A New Perspective on
Earth’s Final Kingdom

1/3/24 By Tim Buck

I am excited to share with you what I’ve learned over 40 years about the size and impact of Antichrist’s coming Kingdom. WARNING: The teaching may not sound like anything you’ve heard before!

After years of research, for the first time, I will share the ground-breaking insights about the captivating code of hyperbole we find in Daniel and Revelation that must be used to interpret details about Antichrist’s Empire!

Without understanding Daniel’s code concerning Satan’s empires, you will misinterpret what Revelation says about the empire of Antichrist.

Anyone who is a student of prophecy is probably aware that the majority of prophecy teachers and books, as well as those infamous prophecy podcasters and end-time movies sees the events of the last-days through the lens of globalism where Antichrist will emerge in control of the whole world.

The anticipation is that overnight, Antichrist will somehow, singlehandedly rise to control everything on earth and have the power to cause every single person on earth to take the MARK OF THE BEAST or be killed.

Is that about what you believe?

It is understood that Antichrist will be in control of every penny, every person, and all the world’s military assets and nuclear weapons.

The view has been handed down and mostly unquestioned over the last 50 years.

But is this what the Bible really says?

Focus on the End Times believes this view is inaccurate, misleading and stems from a misinterpretation of hyperbole found in Daniel and Revelation. As we unpack the scriptures we will find that the notion of all the world being under the control of one man during the final seven years is in conflict with the rest of scripture.

So be careful who you listen to and don’t miss this revolutionary teaching that will be packed with information we’ve never taught before!

Join us to Kick-Off this special night of teaching in 3 weeks!