Public Schools Nationwide Adopting Radical BLM School Curriculum

Public Schools Nationwide Adopting Radical BLM School Curriculum

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Black Lives Matter In Public Schools Is Turning Kids Into Little Marxists

School systems across the country are adopting BLM curriculum at at alarming rate, indoctrinating our children to achieve Marxist objectives.

Announcing the Black Lives Matter at School 2020 Curriculum Resource Guide!


Our Children

Public schools nationwide are adopting Black Lives Matter curriculum presenting themes such as “systemic racism,” “police brutality” and “white privilege” while turning children into “little Marxists.”

The New York City Department of Education is one of many school systems set to roll out the BLM-themed lesson plans this fall.

This summer, North Carolina’s largest school system, in Wake County, launched a website providing BLM lessons for teachers to use in classrooms and for parents to use at home. It urges teachers to “address the injustices that exist beyond education by the conversations we have with others, by speaking up when we see hate, by supporting efforts that oppose racism and oppression, and by directly engaging in advocacy work.”

“By bringing BLM into the classroom, activist educators are allowing the most radically divisive movement in modern American history to warp children’s worldviews,” they write.

Wake County’s BLM teaching resource appears to be a legitimate civics education resource, but it lays out a cult-like recruiting process for students to follow.

Step one: Recognize your white privilege. Step two: Learn the dos and don’ts of being an ally. Step three: Recruit more members to learn steps one and two.

Noting BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors is featured on the homepage of the Wake County School System’s website, it should be pointed out she and another co-founder are self-proclaimed “trained Marxists.”

In a 2018 interview, Cullors also boasted of receiving training from a former member of the domestic terrorist group Weather Underground who was charged with attempted murder of police officers in Boston in 1969.

Cullors is a vocal anti-Israel activist and close ally of the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

She organized a BLM event in Los Angeles May 30 in which three Jewish schools and five synagogues were vandalized with graffiti such as “Free Palestine” and “Screw Israel.”

Another public school plan, in Philadelphia, aims to “work towards an anti-racist agenda” and “learning mindsets and practices rooted in Black liberation.”

Black liberation is a Marxist theological and social movement that emerged in the late 1960s that regards America and all of its institutions as “systemically racist.”

President Barack Obama’s former spiritual leader Rev. Jeremiah Wright was a devotee who famously summed up the movement in a sermon: “No, no, no, not God bless America! God d-mn America.”

Perfect timing for Satan to march this Marxist garbage right through the front door of America’s school system.

This is exactly what America doesn’t need – a sad day for America!

Black Lives Matter Asserts Solidarity With Muslims, Then Beat Christians. But the Islam Approves Slavery!

Black Lives Matter Asserts Solidarity With Muslims, Then Beat Christians. But the Islam Approves Slavery!

Muslim-Americans assert Solidarity with Black Lives Matter during New York Protests.

BLM chooses Allah over Jesus Christ.

Black Lives Matter
beat Christian
Protesters but Protect
Muslims During Prayer.

Jesus never owned slaves…

Muhammad did!

Islam condones slavery and allows Muslim men to keep women as sex slaves!

Here we see the demonic nature of BLM as they spew hatred for Jesus and pause to respect Allah.

Muslims were able to stop traffic and pray safely in the middle of the street during a Black Lives Matter protest in Brooklyn after hundreds of BLM people formed a protective circle.

The Demonic Nature


Black Lives Matter

Tim Buck

“Watch out for deceiving spirits

and things taught by demons.”

1 Timothy 4:1

As if rioting, looting, vandalizing statues, assaults and murders weren’t already enough to stop placating the godless Black Lives Matter protests – you can now add assaulting Christians who were peacefully praying at a demonstration and add protecting Muslims during their call to prayer as acts pointing to the demonic nature of BLM protests.

Because nothing says you’re against police brutality more than attacking Christians who were simply praying.

One would think this is a picture in a Muslim country like maybe Egypt or Jordan. I’ve been in Middle East countries many times when everything stops for the call to prayer. But this is in New York not the Middle East. And what stops is not just a group of inter-city Muslims for the call to prayer but the entire Black Lives Matter demonstration stops to protect the Muslims who are blocking traffic by praying in the street.

In one instance, BLM demonstrators are seen beating Christians but here in New York they are stopping to show solidarity while the Allah worshippers adhere to the Muslim call to prayer.

