A Wild Week In Israel!
Eyes of the World Watching!!7/31/23 By Tim Buck

Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of staggering to all the surrounding peoples. The siege of Jerusalem will also
be against Judah.

Zechariah 12:1


Ware watching the events unfold in Israel closely which appears like Prime Minister Benjamín
Netanyahu and his religious-right government against the world. He’s trying to break the control of Israel’s Supreme Court over the voice of the elected government. But the enemy prefers it the way it is because the current situation allows the Judicial Branch to cancel any progress the government makes toward strengthening Israel’s control over the Promised Land (West Bank) and the Temple Mount.

Israel’s religious-right government wants the Jewish people to be allowed more prayer time on the Temple Mount and they want to start making plans to build their Temple. But Satan and Biden see red flags in that direction and are doing everything they can to disrupt the progress and prevent Israel from gaining more control over their land… God’s land!

From Zechariah’s prophecy above we can asses that Israel’s dicey political predicament is all of God’s doing and part of God’s plan to stir up controversy between the world and Israel’s control of Jerusalem. The Bible predicts that in the last days Israel’s land and control over Jerusalem will become a world-wide controversy with the international community pushing Israel to divide the land and give up Biblical Jerusalem to a people it doesn’t belong to. We’re watching prophecy unfold before our eyes!

It has been quite a week in Israel. Protests and counter-protests have filled the streets. Major votes have taken place in the Knesset. The liberal elites have been steering the nation down a very destructive road, but now the conservative majority is beginning to fight back. It has gotten ugly at times, and it will likely continue to be so. Please pray that God brings peace and righteousness to the nation, its people, and its leaders.
Prime Minister Netanyahu Received Pacemaker

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a pacemaker implanted on Sunday, a week after having to be hospitalized. That initial incident, which doctors say was caused by dehydration, revealed some urgent problems that needed to be addressed. Many were surprised when it was later revealed by the hospital doctors that Bibi has hidden from the public long-term heart issues. The prime minister later released a video from the hospital expressing his gratitude and telling his supporters, “As you can see, I’m doing great.”

Judicial Reform Passes and the Left Wing Explodes

Last week the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv filled with conservative supporters of judicial reform and the Netanyahu administration. On Monday, the first bill of the judicial reform, the “Reasonableness Standard Bill”, was approved by the Knesset 64-0, after the opposition members left before the vote. Monday night, the streets filled again, this time with liberals expressing their outrage at the legislative body’s action. This bill was the first step in turning the country back into what the government of Israel was 30 years ago, before the Supreme Court began to expand their oversight. The word “reform” here is not referring to some new shrinking of the Supreme Court’s mandate, while pouring more power into the legislative branch, as the liberal, fake news press will tell you. It is restoring the walls of the checks and balances to where they were three decades ago. This reversion to what once was is essential for the health and future of Israel.

Possible Coup Attempt in Israel

It’s no surprise to anyone in Israel that former prime minister Ehud Barak is not a member of the Bibi Netanyahu fan club. The extent of his disdain for the current prime minister has taken some off guard. A video clip has been circulating through social media that shows that Barak has been plotting a coup d’état against Netanyahu for several years now. The governmental and social crisis stemming from the judicial reform bill appears to have provided him the opportunity to implement his plan. Is this real or are people reading too much into a video? For Israel’s Transport Minister Miri Regev, it is more than enough. She has sent a letter to Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara asking for a full investigation to be opened into Barak’s actions.

Israel’s Enemies Betting that the Country will Implode

If you put a senior commander from Iran’s Quds Force, two Iranian security officials, and leaders from Hamas together in a room for three hours, what do you get? You get a plan for the destruction of Israel, of course! What was unusual about this meeting was that its plan of action was one of inaction. Given the extent of the division and unrest within Israel over the judicial reform, they determined that they should just lay low for a while and see if Israel implodes. In fact, they were concerned that if they did act, it could rally people around Netanyahu, strengthening his position. By Quds and Hamas standards, it is truly a brilliant plan. They understand that the progressive left anarchists in Israel are doing a far better job in weakening Israel’s government and military than they themselves could, even if they started a war.
The Miracle of Israel’s Economy

Israel was facing a financial perfect storm. Contention and strife filled the Knesset. Hundreds of thousands of people from both sides of the judicial issue had taken to the streets. Pundits from the full gamut of media methods were predicting doom and gloom for Israel’s economy. Then, for the coup d’gras, on Tuesday Morgan Stanley lowered Israel’s credit rating, while Moody’s warned of a “significant risk” of “negative consequences for Israel’s economy and security situation.” The threat of one of these could damage the economy. But all of them at once? This was going to be a fiscal bloodbath. The financial sector waited for Wednesday’s inevitable stock market crash. But as the hours rolled by, the prophecies of economic destruction did not come to pass. In fact, at the end of the day Israel’s stock market was up! Will there be financial struggles in Israel in the future? There could be, particularly with the dogged determination of the progressive left media to drag Netanyahu down and nuke the judicial reform. Even Hassan Nasrallah, leader of Hezbollah, recently made comments about how the Israeli media is irresponsibly sowing fears in the hearts of the many in Israel. Of course, he sees this as a good thing. But don’t believe the naysayers. The rumors of the death of Israel’s economy are greatly exaggerated. On the contrary, thanks to God’s blessing, the economy of the State of Israel continues to be one of the strongest in the world!