The Nations Are Seeking To Divide Israel

The Nations Are Seeking To Divide Israel



The Nations Are Seeking
To Divide Israel

The Nations Are Seeking To ‘Impose’ A Peace Covenant Between Israel And Her Neighbors

3/21/24 By Tim Buck


Last weekend, when Iran unleashed its barrage of 350 drones and missiles against the Jewish State, maybe the most surprising aspect was that Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) supported Israel.

Let that sink in for a moment. All these nations are opposed to what Israel is doing in Gaza. They’re not friendly with Israel in every respect. However, these three nations supported Israel against an aggressive attack from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Even Jordan took part in shooting down Iranian missiles. You could say, “These missiles were over their airspace. They would obviously shoot them down.” Well, years ago, they would have been glad to have any missiles flying over their airspace knowing the target was Israel.

Other Arab nations, like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, provided valuable Intelligence to Israel about the timing of the attack. According to reports, Iran tipped off Saudi Arabia as to what it was doing and when it would do it. Saudi Arabia then secretly passed that information along to Israel to give them a heads-up for the timing of this attack—something that would have been unthinkable even just a few years ago.

What we’re witnessing today is more and more willing peace partners for Israel among these Arab neighbors. That is something that we have not seen since 1948, and it is a necessary precondition for the beginning of the Tribulation, where Antichrist will forge a peace agreement with Israel.

Daniel 9:27 says,
“he [Antichrist] will confirm [compel] a covenant with many for one ‘seven’ [seven years]. In the middle of the ‘seven’ [years] he will put an end to sacrifice and offering.”

The event that starts the seven-year Tribulation is this peace treaty that Antichrist makes and forges with Israel and its neighbors.

Revelation 6 tells us that the Tribulation begins when the rider on a white horse [Antichrist] rides forth after his diplomatic victory. After this, in Revelation 19, we have Jesus coming back to Earth on a white horse in victory. Revelation 6 is the beginning of the Tribulation when Antichrist rides forth on his white horse, “conquering and to conquer.”

It describes him as having a bow with no arrows indicating the start of his conquest is diplomatic—it’s a bloodless conquest—and he is going to make this peace agreement with Israel and her neighbors. That peace agreement is the precondition for the Tribulation period.

An ‘Imposed’ Peace

This week, Time magazine published an article titled “A Million Dollar Middle East Peace Plan.” It lays out a scenario for peace between Israel and its Middle East enemies that is chillingly similar to what the Bible predicts.

The author, Kai Bird, says, “This conflict is so dangerous that the time has come for the international community to impose a solution.” A compelled solution to the nations? That is precisely what Daniel 9:27 says, “He will confirm a covenant with many for one ‘seven.’”

Some take the idea of “confirming” to mean that he will simply strengthen an already existing covenant. But the idea of “confirming,” in Hebrew, means to “make strong.” He is going to make strong a covenant—or even “compel” a covenant.

The Time Magazine article insists that “the international community” needs to “impose a solution.” According to the author, they must “convene a Geneva peace conference” where all the essential parties will be forced to participate and “face financial and legal sanctions if they fail to show up.”

“A conversation will take place in which all parties are heard,” the author described. “But the American, European, and other international diplomats invited to Geneva will be responsible for the actual drafting of a peace treaty.”

So, nations other than Israel and their enemies will develop the peace treaty draft. It will be brokered by outside forces, which is also what Daniel 9:27 predicts.

The author concludes, “This will be an imposed peace because the global stakes are too high.”

The plan is to “impose peace” between Israel and the so-called Palestinians. That’s what the Bible predicts. It will be an imposed, compelled, or “take it or leave it” covenant that will be negotiated among the international community to force Israel to divide their land and give it to the Palestinians for whom it doesn’t belong.

A Flashing Red Light

The current crisis between Israel and Hamas, as well as Israel and Iran, is setting the stage for the coming Middle East peace.

All the ingredients for this Middle East peace are coalescing. We see a coalition of willing partners now for Israel. We see people calling for peace to be imposed by outside forces.

All the key threads are being woven together right before our eyes.

A possible escalating cycle of attacks will only serve to further prepare for Antichrist’s arrival and the coming time of Tribulation. What is happening right now is a flashing red light that the coming of Jesus Christ could be very soon.


Jesus Visits Daniel  ‘A Face Like Lightening’ Daniel 10:5-6

Jesus Visits Daniel ‘A Face Like Lightening’ Daniel 10:5-6


Jesus Visits Daniel
‘A Face Like Lightening’
Daniel 10:5-6

4/5/24 By Tim Buck

In our study of the Book of Daniel, we are considering Daniel 10 in our upcoming class which introduces us to Daniel’s final recorded vision (Dan. 10-12), and which includes the appearance of a man with the “face of lightening.”