What better illustration revealing the demonic nature of Black Lives Matter than seeing BLM demonstrators surround and protect Muslims as they pledge to Allah?

I wonder what would happen if a similar sized group of Christians with Bibles decided to get down on their knees in the middle of the street for 10 minutes right in front of a Black Lives Matter demonstration? Yeh.

BLM is delusioned by the power of Satan to hate Christians and then stand up for the slave holding religion of Islam! My conclusion is that black lives don’t really matter to these people but what does matter is the overthrow of America. And BLM is willing to stand with the slave holding religion of Islam to get it done!

Jesus never owned slaves, nor did he ever advocate owning slaves. And it was seventeenth Century Christian abolitionists that started the drive to eliminate slavery, and the American Civil War finally ended it. Not in the entire world, just in Europe and North America.

Slavery is still very much held throughout the Muslim world because slavery is an accepted part of the religion of Islam. The website, The Religion of Peace, just published an article giving chapter and verse to this truth.

In the “Religion of Peace” website and article, there are citations to a number of authenticated Islamic stories about Muhammad and the slaves he owned.

America At War

Wake Up Church

The war being waged in the streets across America is not about Republicans versus Democrats or liberals versus conservatives.

I hear a lot of pundits warning this is about a communist takeover of America and others claiming this is a planned sequence of events by globalists pushing us toward a one-world government. While many people would like for those things to happen, that’s not what’s behind the shaking of America and the world in 2020.

America is in a

spiritual war.

Don’t be confused about

who the enemy is.

Satan needs to knock America off its super-power pedestal, push her to the side and begin it’s persecution of Israel.

Satan knows his time is short and 2020 can be a turning point in the devil’s quest to topple America. America is God’s last Christian nation on earth and the only country standing with Israel. So it’s a big target!

Satan wants to snuff out the light of the gospel shining forth from our shores and replace it with the Antichrist spirit of darkness as soon as possible. As America goes… so goes Israel.

The church has

been asleep

the first half

of 2020.

The enemy has successfully closed down the work of the Lord. It’s time to rise up, speak out, gather for prayer and fellowship and be the salt and light we so desperately need right now.

This is a desperate time and God needs His people to stand up and be counted for such a time as this!

The Mask Comes Off: BLM New York President Says They Will ‘Burn The System Down’ If America Doesn’t Give In

The Mask Comes Off: BLM New York President Says They Will ‘Burn The System Down’ If America Doesn’t Give In

New York Black Lives Matter President Hawk Newsome Says They Will ‘Burn The System Down’ If America Doesn’t Give In To Us

“Jesus Christ is the most famous black radical revolutionary in history.” Newsome told Fox News. “I just want black liberation and black sovereignty, by any means necessary.”

Hank Newsome is dangerous for America and people need to start listening!

The Mask

Comes Off

Tim Buck – June 26, 2020

Black Lives Matter is not about ending racism, it is about tearing down America and establishing a fascist state. And it’s being used by Satan to widen the divide in our country!

BLM New York president Hawk Newsome takes the mask off and says he wants to ‘burn the system down’ in an interview on Fox News. I think it would be wise to take him serious and grasp the gravity of revolution at the door.

Newsome says, “Jesus Christ is the most famous black radical revolutionary in history. And he was treated just like Dr. King. He was arrested on occasion and he was also crucified or assassinated. This is what happens to black activists. We are killed by the government.”

At the conclusion of the Fox interview, Newsome told Martha MacCallum, “I just want black liberation and black sovereignty, by any means necessary.”

Hawk Newsome is the opposite of Martin Luther King, Jr., he believes a violent overthrow of the American government is the only way to achieve, in his words not mine, “black liberation and black sovereignty”.

Does that sound like someone who is only concerned about reforming the police? No, it does not, but you should listen to him, he is telling the truth of what Black Lives Matter is about. And he is telling us how BLM plans to solve the ‘racial inequality’ in this country.

I hope you will side with black people in their struggle for true freedom and equality, as I do, certainly all men are created equal before God. We are all sinners in need of a savior.

But if you bow to the Black Lives Matter movement, you support a Marxist revolutionary force dedicated to collapsing the United States of America.

