen by the Jews and their supporters like the United States, and that jihad (holy war) is the main means to eliminate Israel and the Jews and replace them with Arabs and Islam.

This explains why, throughout history, the land has been a constant place of conflict and war. Efforts to have a “two state” solution giving some land to each side in hopes that they would be content, keep to themselves, and be good neighbors has proven over and over to be a hopeless myth. Gaza, where Hamas was living, was such an experiment, and now a bloody, failed experiment.

From Ishmael to Muhammad

Roughly 2,500 years after Ishmael, his descendent Muhammad was visited by a demon. He says it was an angel, but it was a demon. Speaking of fallen angels who became demons, Paul says in Galatians 1:8, “even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.”

The message the demon gave Muhammad was false teaching and lies. The consequence is to be “accursed” which means being delivered up to the judicial wrath of God. Muhammad’s demon then reinterpreted the entirety of Scripture and, from these revelations, comes Islam.

The essence of the demon’s teaching to Muhammad was that the Hebrew Scriptures got it all wrong. The demon says Sarah was not the chosen wife, but Hagar, and that Isaac was not the chosen son, but Ishmael. He makes Ishmael into the chosen son and the fulfillment of the Abrahamic covenant, from whom comes the Arab people, including the Palestinians and Hamas. He even says it was Ishmael who Abraham almost sacrificed in Genesis 22, not Isaac. But it’s 100%, all deception.

The War Behind the War

The fight that started 4,000 years ago sets the stage for the conflict we’re seeing in today’s headlines. Make no mistake, the war in Gaza started in the heavenlies with the diabolical schemes of Satan. Behind the war in the seen realm is the ongoing war in the unseen realm.

Just like Satan wanted God’s throne and attacked God to try and steal it, so now Satan wants Israel and attacked God’s chosen people to try and steal it. Those who do not have the Holy Spirit cannot fully understand exactly what is happening and foolishly believe that there is a reasonable way to reconcile the parties, but God and Satan will never be reconciled.

Red Heifers vs. Al Aqsa Showdown at the Temple Mount

Red Heifers vs. Al Aqsa Showdown at the Temple Mount


Red Heifers vs. Al Aqsa

Showdown at the Temple Mount

2/27/24 By Tim Buck



Back in January, a story flew under the radar that I wrote about HERE, that’s well worth discussing: the relationship between Hamas’ Oct. 7 massacre, the five red heifers and the coming Red Heifer Passover Ceremony.

Yes. You read that correctly.

At the 100-day mark of the war, Abu Obeida, the military spokesman for the Hamas Al-Qassam Brigades, gave a televised speech about the Hamas efforts, as well as a reminder of the purposes of the war.

The speech was translated into English by the Palestinian Chronicle.

“We look back 100 days to remember the educated, the complicit, and the incapacitated among the world powers governed by the law of the jungle, reminding them of an aggression that reached its peak against our path (Al-Quds) and Al-Aqsa, with the start of its actual temporal and spatial division, and the “bringing of red cows as an application of a detestable religious myth designed for aggression against the feelings of an entire nation in the heart of its Arab identity, and the path of its prophet (the Night Journey) and Ascension to heaven.”

Right there, amid a very wordy discussion of perceived Israeli aggression against Al-Quds, the Muslim name for Jerusalem, and Al-Aqsa, the black-domed mosque on the Temple Mount, lies a curious and telling statement: “The ‘bringing of red cows… a detestable religious myth.” Notice the demonic blindness of Obeida to blaspheme the scripture as a myth but in the same breath he lauds Muhammad’s flying roundtrip from Mecca to Jerusalem on a white winged donkey with a woman’s face as credible! For clarification, the black domed Al Aqsa mosque at the south end of the Temple Mount is where Muslim’s worship Allah and the more recognizable golden Dome of the Rock, in the middle of the Temple Mount, was constructed over the Holy of Holies as symbolic of Satan’s capture and control of the Temple Mount.

The red cows being referred to are the five Red Angus heifers imported from Texas in September 2022 through a joint effort established between a Christian ministry, Boneh Israel, and The Temple Institute in Jerusalem.

These two groups beat the supposed 1-in-50,000 odds of finding a qualified heifer — advertising the need to Texas ranchers and then sending teams of rabbis from both Dallas and Israel to examine calves.

Their diligence paid off as they found not only one but five blemish-free red heifers, without more than two black or white hairs – even before having their ears tagged – a common practice in the livestock industry that would have disqualified them for ceremonial use. As of now, four of the heifers remain blemish-free and, according to Temple Institute rabbis, they hope to carry out the sacrificial ceremony BEFORE this April’s Passover.

