Urgent Election Update – We Have Long Odds But A Big God!

Urgent Election Update – We Have Long Odds But A Big God!

Long Odds

Big God

The first to plead his case seems right, until another comes and examines him.

Prov. 18:17

In the heat of the battle, it’s often hard to see who’s winning. This is particularly true in the Presidential battle this year.

God often lets a situation look impossible to overcome before His Will becomes known. Think of Gideon fighting with only 300 men against 30,000 enemies—and winning.

Or David defeating Goliath. Or even Israel being plopped down in the middle of 70 million Muslims with no army and no government in 1948, yet still here today against all odds.

It’s not the national networks that determine who wins our national election. We spent 30 days hearing Gore was the President Elect before Bush won in court.

In our case, it’s not even the electoral college that’s in control. Rather, it’s the Creator God of this universe, who spoke it into existence—He is always in control. He is the One who determines who wins and loses elections.

It is He who changes the times and the epochs; He removes kings and establishes kings.

Dan 2:21b

At the moment, Satan is doing his best to convince the world that Biden has won the American Presidential election.

All major networks have declared him the winner, sending chills down the spine of most every true Believer.

The Satanic Triplets of Facebook, Twitter and Google are openly pushing Biden as the heir apparent to the Presidency. Will the “most corrupt politician ever” win over President Trump?

On election night President Trump appeared not only to have held his base from the last election but also to have convinced hordes of others that didn’t vote for him in 2016 that he was doing exactly what he promised.

Between what President Trump has done in the Middle East, for blacks and Latinos, oil and gas, small businesses, our economy, and a long list of other things, the proof was there.

Despite the Russia investigations, the impeachment, and the fact that CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc., never reported the truth about what he accomplished in four years with one hand tied behind his back, the truth still is known, especially by the Lord.

By the time this election came down to voting, Trump was drawing tens of thousands to ALL his rallies while Biden mostly stayed home. When Biden did speak, it was ALWAYS to only a handful of people.

America voted and they voted for Trump in large, energetic numbers. Most of us went to bed at peace on election night thinking Trump had won the election due to solid leads in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina.

But then the coordinated three-hour pause in those swing states happened in the middle of the night. Mysteriously, hundreds of thousands of votes appeared in Biden’s name with zero corresponding votes for Trump. Nor did these ghost-Biden voters vote in any down-ballot races.

The fraud is immense and obvious. But what can anybody do about it? The remedy is just what the President is doing…he’s taking his case to court to get the justice he deserves.

When it reaches the Supreme Court, and this is where most constitutional scholars think it will end up, President Trump will make his case that there was massive voting fraud on a national scale.

Whether the unexplained middle-of-the-night fake ballots are proven invalid due to lack of official watermarks, or from testimony by all those who personally witnessed and documented the corruption, or from states using “Hammer” software that changed Trump votes to Biden, the Supreme Court could easily declare this Presidential election invalid due to fraud on a national scale.

If the election is deemed fraudulent by the Supreme Court, and it’s hard to believe they won’t, there are two possible directions they could go:

1) They could rule that all the mail-in ballots should NOT be counted and each state be audited for recount.

2) They could use the 12th Amendment to the Constitution, which clearly lays out what to do if an election is deemed inconclusive or thrown out due to proven fraud.

If the 12th Amendment is used, the House of Representatives votes on the President, BY STATE, not by electors. Each state gets one vote. The Senate votes for Vice-President.

There are currently 29 states controlled by Republicans and 19 by Democrats(6). If the 12th Amendment is declared, President Trump will win. If only the legal ballots are counted, President Trump will win. Therefore, if this goes to the Supreme Court, we have a good chance of President Trump being reelected!

So in the immortal words of Yogi Berra, “It’s not over ’til it’s over!”

Pray for America!

How unsearchable are His judgments and unfathomable His ways!

Romans 11:33

Fighting the Spiritual Battle Behind The Election Results. The Fate of America and the World Hangs in the Balance

Fighting the Spiritual Battle Behind The Election Results. The Fate of America and the World Hangs in the Balance

Jesus, You are victorious! Give us wisdom on our intercession for our nation and this battle we are in. Let us walk in Your victory!

Our nation needs all hands on deck right now with deep intercession over the embattled states of Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, and even potentially Michigan and especially Pennsylvania.