Daniel is now in the third year of King Cyrus’ rule (536/535 B.C.). The aging prophet is about eighty-five years old and he has entered into an extended time of prayer and fasting in response to the stunning, prophetic vision he’s just received about the future of his people Israel.

As he takes a stroll along the banks of the Tigris River, he’s suddenly stopped by the sight of a Man. But not just an ordinary man. Here’s how Daniel describes it:

I looked up, and there was a man dressed in linen, with a belt of gold from Uphaz around his waist. His body was like beryl, his face like the brilliance of lightning, his eyes like flaming torches, his arms and feet like the gleam of polished bronze, and the sound of his words like the sound of a multitude.
Daniel 10:5-6

Only Daniel sees the vision. The men with him, however, are aware something supernatural is taking place and are stricken with such terror that they run and hide.

As Daniel stands alone, studying the vision, his strength is sapped, his face grows pale, and he finds himself powerless, stricken by the presence of Almighty God! He listens to the words that the Lord speaks and then falls facedown into a deep sleep (10:7-9).

Daniel describes the man as dressed in linen. Priests (Lev. 6:10) are depicted wearing a robe this way. The man wears a golden belt around his waist similar to the High Priest. His body is like beryl, or chrysolite (Hebrew tarsis), a yellow-colored precious stone. His face is like flashes of lightning, and his eyes gleam like flaming torches. His arms and feet (which include the legs) shimmer like polished bronze, indicating that his body has a fiery appearance, like burning metal (symbolic of God’s Judgment). When he speaks, the sound of his words carries the strength of many people.

So, who is this Man… He’s the Son of Man!

After praying and fasting for 21 days, Daniel finds himself in the presence of Jesus! Any time a godly believer enters into an extended time of humbly seeking the Lord through prayer and fasting you will find yourself in a more intimate season surrounded by the presence of the Lord!

The “man with the face of lightening” is none other than God himself, the pre-incarnate appearance of Jesus in the Old Testament, a Christophany, in the person of the divine Messiah.

His appearance here resembles the Christophany presented in Ezekiel 1:26-28 where we find Him riding His Chariot Throne and even more closely it parallels the apostle John’s portrait of Jesus on the isle of Patmos in Rev. 1:12-16.

We should also note the similarities between Daniel’s encounter with Jesus and Paul’s encounter with Jesus (Acts 9:1-9). Both were struck down by the presence of the Lord and both had travelling companions that disappeared during the encounter. Daniel states emphatically, “Only I, Daniel, saw the vision,” while his companions flee from the very real but unseen supernatural presence (10:7). In Paul’s parallel meeting, Christ appears only to Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus, although the men traveling with him sense the presence of the Lord and become speechless with fear (Acts 9:7).

Daniel was stunned once it dawned on him that the Son of God had dropped in to visit! The divine presence of Jesus so overwhelms him that when he hears His voice, he falls into a deep sleep with his face to the ground (10:9). Compare this with Revelation 1:17, where John falls at Jesus’ feet like a dead man. Taken together, both reactions show that the writers of Daniel and Revelation, two prophetic books so closely connected, came face to face with the LORD, the GREAT I AM.

This isn’t the first time Jesus appeared in the Book of Daniel. In Daniel 4 He appears as the ‘fourth man’ in the fire and in Daniel 7 Jesus appears as the ‘Son of Man’ coming on the clouds of glory. And in Daniel 12:7, this time we see Jesus ‘standing above the water’ (Tigris) as He explains the purpose behind the final prophecy that Daniel had been praying and fasting about for 21 days!

The importance of the prophesies of Daniel are highlighted by Jesus’ repeated personal visitations to the prophet in order to encourage him and strengthen him to continue to press on in his important prophetic ministry.

So what’s the application of this passage for us? Daniel had been seeking understanding from the Lord concerning the final days of his people. While Daniel was in the middle of fasting and praying, Jesus shows up! Isn’t it interesting that if you seek Him we will find Him! Daniel was humbly seeking the Lord and found Him in a way far more thrilling than what he had expected.

It is not unusual for Jesus to spiritually show up when we worship Him and earnestly seek Him in our hearts at church or at home in our daily quiet time while reading the Word and praying!

God wants us to be like Daniel and to continue seeking the Lord and asking for understanding and wisdom and seeking the Lord’s blessing and be to be still as you anticipate His answers and special presence!

Soon, we also will get to meet Him face to face in the air! Even so come Lord Jesus.