Only nine heifers have been sacrificed since the time of Moses until the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 A.D. Bible prophecy says a Third Temple will be built and subsequently desecrated by Antichrist before the return of Messiah. Thus, for many in the religious Jewish community, as well as many Evangelicals, there has been a great deal of anticipation surrounding these ‘ladies’ in red.

Despite great interest in some spheres, the story barely made the news in Israel. It’s highly unlikely that secular Israelis are aware of – or interested in – the presence of the heifers in Israel. Yet, the Hamas terror organization apparently followed the events closely enough to use this as a stated reason to launch the surprise invasion and attack they called the “Al-Aqsa Flood” on Oct. 7.
The “Al Aqsa Flood” title is significant and points to the primary spiritual warfare which Satan is now engaged in, and plans to win, during his last days campaign against God! The enemy plans to steal and control God’s throne and rule the world in place of the Lord on the very mountain (Mt. Moriah aka Temple Mount) of God which Islam has renamed Al Aqsa. As the world moves closer to the Tribulation period, the lines are being drawn around the battle for Al Aqsa. Most of the terror groups surrounding Israel have chosen the golden Dome of the Rock as the centerpiece of their logo because the hamas spirit of violence is uniting them around that single, final cause. Instead of the term, “Battle of Armageddon,” for earth’s final war, it could just as well be called, “Battle for Al Aqsa.”

So, “Al Aqsa flood,” or “battle for Al Aqsa” are terms we’re hearing more and more. While “Al Aqsa” has historically only been used for the black-domed mosque at the south end of the Temple Mount, in recent years, there’s been a strategic shift in Islam to now claim the entire 37 acre Temple Mount is “Al Aqsa.” The tactic has caught on and spread which is designed to garner broader support for Islamic control of the whole 37 acre site of the Temple Mount acting as if it was always their “holy ground’ of which Israel has no right.


The logo of the terror group Hamas makes the Al Aqsa, golden dome, the centerpiece of their mission to destroy Israel. Note the four colors match the four horsemen of the Apocalypse in Revelation 6.


The Al-Aqsa Mosque has undergone several architectural iterations to become what we know today, but it was initially built in the early 8th century in response to this Quranic passage.

While this isn’t often discussed by political pundits, the site has been central to the Arab-Israeli conflict since before the foundation of the modern State of Israel.

The Hamas terror attack on Oct. 7 is the continued outworking of the teachings of their predecessors, primarily that of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin Al-Husseini, a founder of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In the 1920s, Husseini, also known as the father of radical Islam, was the first to bring up discussions about Al-Aqsa and the Third Temple, front and center. As the Jewish people were immigrating to the region at the time, Husseini galvanized a support base, in large part, by promoting the idea that the Jews would destroy Al-Aqsa in order to rebuild the Temple.

The incitement was no small matter. Tensions peaked in 1929 on Tisha B’Av, the holiday that commemorates the destruction of the two previous temples. As Jews marched by the thousands toward the Western Wall to pray, they were violently attacked by Arab Muslims who had adopted The Grand Mufti’s radical views. The event erupted into a full week of pogroms against Jewish settlements, known today as the 1929 Palestine Riots or the Buraq Uprising.

Over 130 Jews were brutally murdered and some 300 were injured for the cause – “Al-Aqsa is in danger” – a libel perpetuated by Husseini, even though Jewish leaders at the time were clear they had no intentions of harming the site of the Islamic mosque.

Husseini’s influence broadened after he was exiled from Jerusalem in 1937. An avid Hitler supporter, Husseini sought asylum in Nazi Berlin, Germany, where he hosted a radio show promoting his antisemitic theological views, paired with Nazi propaganda, to the Arabic-speaking world.


Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin Al-Husseini, meets with Adolf Hitler.


After the foundation of the State of Israel, Palestinian interests shifted in more a nationalist than religious direction for the next few decades of looming wars and failed peace plans, but the Temple Mount became center stage again with the onset of the Second Intifada in September 2000.

While tensions were mounting prior to this, the response to then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon visiting the Temple Mount is still considered to be the trigger for the Second Intifada. Even though Sharon’s approximately 30-minute visit was cleared by the Palestinian security chief and conducted during normal tourist visiting hours, he was met by some 1,500 Palestinian youth protesters who engaged in rounds of stone-throwing for the rest of the day.


Ariel Sharon seen at the Mugrabi Gate as he makes his way to the Temple Mount, Sept. 28, 2000.