It is not lost on us that all eyes are on Pennsylvania, my home state, called the Keystone State and where spiritual warfare has been raging by the enemy for decades.

Philadelphia is a key enemy stronghold and has been a hot spot of LGBTQ, BLM, the Nation of Islam and race-baiting for decades. To put it mildly, they don’t like President Trump!

There are people who are fighting with the weapons of this world, but that is not what the Lord has called us to do. Our weapons are not natural but spiritual and mighty through God to the pulling down these strongholds.

Let’s pray for these states and the ballot counting leaders and people of Pennsylvania to stop election fraud, voter suppression, dead people voting and Biden vote dumping in the middle of the night.

The Pennsylvania state motto is virtue, liberty, and independence. Let’s declare those characteristics over the state!

Ken Starr

On Pennsylvania

“This is what we know. We have to go back to the state level in Pennsylvania and how this morass came to be in the first instance.

The Governor, Wolf, and the State Supreme Court, flagrantly violated the Constitution of the U.S. The power to set these rules and regulations is vested in the Legislature. They just ignored that, ignored the Constitution.

Now we bring it down to the counting houses, and outrageously, observers, who are the sentinels of integrity & transparency, were excluded. Pennsylvania has conducted itself in a horrible lawless way, and hopefully this will be corrected at the Supreme Court of the United States.

Also, these late ballots past Election Day are illegal, exactly what the President has been saying. The Supreme Court, in extraordinary circumstances has been able to render decisions in a matter of days.” Ken Starr, former Independent Counsel.

America  In God’s Hands

America In God’s Hands

Has God’s patience begun to run out with America or is there still time for a Trump Come-Back in 2020 (or 2021)? Time will tell but now it’s time for us to be on our knees before the Lord and pray. God never makes it easy but He is an awesome God and He can certainly turn America around. Now more than ever we need His wonderful Hand of Mercy and Grace.

The Play

Here’s the PLAY we’ve been talking about and warning about all year:

1. Exaggerate and politically weaponize COVID-19.

2. Use that weapon to push the most unreliable form of voting, mail in voting.

3. Stall, disappear ballots and cheat.

The results speak for themselves and the confusion right now is the tell-tale sign the enemy is behind it.

Spiritual Warfare

America is in a fierce, spiritual battle not just a political battle. You won’t hear that on the nightly news media but we are seeing end-time prophecy play out with good versus evil! The Apostle Paul taught us to fight spiritual warfare is on our knees praying and seeking God’s face.

Spiritual Warfare America is in a fierce, spiritual battle not just a political battle. You won’t hear that on the nightly news media but we are seeing end-time prophecy play out with good versus evil! The Apostle Paul taught us to fight spiritual warfare is on our knees praying and seeking God’s face.

Praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication. To that end, keep alert with all perseverance, making supplication for all the saints.
Ephesians 6:18

The results of the 2020 election could take awhile and may end up before the Supreme Court. All the while, President Trump is still commander and chief and needs our prayers. The extended time frame for the election results means that there’s time now to start “wearing God down” with our heart-felt prayers and fasting for His grace on America!

The idea of “wearing God down” comes from the parable Jesus gave about the persistent widow who wore down an unjust judge in Luke 18:1-8. Please take a minute to read this parable and gather your own insight about Jesus’ teaching on persistent prayer.

Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart. Luke 18:1

The point of the parable is that if a widow can wear down a human judge by continually asking him for help, how much more can God’s children wear down our heavenly Father with our prayers when we are hurting and have needs. God, who always does right and is filled with compassion for believers, will certainly respond to His beloved ones who cry for His help.

The future of our nation is hanging in the balance right now with half the country voting for their own destruction. Their hatred of righteousness has blinded them and their hatred for Trump has made them delusional. Our hope is in Jesus! May the church rise up and fill the Altar of Incense in heaven with prayers pleading with the Lord to rescue our country at such a time as this!

Domestic Terror Groups Antifa And Black Lives Matter Issue Nationwide Call For Burning, Looting And Riots On Election Night

Domestic Terror Groups Antifa And Black Lives Matter Issue Nationwide Call For Burning, Looting And Riots On Election Night

As the Enemy Roars…

Election Night in America Could Turn Ugly

ANTIFA And Black Lives Matter Plans Wave of Demonstrations on Streets as U.S. Election Polls Close

A wave of riots and demonstrations are being planned to mark the end of the US election.