It is wicked, it is evil, and it is something that all Americans and certainly all Christians should be standing against. READ MORE.

The Campaign to Destroy America

The Campaign to Destroy America

2020 is the perfect storm that I believe is being engineered by Satan for the purpose of weakening America to break its support of Israel before the start of the Tribulation. I’ll discuss much more about why I say that in our upcoming class on July 14. If you love America, and haven’t yet registered for the class, please do so soon. The movement for Impeachment gave way to COVID and the destruction of our economy which birthed the radical BLM riots to widen the division in our country and to fuel hatred for law enforcement and a new movement is now rising that seeks to obliterate America’s history. Why now? The storm against America happened in just the first 6 months of an election year for the one who gets to control the world’s last remaining super-power! The war on America is real and of great, prophetic significance, and we’re caught in the middle of it.

A Protester attempts to pull down the statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Square near the White House June 22, 2020 in Washington, DC.

Nation-wide protests weeks after George Floyd’s murder turned into a movement to destroy our nation. We’ve seen this coming for a while.

Parading as an attack on racial injustice, the movement quickly turned into obliteration of history. This week that devastation set its eyes on the Christian faith. Less than one week ago, protesters rekindled the call for removing confederate statues. From there, the momentum quickly shifted to anyone whose statue is seen as offensive, who may (or may not) have owned slaves or supported slavery at any time. Never mind that the qualifiers of what constitutes “offensive” is blurred; the momentum of eradicating history is ruled by hatred and emotion, not reason.

Just in the last week, the long list of what’s offensive includes Ulysses S. Grant, Andrew Jackson, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Francis Scott Key and George Washington. Rioters in Portland draped a US flag over a George Washington statue and set it on fire before toppling the statue. Because they’re now eyeing the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial, hundreds of troops from the DC National Guard have been mobilized to protect monuments in the capital.

As leftist demonstrators take aim at statues and monuments that honor former American presidents, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem has announced that Mount Rushmore will be protected! Imagine that! She ought to get a medal of honor!

It was inevitable. When you go from a culture that is willing to cancel someone for what they said 10 years ago, why not go for what was said 200 years ago? Everything is subject to the squinted-eye hatred of extremists. Now they’re coming against the written Word and the Living Word saying things like, “All murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends should also come down – They are a gross form of white supremacy created as tools of oppression and racist propaganda. They should all come down.” — Shaun King (@shaunking) June 22, 2020

In addition, the Jewish community has been increasingly under attack as protesters also toppled a memorial to Holocaust survivors in a cemetery in California. COVID-19 measures issued by governors banned Christians from congregating in churches. Just weeks later, those same governors had no issue with city-wide protests that brought thousands together. We’re now at the intersection of faith and history with the desire for one side to eradicate the past and the desire for Christians to uphold the Constitution and abide by the Judeo-Christian principles that God has graciously given us.

Believers… all of us… need to cry out to the Lord in earnest that He would heal our land and rescue our country from anarchy that God’s name will be glorified for our children and grandchildren until Jesus returns! If it feels like there is no stability in this movement and the monstrosity it has become, it’s because there isn’t any stability. If it feels like the goal posts keep shifting, it’s because they have. This is how Satan operates as the master of chaos and confusion using the movement of the mob that hates the Bible and righteousness and biblical Christianity. The riots and emotions need to be under control ASAP because a broader sinister movement is hijacking the protests. When they get full control, they WILL burn it ALL, even good intentions. — Shireen Qudosi (@ShireenQudosi) June 3, 2020 Whether they come for statues today or believers tomorrow, the goal of the movement is to Takedown America and to eradicate our Christian roots and rewrite the narrative by obliterating any other narrative. The goal isn’t just to level racial injustice; it’s to level America

People gather at the Robert E. Lee Monument, now covered by protest graffiti, in Richmond, Va., Sunday, June 7, 2020, following a week of unrest in the U.S. against police brutality and racism in policing. The statue of the Confederate Civil War general is slated for removal at the order of Gov. Ralph Northam. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)



Get Ready for the Star Spangled Black Lives Matter in America!

What in the world is wrong with our Christian leaders and pastors today? Why in God’s name would they stand in solidarity with an organization that seeks the destruction of America and Christianity and the President?