The next morning, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) radio station drew from the words of Husseini by issuing a call “to all Palestinians to come and defend the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

During the next four-plus years, a wave of suicide bombings and other acts of terror claimed the lives of 1,053 Israeli civilians. This toll stood as the second-highest in civilian casualties since the 1948 War of Independence, until the tragic events of Oct. 7 unfolded.

The aftermath of the Second Intifada paved the way for the Gush Katif Disengagement in 2005, which then allowed for the rise of Hamas leadership from the military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood to the political power of Gaza.

Hamas leaders operate under a document called “Hamas Charter.” In 2017 a moderately modified version was drafted, but the original 1988 version is still regarded as one of the most antisemitic documents in history. The Charter lays out the terror group’s organizational goals and principles in language that strongly echoes the anti-Jewish positions developed by Husseini.

This is particularly notable in their direct call to annihilate the Jewish people, along with promoting Jihad as the only solution and a responsibility of every Muslim. This was, in fact, Husseini’s ultimate solution for protecting Al-Aqsa Mosque.

According to their radicalized, genocidal worldview, as long as the State of Israel exists and the Jewish people are here, Al-Aqsa is under threat.

On Oct. 7, Hamas proved to the world that they are not only Husseini’s ideological descendants but that they are willing and capable of following through.

While Hamas Spokesman Abu Obeida’s “100-day” speech was the first statement to directly address the heifers, it is clear to anyone listening that “Al-Aqsa Flood” was launched on Oct. 7 in response to the growing push from right-wing religious activists to gain more of a presence and control Temple Mount. In fact, early in the morning of Oct. 7, Hamas issued a statement via military commander Mohammad Deif, who justified the attack as retaliation for Israel’s “desecration” of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

The “desecration” he spoke of was not limited to concern regarding the import of the heifers, but primarily related to the quiet increase in Jewish prayer allowed at the site by the far-right Netanyahu government, which had previously been prohibited for both security and religious reasons.

In recent years, Rabbi Yehuda Glick, the director of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation, has regularly updated his social media with videos of himself and others reciting Jewish prayers on the Temple Mount. His long-time Temple activism has not gone unnoticed and even resulted in a violent attack in which he was shot and seriously injured in 2013.

Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount is controversial even within the religious community. The ritual impurity of a population void of the sacrificial system, paired with not knowing exactly where the Temple would have stood, could allow for an accidental desecration of the site. To avoid this possibility, visiting the site – let alone praying on Temple Mount – is discouraged by many Rabbis; however, if the heifer ceremony is successfully completed this spring, that could change things.

According to the Book of Numbers, chapter’ 19, the heifer ceremony results in the creation of an ‘ash and water’ mixture used for cleansing the nation of Israel from the ritual impurity of coming in contact with the dead. The ceremony also requires some of the blood to be sprinkled at the front of the Tabernacle and, in later history, the Temple. The ceremony, which traditionally took place on the Mt. of Olives, outside the camp, is essential for all other aspects of Temple worship to take place.

In the event of the Temple’s reconstruction, its functionality for ritual sacrifices would be conditioned on the presence of the Cohanim (priests). In addition, anyone participating in Temple worship would be required to be sprinkled with the ash water.

Beyond that, even without the presence of an actual Temple, the ceremony would allow for the general population to be ritually cleansed, thus removing much of the religious prohibition for a Jewish presence on the Temple Mount.

This, of course, is a large threat to the radical Islamic worldview.

If the heifer ceremony does, indeed, take place this Passover, we very well could experience another Hamas-like, shift in events in the near future. While the idea and reality of the ceremony may continue to grow in anticipation for many, history indicates that it could come at a high price. Therefore, watchfulness should be tempered with this understanding and met with true intercession for Israel in the coming weeks and even after.

Whether or not the Temple Institute moves forward with plans, it has become clear that the arrival of the heifers was more than an engaging human interest story involving Texas livestock and a growing friendship between Christians and Jews. It was a story of profound geopolitical and even spiritual consequence – and much of the world missed it.

A direct sightline from the Mt. of Olives to the Holy of Holies!


The book of Numbers requires a pure Red Heifer must be sacrificed in order for the ashes to be used to cleanse the priests and worshippers BEFORE the temple can be officially opened. It also requires that the sacrifice be made from a location on the Mt. of Olives that is in the direct line of sight across from the Holy of Holies.

The land is ready and the red heifer is ready! Israel’s rabbis and the Temple Institute in Jerusalem plans to hold this enormously significant, sacrificial ceremony soon, around April’s Passover (2024). A date has not yet been announced.

