As Gas Prices Rise to $6 Per Gallon, Biden Holds Massive ‘Days of Lot’ Pride Celebration At Whitehouse!

How Far Will America Fall?

June 20, 2022 by Tim Buck

Another SICK event at the Whitehouse. It’s no longer about human rights for gay people, we already have that pushed down our throats. America has graduated from that phase. It’s now become the flagrant celebration of the sinful lifestyle. Human rights got the camel’s nose in the door. Now it’s time to party, so let’s celebrate sexual freedom like it was in the ‘Days of Lot.’

US President Joe Biden used a packed White House ‘Days of Lot’ gay pride celebration Wednesday to tell young LGBTQIA+ Americans they have his support.

As the price of gas went over $6.00 per gallon ($10 in coastal California) in many states, Joe Biden was hard at work in the White House making sure that the ‘Days of Lot’ is an official part of the policy of his administration.

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America is in free-fall on every level and Biden is cheering our own destruction. How far will America fall? Are we experiencing the wrath of God on our country?

As believers, how should we live in the darkening nation of America?

Thank God for HOPE. The worse it gets, the closer He gets. Normal isn’t coming back, Jesus is!