Mysteries Of Spiritual Warfare  Daniel 10

Mysteries Of Spiritual Warfare Daniel 10


Mysteries Of Spiritual Warfare

– Daniel 10 –

3/13/24 By Tim Buck


Daniel 10 reveals the heavens as a great angelic battlefield. Daniel understood the battle and how to wage war. He entered spiritual warfare through prayer and fasting.

In Daniel 10, we see Daniel as a dedicated servant of the Most High God who through prayer and fasting, received the longest prophecy in Scripture (Daniel 10-12) that was then interpreted to him by the angel Gabriel! How do you prepare to receive God’s best?

Daniel prayed and fasted for 3 full weeks, purposely entering into a spiritual battle for his people. His season of fasting was finally interrupted by the appearance of Jesus Christ!

Isn’t it interesting that when you seek God, you will find Him!

Daniel also had a humble heart. His heart of humility prepared him to receive God’s revelation and to stand in the very presence of God.

In this class, find out how prayer and fasting release God’s power in the spiritual realm.

We will also answer these questions that loom large throughout the chapter:

What is the identity of the man with the FACE OF LIGHTENING?

What are the assignments of dispatched angels?

Do angels rule the nations, regions, places, and people?

What is the meaning of the sequence of the appearance of the two princes from Persia and Greece in Gabriel’s discussion?

What is the “chain of command” among angels?

What is the meaning of the mysterious “book of truth” and where is it? Can we see it?

It’s time to have warfare prayer and be an overcomer like Daniel!

Our country needs it, Israel needs it, our family needs it and we need it!

1. When you pray, you invoke the highest name and the highest authority in the universe. The name of Jesus.

2. Remember, “the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man” is the prayer that gets God’s attention!

3. The practice of fasting adds fuel to the power of prayer.

Do you want to live in Christ’s victory? 

Five Essentials, Getting It Right!

Five Essentials, Getting It Right!

Five Essentials,
Getting It Right!

1/16/24 By Tim Buck


We’ve waited eight years to teach this important topic!

The vital teaching you’ll hear in the upcoming class pushes back on many of the most popular prophecy themes today. It’s an urgent call to stop listening to the wrong people about what to anticipate for the coming government of Antichrist.

A false message is being preached these days and unfortunately, that’s the only message being heard.

But what does the Bible really say about the makeup of Antichrist’s empire? Pull up a seat and listen closely as you ponder these issues!

1. Satan’s Kingdom

One of the major themes of Daniel and Revelation is how Satan has attempted to use seven successive, anti-Semitic empires to annihilate the chosen people in his attempt to overturn the plans of God.

What we find is that the empire-model Satan designed for this purpose was never a global empire. It was a kingdom that was large, but not worldwide. The strategy was for his kingdoms to dominate a geographical region big enough to control the Middle East and all the land of Israel, but not the whole earth.

The pattern of using regional empires, not global empires, will continue with the empire of Antichrist.

2. Hyperbolic Language

We learn in Daniel that global-like descriptions are used (hyperbole) to describe the size and extent of Satan’s empires. This tricky style language makes these Satanic empires appear to be world-wide empires when they are only regional empires in size.

The pattern of over-stating the size of Satan’s empires in Daniel continues in Revelation for the empire of Antichrist whose domain, like the previous empires, is limited, not worldwide.

3. Revived Empire

The popular notion that Antichrist and his coming empire will rise from Europe, in the form of a revived Roman Empire, is misleading and unfortunate as it has led millions of prophecy students away from Daniel and Revelation’s geographical path of a coming Middle Eastern Empire.

The result is a lack of clarity about what drives the evil nature of the coming empire and what exactly it will look like and a complete disregard for the Islamic nature of Antichrist’s empire which is like forcing a square peg in a round hole.

Only an understanding of the Islamic link to end-time prophecy will bring consistency to interpreting Daniel and Revelation. Without that connection, it’s pure guesswork which is why we see so much confusion on this crucial topic.

4. Globalism

Contrary to what most Bible prophecy books, podcasters and teachers predict, the world is trending away from Globalism, not towards it.

5. COVID Conspiracy

A culture of conspiracy among prophecy teachers and books in contemporary America has mistakenly connected the COVID-19 nightmare as the “first-stage” in a supposed “Global Reset” toward building a coming one-world government . This notion is inaccurate and stems from a misidentification of Antichrist’s Islamic Empire, and assuming it to be a typical, western-style empire.

A New Perspective on Earth’s Final Kingdom

A New Perspective on
Earth’s Final Kingdom

1/3/24 By Tim Buck

I am excited to share with you what I’ve learned over 40 years about the size and impact of Antichrist’s coming Kingdom. WARNING: The teaching may not sound like anything you’ve heard before!