What the religious leaders in Israel haven’t been able to understand yet is that the red heifer sacrifice, like so much of the Old Testament, is symbolic of the sacrifice of Christ who shed His blood to cleanse us from sin. Let’s pray that the upcoming ceremony will be used by the Holy Spirit to open the spiritual eyes of some of the Jewish people.

4 COLORS 4 Horses of the Apocalypse And the Palestinian Flag

4 COLORS 4 Horses of the Apocalypse And the Palestinian Flag


4 Horses of the Apocalypse
And the Palestinian Flag

2/9/24 By Tim Buck

These 4 colors — white, red, black, and green — also represent the Palestinian flag which is being displayed around the world and has become man’s greatest symbol of Jew hatred and calling for Muslims to exterminate the Jewish people from God’s land “from the river to the sea.”

These 4 apocalyptic colors are defiantly being waved all over the world in capitol buildings, along highways, airports, and in the most recent, pro-Hamas demonstrations around the world! They display the hatred for Israel that Jesus and the prophets warned about when the nations turn against Israel in the last days. This is today! Indeed, God Himself will lead these rebellious nations into a war against His people. Zechariah 14 prophesies a final sacking of Jerusalem with Antichrist capturing the Temple Mount just before Messiah returns, and the beloved nation looks on Him Whom they have pierced and mourns for Him as an Only Son.

The four colors that make up the Palestinian flag and wave at anti-Israel protests symbolize the Satanic world system that denies any divine, prophetic fulfillment about Israel or the still-to-be fulfilled prophecies of the Millennial reign of Christ in Israel to rule over the nations. In that day, there will be one capitol only and one king only and one religion only and it will be about the Lord Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

A study of the origin of these “Pan-Arab colors” is startling. Each of the colors was chosen during WWI, when the Holy Land was wrested from the Turks and the Ottoman Caliphate and put into the hands of the Brits. During that time, each of these Pan-Arab colors — white, red, black, and green — were chosen to represent the four historic caliphates of Islam listed above. Over the centuries, these Islamic dynasties fought some 548 battles, enslaving, destroying, slaughtering millions thus making the four colorful symbols a perfect choice by the spirit of Antichrist for the return and rise of Islam today and for their coming warfare against Israel.

Is it just a coincidence that the colors of the four horses in Revelation 6 are the exact same modern colors that are now waving on the flags of Israel’s enemies?


Saudi Arabia Leads Arab Summit

Saudi Arabia Leads Arab Summit


Saudi Arabia
Leads Arab Summit

2/9/24 By Tim Buck

Five participating countries aim to raise pressure on Israel for a ceasefire by leveraging their willingness to assist in rebuilding Gaza and to integrate Israel into the region but assistance is contingent on a Palestinian state being immediately advanced by Israel.
Saudi Arabia hosted a summit of foreign ministers from five countries in the region on Thursday in order to advance a united Arab stance regarding the war in Gaza as well as political initiatives for when the fighting ends.

The Arab foreign ministers are slated to discuss efforts to expand pressure for a ceasefire in Gaza, leveraging their willingness to take part in the Gaza Strip’s rehabilitation after the war in addition to further integrating Israel into the region, on the condition that Jerusalem agrees to take steps creating an irreversible pathway to an eventual Palestinian state.

The gathering is the latest example of the united front that Israel’s Arab partners and potential allies are building, one that is increasingly at odds with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, which expects the war to continue for many more months until “total victory” is secured. On the other hand, the grouping of Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia is offering Israel a partnership that could be used to more effectively combat Iran, which Netanyahu has long sought.

The meeting — which has not previously been publicized — will also be attended by Hussein al-Sheikh, a top aide to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas; as Riyadh continues to expand its cooperation with Ramallah, assuaging concerns that Saudi Arabia will abandon the Palestinian cause to boost its regional and global stature.

Joining Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan and Sheikh will be the top diplomats from Egypt, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, according to the diplomats.

The summit follows several covert meetings Riyadh organized over the past month for top national security officials from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and the PA.



Is There More To The Colors
Than We Realize?


Horses are frequently used in the book of Revelation to depict warfare (9:9, 17; 19:14,18). The four horsemen of the Apocalypse, in Revelation 6, represent God’s judgment being released on mankind through the Hamas-like military conquests of Antichrist and his crushing Caliphate.

So they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?”
Revelation 13:4

Like Hamas, when the Caliphate rides forth it will be vicious and cruel on the people of Israel. The current Hamas invasion and slaughter of Jews is a foretaste of what’s coming. If Revelation was written today, instead of four horses the Apostle John could be using four colored tanks or four colored F-16’s. The symbolic use of horses is ancient but the colors are modern. A display of God’s foreknowledge and omniscience!