Protesters supporting the Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements are organizing protests beginning on Tuesday night.

Both domestic terror groups ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter are vowing to burn down America’s big cities with massive, nationwide riots in the streets starting election night on Tuesday.

Will they do it?

Well, since they have already caused over $2 billion dollars in damage over the past 6 months, I would tend to lean towards believing them, and so should you.

Federal authorities have erected a “non-scalable” fence around the White House on Monday, as many fear the election may lead to mass protest, civil unrest and even armed insurrection, so says the UK Guardian.

“The White House is on lockdown,” NBC News White House correspondent Geoff Bennett wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

Hundreds of National Guard are on stand-by, so at this point it’s a safe bet something big is going to go down.

Voting Democratic is Not an Option. Their Platform of Immorality will bring judgment on America! With 2-weeks left, America needs prayer!

Voting Democratic is Not an Option. Their Platform of Immorality will bring judgment on America! With 2-weeks left, America needs prayer!




Tim Buck Speaks Out

The Unbiblical

Democratic Party

2020 has been shocking to all of us but as the election approaches, one of the biggest shocks is just how far the American left has drifted from God. And how much their influence is dragging America into the danger zone of God’s judgment.

The Apostle Paul in Romans chapter one reveals how God views the decline of a culture into immorality and shows that the acceptance of LGBTQ policies and practices is the bottom moral rung on the ladder for any society and will bring God’s judgment. In this regard, America is in trouble.

24 Therefore God gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves…26 For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. 27 Likewise the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful… 28 As they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind… 29 being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness and haters of God… 32 who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them.

Romans 1:18-32

The culprit in this case is the Democratic party and their 2020 platform that is filled with every moral vice God hates. The godless culture of Romans 1, that is guaranteed to bring God’s Judgment faster than an Iranian missile or the Chinese flu, has now become the norm in America. Not only is open immorality a characteristic of the people in our nation, it’s affirmed as the official Democratic Party Platform:

#1) Open Sex with government-provided contraception, #2) Murder of babies in wombs, #3) God left out of the platform, #4) Pro-LGBTQ education in all schools from kindergarten through high school, #5) Same-sex marriage, #6) Sexual neutral restrooms on government property and #7) the promotion of transgenderism across the board.

Of course all of these vices are to be tax payer funded.

The Democratic Party has now made Romans 1 and the sins of Romans 1, their agenda.

They have enshrined Sodomy. What God condemns, they affirm. What God punishes, they exalt. The Democratic Party has become the anti-God party and the sin-promoting party.

By the way, there are 92,000,000 registered Democrats in this country who have identified themselves with that party and maybe they need to rethink that identification. I know that some of you are now thinking, “Why are you getting political?” Romans 1 is not politics. The Bible is not politics.

This has nothing to do with politics. This has to do with what God’s Word says about the culture of the United States of America.

Voting Democratic is not an option. No born-again believer can biblically align with the Democratic Party’s Platform of Immorality in 2020.

It’s not about personalities either; it’s about iniquity and judgment. And why do I say this? Because these policies must be recognized for what it is—they condone sin, destructive sin. You say, “Well, our society cultivates tolerance and you’re giving hate speech.”

What I’m saying is not hate speech. What the Democratic Party is saying is hate speech because their platform aligns with the things God hates. Take note of that fact because that’s what we should fear the most! This can’t continue. God hates the path that our country is taking. Christians need to wake up and open their eyes to the fact that America is sliding down the slope of no return.

“You’re not voting for a pastor, you’re not voting for a spiritual leader, you’re voting for the political system that most closely aligns with God’s Word.

Here’s an important point to keep in mind. Since the Bible says that the role of government is to punish evil doers and protect the good (Romans 13:3), it’s crucial to have the party in power who understands what is good and what is evil. And if you think homosexuality, abortion, sexual freedom, hating God are not evil, then you better go back and check your Bible again.

Can Trump and Pence win re-election?

A massive movement of Evangelical prayer throughout the U.S. is pleading with God not only for revival and a Great Awakening but for mercy to maintain the pro-life, pro-freedom, pro-growth, pro-Israel policies that Trump and Pence are pursuing.

Tens of millions of Evangelicals are also praying that the Lord will not let Biden and Harris win and adopt more pro-LGBTQ policies and appoint pro-abortion, federal judges and Supreme Court Justices, massively fund Planned Parenthood abortion services, increase taxpayer funding of abortion, restrict religious freedom, massively raise taxes, and completely undo and reverse all the pro-life, pro-growth and pro-Israel progress that has been made in the past four years.