In a Satanic Sleight of Hand, Black Lives Matter moves off their racism narrative and all-of-a-sudden announces their true purpose is to call for the resignation of President Trump saying, “our goal is to get Trump out.” How long will our Christian leaders continue to let non-Christian, non- elected usurpers lead them and continue pandering to the pretensions of these overlords? Where will the insanity stop?

Appearing Friday on CNN’s The Lead, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors said President Donald Trump should resign from office immediately and said, “our goal is to get Trump out.”

Slavery is a despicable, horrific, soul-destroying deviation of God’s will for mankind and, sadly, a tragic historical truth of American past. But America and all that America offers is still the best deal in the world.

Pretending as if the America of 2020 is the same as the America 1700 is not only ridiculous, it’s insanely ridiculous.

It’s leading free society down a path of anarchist-driven mayhem and violence and anger — which is to say, it’s leading free society into bondage. This was evident again this weekend across our major cities with 102 shot, 14 fatally, over Father’s Day weekend in the “gun-free” city of Chicago.

A nation driven by chaotic politics and culture with calls for dismantling law and order and police departments cannot stand long.

Soon, we’re likely to see the Big Government Guns stomp into the picture, bringing solutions to this ugly chapter and it won’t be pretty! This is where America’s headed if we don’t wake up. God hasn’t called us to sit back and be quiet as we watch America burn. The leadership of BLM hates Trump and now admit that their campaign of anarchy is meant to remove him from office.

Of course they hate Trump! All anti-Christian forces in America and around the world hate Trump because they’re all energized against him by the “dragon that deceives the whole world” – Revelation 12:9.

In an interview Friday with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Cullors said, “Trump not only needs to not be in office in November but he should resign now. Trump needs to be out of office. He is not fit for office. And so, what we are going to push for is a move to get Trump out. Our goal is to get Trump out.” Believers need to pray for America and vote for Christian values in November. The stakes have never been higher! And please pray for President Trump that the Lord will surround him with protecting angels and guard him from the evil forces trying to bring down this great nation! Even so come, Lord Jesus!

Muslim Group CAIR Joins With BLACK LIVES MATTER Calling for Islamic Revolution in America

Muslim Group CAIR Joins With BLACK LIVES MATTER Calling for Islamic Revolution in America

Get Ready for the Star Spangled Shariah in America as our enemies ban together. The Muslim group C.A.I.R. has now joined with Black Lives Matter calling for Islamic Revolution. Once again, we see the true, Anti-America and Anti-Israel colors of Black Lives Matter as they publicly announce their alignment with radical and pro-Muslim Brotherhood, C.A.I.R.

Nihad Awad, director of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), announcing they are joining with Black Lives Matter to work together to bring down America.

Awad is the director of CAIR, the largest pro-Muslim organization in the United States. C.A.I.R. is subtle, dangerous and has successfully infiltrated both houses of the U.S. Congress and the previous administration. The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), which enjoyed a cozy relationship with President Obama for 8 years, announced they are joining with #BlackLivesMatter and calling for revolution and stopping the re-election of President Trump. In 2007 CAIR was listed as an “Un-indicted, Co-conspirator” in the terror trial of the “ground-zero,” Holy Land Foundation. CAIR serves Allah like the point on the Islamic spear into the heart of America and use their deep pockets to conspire against America. In his recent speech about aligning with Black Lives Matter, Awad said, “Muslims are the new black people of America, you are being denied rights, you are being denied the American Dream… If we don’t stand, you will see Muslims murdered in the streets. We are the community that staged a revolution around the world.. why can’t we do that in America?” “We are the children of Muhammad… YOU KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD DO… if we do it, Allah has promised us the same victories as those who came before us.” CAIR was one of 82 groups designated as a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), placing it in the company of Al Qaeda, Islamic State and other radical groups. Despite CAIR being directly linked to the terrorist group Hamas, it held dozens of meetings with the Obama Administration and will return if Joe Biden is elected. Even with their, “hate America first” ideology and radical Islamist associations, CAIR continues to be portrayed by mainstream media in a positive light as an innocent, pro-Muslim organization. But don’t be fooled! The head of CAIR said that Muslims could comprise the swing vote in the presidential elections if 1 million of them registered to vote, as he urged them to turn mosques into polling stations.

Muslims plan to make their voices heard at the polls… and so should Christians. Pray For America in 2020!