Spirit of Hamas Demonic Deception!

Spirit of Hamas Demonic Deception!


Hamas and the Palestinians are deceived with the Israel-hating, spirit of Antichrist that’s accelerating. The Palestinian Media Watch is a trustworthy source in exposing the hypocrisy, backwards, upside down, lying and demonic spirit of Hamas and the Palestinians. For American’s, it’s hard to wrap your head around pure evil but knowing the religious root behind it helps us understand it better!




Spirit of Hamas
Demonic Deception!

2/8/24 By Tim Buck


On a recent Palestinian TV broadcast in the West Bank, that was released by PMW, the father of a terrorist killed in Gaza can be heard declaring that the Bible teaches that “only Jews are human – all others are not human.”

He further says, “We ask Allah to send people like Hitler, Nebuchadnezzar and Pharaoh.”

Palestinian Authority (PA), the government of the Palestinians in the West Bank, pours out non-stop Antisemitism that is both vicious and fundamental to PA and Hamas ideology. Their constant demonization of Jews, Israel, Jewish sources and traditions, has a very sinister purpose: It is the basis for hatred that justifies murder.

Put simply, once the Hamas and PA leadership convinces Palestinians that the Jewish/Israeli evil is innate to Jewish nature and endangers Palestinians and all humanity, Palestinians feel justified and even righteous about hating and killing Jews and even praying for Allah to bring another Holocaust.

Official Palestinian TV recently broadcast one of their hate libels about Jews and Judaism, that was put forth by the father of a terrorist. After complaining about his terrorist son’s home being destroyed, he explained that “love of revenge is innate for them [Jews]. They learned it in the Talmud and the Bible.” He then repeated additional libels that echo PA and Hamas Antisemitism about the evil belief of Jews, falsely claiming it is part of the Hebrew Bible.

A Palestinian State?

Incredibly, these are the people to whom Obama and Biden want Israel to believe in and become “peace-partners with!” And to whom most of the world’s leaders are demanding that Israel give up the West Bank for a Palestinian State.

The father continues, “Their biblical belief [the Jews] is that God created non-human beings in the form of humans. Only they are human, only Jews are human; the rest of humanity is not human. This is how they [Jews] think and this is how they behave.”

[Official PA TV, Jan. 24, 2024]

Note, the Bible teaches that all people are created in the “Image of God.”

Hamas and the PA taught that same libel about Jewish belief in its documentary about the evil nature of Jews:

“In Europe, the [Jewish] tribe established camps and residential areas, crowded ghettos in order to separate from other people out of arrogance and disgust for non-Jews… who according to their [Jews’] worldview are snakes… [The Jews] were hated because of their racism and their filthy behavior… They swear:… ‘Only we are people, and all the others are our animals.’”

[Official Fatah Facebook page, July 15, 2019]

Jews Deserve To Be Killed

The lies echoed by the father of the terrorist has practical implications: Since Jewish evil behavior is innate to Jewish belief, then the only solution is destruction.

Accordingly, the terrorist’s father then prayed that Allah should bring another Holocaust on the Jews and other punishments, bringing people like Hitler, Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar, and Pharaoh. With this prayer, he was again echoing Hamas and PA religious teachings, that the Jews deserve their punishment from Allah, as they are “planning and systematically working to incite wars and strife in the entire world.” Because of this Allah sent Nebuchadnezzar to destroy the First Temple, then he sent the Roman General Titus to destroy the Second Temple, and then Hitler and the kings of Europe, and still the Jews did not learn their lesson.

Finally, the father of the terrorist, prayed for Allah to bring a new Hitler to torture the Jews:

“We ask Allah to send someone who will torture them like Hitler did, and before him Nebuchadnezzar [Babylonian king who destroyed the Temple] and before him Pharaoh [who enslaved them].”
This is the spirit of Hamas (the spirit of Antichrist) who wrestled control of Gaza away from the Palestinian Authority in 2007 because they said the PA was not anti-Israel enough and didn’t act strong enough to rid the land of Jews!

Palestinian Media Watch has been warning for years that the PA’s teachings and Antisemitism must be expunged from PA teachings and national ideology before any peace process can be undertaken.

See here Itamar Marcus’ recent presentation to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, showing the connection between Hamas and PA Antisemitism and the October 7 Hamas atrocities.





A Palestinian rides through Gaza to the cheers of Hamas supporters with the body of an Israeli killed by Hamas militants near the Gaza Strip fence on October 7th, 2023.