Will Life Ever Return To Normal Again? Is a Do-Over Even Possible?

Will Life Ever Return To Normal Again? Is a Do-Over Even Possible?

Will life ever return to the way things were before COVID-19 disrupted our lives?

That’s a good question!

And the Bible provides insight to help us find a reasonable answer!

Return To Normal?

A question I hear being asked a lot is: “Do you think we will ever return to normal life?”

It’s an interesting question, and I must admit that, for a while, it was one I, myself, thought about as I looked across the prophetic horizon.

Around the country we’re seeing a sense of foreboding that nags at many, even among devoted believers.

Will we ever see a time like we enjoyed before Coronavirus like maybe around Thanksgiving 2019? —Before quarantining and social distancing? Before churches were told not to meet at full capacity? Before wearing masks that in a sinister way obscure smiles and expressions of hope we previously were allowed to see on the countenances of our friends and fellow human beings? Will we ever again return to a time like before, when we received no glares of fear and even anger from eyes peering at us from behind the masks if we choose not to wear them?

The question is legitimate. Fear of this microscopic entity has many Americans concerned even though recent statistics from the CDC show the harmful effects of the disease have been grossly overblown. Of the 180,000 people reported to have died of COVID-19, only some nine thousand-plus have actually died of COVID itself. The majority died from age-related and or other health complications.

Why is this so under-reported by the mainstream media? I’ve written many times about the reasons for such muddling of truth. The deception involved in COVID-19, the sequestering of individual Americans one from another (the masking of America—and the world, for that matter) is all part of the answer to the question: “Will we ever return to normal life?”

While the coronavirus is real, it hasn’t proven to be world-endangering like Fauci and Birx originally claimed. In fact, the regular flu in its various strains has been much more deadly than this Wuhan virus. COVID-19 has been contrived for specific purposes in what I believe the Pre-Tribulation Rapture view presents.

However, while COVID-19 hasn’t been nearly as world-endangering as propagandized, it certainly has been the most world-changing pandemic in history.

That’s saying a mouthful. The Spanish Flu of 1917 killed millions. Many plagues of the past have devastated entire continents. But COVID-19, as a minor virus, has been the catalyst for bringing all the elements together needed to wind-up of the church age.

I and others who hold a Pre-Tribulation Rapture view believe this ‘pandemic’ is setting the stage for the post-Rapture events of the Tribulation. In this, the COVID-19 ruse has been immensely successful.

Will we ever return to normal life?

Converging developments answer with a resounding “no.”

The stage is setting for the release of the demonic powers and principalities of Ephesians 6:12 to bring their satanic empire and Antichrist to disrupt the world of God-rejecting sinners.

People worldwide have fallen for the fear-engendering pandemic of pandemics. No matter the political outcomes in November or any other election at any other time, we can’t expect a “do-over.” The nation and the world will not be made better through the human political process. No human government will make things as they have been, in the sense the founding fathers of America intended.

We are too deep into the end of this decaying, darkening age.

This being the case—that things will not get back to “normal”—how should we deal with everything evil permeating today’s society and culture?

What is to be our part, since we’ve been providentially placed here at this late moment in the Age of Grace?

We are to fight to delay the encroaching darkness! We’re here to be salt and light in this corruptive, decaying time in human history. The Restrainer—the Holy Spirit—indwells each believer. Each of us is supernaturally equipped to restrain evil and fight as described in Ephesians 6. And as long as we are still here, we should be standing up and speaking out.

The purpose of the church in these last days is to restrain evil and resist the devil (2 Thess. 2:6-7). That’s a tall order because wickedness in high places will only increase, the nearer to the Tribulation the world gets.

Nevertheless, the purpose for restraining the evil is so that the gospel can be offered to as many as possible. Pray for the lost, witness to them while there’s still time and pray for America as prescribed in 2 Chronicles 7:14. Stand up for righteousness at all cost. Make God’s Word, the Bible, your sword that He’s given you to battle evil.

We can’t expect a “do-over” of the way things were before this battle ramped up. But we must be at the heart of the delaying action God has planned for this time when His Son is at the very brink of stepping out on the clouds of glory and shouting: “Come up here!” (Revelation 4:1).