After years of research, for the first time, I will share the ground-breaking insights about the captivating code of hyperbole we find in Daniel and Revelation that must be used to interpret details about Antichrist’s Empire!

Without understanding Daniel’s code concerning Satan’s empires, you will misinterpret what Revelation says about the empire of Antichrist.

Anyone who is a student of prophecy is probably aware that the majority of prophecy teachers and books, as well as those infamous prophecy podcasters and end-time movies sees the events of the last-days through the lens of globalism where Antichrist will emerge in control of the whole world.

The anticipation is that overnight, Antichrist will somehow, singlehandedly rise to control everything on earth and have the power to cause every single person on earth to take the MARK OF THE BEAST or be killed.

Is that about what you believe?

It is understood that Antichrist will be in control of every penny, every person, and all the world’s military assets and nuclear weapons.

The view has been handed down and mostly unquestioned over the last 50 years.

But is this what the Bible really says?

Focus on the End Times believes this view is inaccurate, misleading and stems from a misinterpretation of hyperbole found in Daniel and Revelation. As we unpack the scriptures we will find that the notion of all the world being under the control of one man during the final seven years is in conflict with the rest of scripture.

So be careful who you listen to and don’t miss this revolutionary teaching that will be packed with information we’ve never taught before!

Join us to Kick-Off this special night of teaching in 3 weeks!

Visitors Flock To Ancient Shiloh To Welcome Red Heifers!

Visitors Flock To Ancient Shiloh To Welcome Red Heifers!




Biblically Pure Red Heifer Arrives In Ancient Shiloh, Captivating Visitors And Researchers
Shiloh was home to Israel’s tabernacle and was the center of spiritual life in ancient Israel.
Modern Shiloh built its synagogue to resemble the ancient tabernacle. When we visit Israel next year, we may be able to visit Shiloh to see the sight of the tabernacle and now the red heifers.
Red Heifers Arrive In Shiloh
7/21/23 By Tim Buck

New developments for “The Quest to Build the Jewish Temple” are coming at a fast pace. Don’t miss our exciting Movie Night in just over 2 weeks to learn much more.

Visitors recently flocked to Shiloh in Samaria’s Binyamin region to welcome a biblically pure red heifer back home to the sight of Israel’s first sacrifices.

The 22-month-old cow, which was brought to Israel from the United States, found a new home at the Ancient Shiloh heritage site, where the biblical Tabernacle once stood.

In the coming month, two more heifers will be transported to the town, and a center will open there dedicated to researching the phenomenon. The heifers will be kept in a fenced-off area, able to be viewed by visitors. Just a few years ago, this seemed more like a fairy tail, but in today’s end times, the impossible becomes reality almost daily.

Shiloh is an ancient city located about 30 miles north of Jerusalem. For generations, it was Israel’s spiritual center.
It was the first permanent home to the tabernacle where the Ark was housed, offerings were brought, and where Hannah offered her famous prayer.

The First Holy Temple was built in Jerusalem by King Solomon, roughly three thousand years ago. Until then, God’s “home” — the Tabernacle — was in Shiloh. Jewish spiritual life was centered there and Jews performed aliyah (pilgrimage) and brought offerings there — for 369 years, until the death of Eli, the High Priest, when the Ark was stolen by the Philistines and, it seems, Shiloh was destroyed (I Samuel, chapter 4).

The mysterious red heifer, or Parah Adumah, is first mentioned in the Book of Numbers, when God instructs Moses and Aaron to take “a perfectly red unblemished cow, upon which no yoke was laid.” The animal is subsequently slaughtered, and its ashes are used in a purification ritual.

The discovery of an entirely red such heifer is a rarity. Jewish sources state that only nine were slaughtered in the period from Moses to the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 AD.

In keeping with biblical law, the heifer put on display in Shiloh is completely red, and has never borne a yoke.

“This is an exciting and exceptional event for the entire Jewish people,” said Ancient Shiloh CEO Coby Mamo. “We are already in touch with researchers and promoters around the world who are waiting to come here with large groups.

We have returned to the site of the Tabernacle in Shiloh and are bringing back the Jewish past for the future of our people.”

Binyamin Regional Council head Israel Ganz called the cow’s arrival a “historic moment.”

“The Ancient Shiloh site is continuing to grow and develop, and the Red Heifer Center will attract more visitors, up to one million a year, from Israel and around the world,” he added, calling it “good news for the Jewish world, for scientists and researchers, and for everyone.”